Amaya stopped taking money and using the card since 2014

first_imgAntonio Amaya, a former Betis player accused in the case of alleged matchmaking being tried at the Navarra Court, drastically reduced cash withdrawals from the cashier and the use of the credit card since May 2014, according to two Experts of the Tax Agency. Both have declared in the trial against six former directors of Osasuna, three former Betis players and two real estate agents accused of crimes of misappropriation, corporate, false business document, falsification of annual accounts and sports corruption for the alleged match-fixing. As indicated, “There is a sharp decrease from the month of June 2014” of the money withdrawn from your account, going from about 2,300 euros per month to 200 to 300 euros, while in card spending follows “the same line “, with a decrease of approximately 10,000 euros. In addition, there is an operation in June that they have described as “rare” consisting of the sale of a car from Amaya to a dealership whose payment of 26,000 euros is issued to the account of a woman from whom they have not found any kind of family relationship With the soccer player. Three days later, they have indicated, the woman withdrew from her account 25,900 euros and in approximately one week there is an income of 13,000 euros in Amaya’s account, something that for the experts “It makes no sense because he doesn’t get the money and only half of it”. In addition, they have indicated, in December of the 14th a car appears in the name of Amaya that was paid through a company in the name of the administrator of his mother with a cash payment on January 23, 2014 worth 40,050 euros.Regarding the former Xabi Torres have highlighted the purchase of a boat worth 45,000 euros that were paid in two cash payments and they have indicated in this regard that there are no refunds in their account that can justify this disbursement, although there are two operations of a cash withdrawal after this purchase. In reference to their bank movements, they have reported that, although there is no defined pattern in cash withdrawals, they were three times higher in 2013 compared to 2014, while in card payments they did not observe large differences.Of the third former accused, Jordi Figueras, the most remarkable thing to which they have made reference is a transfer of 11,125 by his then teammate, Antonio Adam, in concept of wedding and a second transfer in reverse sense of 10,000 euros that the Experts attributed to Adam’s mistake, which would have transferred more money than he wanted. In 2014, they have pointed out, there are months in which there is no withdrawal of cash from their account, although this also occurs a year earlier, so they have not considered it anomalous, commenting in this regard that in March 2014 they had withdrawn 40,000 euros, “so you could have cash.” They have also observed a considerable increase in card spending attributed to the extraordinary expenses of their wedding, although they have acknowledged that no movement that could correspond to the honeymoon has been located with the nuance that they did not analyze his wife’s account, and she could have made this payment. In reference to the former director of Osasuna Txuma Peralta, they have confirmed that he made a bet of 1,500 euros in 2014 to the Osasuna-Betis match that he won, although they have indicated that that year he made almost 400 sports bets and invested more than 1 million euros in this concept. By videoconference two National Police agents have declared specialists in computer forensics responsible for issuing a report on the analysis of a Nokia 520 mobile phone accompanied by a SIM card and an Ipad. As explained by the prosecutor, the agents were unable to extract information from the SIM because they did not have the puk and ipad because they were blocked, as the agents have confirmed, while the files contained in the SD were extracted. Regarding the relevance of each device, one of the agents has commented that “not much relevant information is extracted from the SIM, such as a lot of contacts”, while where more information is usually found is in the mobile or SD.An expert of the Treasury says in the trial of the Osasuna case that the origin of the money cannot be known when it is effective.An expert from the Treasury who made wealth reports on defendants in the trial of the Osasuna case has indicated during his appearance at the oral hearing of the trial that “in principle it is impossible” to know where certain income comes from when it comes to cash. The expert, who has reviewed various asset and money movements made by the accused, has stated that “the cash is effective and cannot be known” for sure where it comes from. The expert reported on the years 2013 and 2014 of the then president of Osasuna, Miguel Archanco; the manager, Angel Vizcay; the director Jesús Peralta, the director Juan Pascual; the director Sancho Bandrés and the director of the Osasuna Foundation, Diego Maquirriain, analyzing for example their cash inflows, the use of credit cards or possible capital increases that could not correspond to the declared income.In the case of the former president of Osasuna Miguel Archanco, the expert has referred to a cash income of about 15,000 euros corresponding to 2014 that has “apparently” attributed to his legal profession. Yes, he pointed out that in the same year there was a “considerable” decrease in the use of the credit card or in the withdrawal of cash by Archanco. Regarding the former manager of Osasuna Angel Vizcay, he affirmed that in 2013 and 2014 there were two cash receipts close to 10,000 euros and he pointed out that over the years his use of credit card and cash withdrawal has been quite “constant.” Regarding the former director Jesús Peralta, he explained that he was the one with the highest cash income, one of 55,000 euros in 2013 and another of 39,000 euros in 2014 – in both cases in different amounts throughout the year. The expert said that Peralta himself said that he was charging extra diets or payments from Osasuna, with an average of 2,000 euros per month, which, as he justified, could mean an income of 65,000 euros between June 2012 and June 2014.In addition, another explanation for that income could come from the ‘online’ bets or game that Peralta made. The expert also conducted a study on the former director of the Osasuna Foundation Diego Maquirriain and has concluded that there is “some unjustified excess of capital increase.” In the case of former director Juan Pascual, the expert has not verified relevant entries of cash and in the case of former director Sancho Bandrés has not appreciated strange movements.last_img read more