Messi: “Today does not give us to win the Champions League”

first_imgWhat is missing to the team: “The team needs to be more regular in the game, grab all these new things that we are putting into practice as soon as possible, be more reliable, not make the silly mistakes we make and have been committing throughout the year, not committing what we It happened in Rome or Liverpool, where we are leaving the game and it seems that we disconnect and what happens to us happens … Handle all the details because in the Champions League any minor detail condemns you and we have to try to reach one hundred percent in everything to try to win. “Explanation to removal in Anfield: “The truth is that I don’t find an explanation, especially about Liverpool. The thing about Rome can happen once and it catches you by surprise, but that it happens again the following year with the result that we had and that is more or less similar to what happened to us is difficult to explain. “The Classic is not definitive: “It gives a lot of confidence. You get very strong out of these matches because of what the Classic is, so it would mean maybe getting ahead or getting more points ahead. It will be an important turning point.”Play in San Paolo against Naples: “It’s been a long time since I really wanted to go to that stadium and it never touched us. In the end it came and I’m very excited to see how it is, although it is another stadium because it is remodeled and people are otherwise. The experience of playing there it will be very beautiful. I know the Neapolitans and the madness they have for football. I have had teammates who have played there like Lavezzi and he told me many things he saw. I am very excited to go there. “He was not surprised by Atlético’s victory against Liverpool: “The truth is that no. On the day of the draw we talked in the locker room that would be very even because Atlético competes a lot in this tournament. In two-game duels it is very strong and it already proved it, that they will compete and they will be there “.Simeone: “It seems to me that he did a spectacular job. Year after year the team is being renewed, players come and go and continue to perform with an idea of ​​a long time ago that the players are convinced of what they do. That is why he performs and has a lot merit being so many years and always competing. “The sanction against Manchester City: “It is surprising because nobody thought that such a powerful thing could happen, the PSG paid a fine or I don’t know how it went. If in the end the City does not play the Champions League for what it is, with the players, the club and the money that spends, it’s going to be weird. “Sign Agüero: “What do you want? Sign them all? I don’t know, but if the City does not enter the Champions League there are many players who may look for an exit or perhaps not. The Champions League is very pretty but two years without playing it can be screwed.”Champions favorites: “All are complicated and difficult. The PSG went to play Dortmund and lost, Liverpool went to Atlético and lost, but I think, like that and everything, Liverpool, Juventus, Paris and Madrid are the strongest today” .Want to win this Champions League: “Hopefully. It is something that I wish for many years, since we won the last and I really want to enjoy it again.”A thorn nailed: “Yes. Especially the last one, we were very close and we let her escape, it was a very good opportunity to win it.”In Anfield, he said “that Rome should never happen again”: “We knew that Liverpool in that field could make you a goal and the idea was that what had happened to us did not happen again, the downturn of leaving the game and passing us over, but we did not compete and were superior in everything. But we still had chances to score a goal and finish the tie and we didn’t. We were aware, we were prepared and it happened again. “Face Liverpool again: “Let’s go to Naples first …”: “The performance of Cristiano Ronaldo:” Normal that he continues to score, he is a predatory striker, he loves to score, any day he plays he will score. He has many good things as a striker and at the minimum converts. If the Walloon would happen if we played together? I guess so, in the end yes. “Wish for the end of the season: “That we can get things on track, have peace of mind and perform in a better way that we have been giving up from January to here, that we can continue to grow. We are on our way, we have to be patient and hopefully we can change this situation.”Laureus Awards: “It was impressive because being the first as a team athlete is impressive. I really wanted to be for the personalities that go, what the prize means, for the importance … But they told me late and I couldn’t because I had other commitments. I tried change it but I was left wanting to see next year even if I am not a winner. “He spoke of a future withdrawal by winning the last Golden Ball: “They stayed with that, the reality is that one is turning years old and does not know, but I feel very good, better than in previous years, and that I am not making goals, but on a physical level and legs I feel very good. Until forty? We’ll see, we’ll see. “ Leo Messi has granted an interview to Mundo Deportivo, in which he has talked about all the issues surrounding the current Barcelona. The Argentine was honest and acknowledged that today they do not see themselves as a firm candidate to win the Champions League, recalled the eliminations of Rome Y Liverpoolhe said the Classic It is not definitive this season and talked about a possible withdrawal, among many other issues. Problem of social networks: “The truth grabbed me a little because I was not here and I was just traveling. When I arrived I learned a little about everything. The president told us the same thing he made public, the same thing he said at the press conference. What was the situation, what had happened and I can’t say much more. Just as they know everything he said, he told the captains in private. “Bartomeu’s talk: “The truth is that I see it strange that something like this happens. But they also said that there would be evidence. We will have to wait to see if it is true or not. We cannot say much and wait to see what happens with all this. I it really seemed like a weird topic. “Your day to day in Barcelona: “You live very well here, the truth is that yes. I love Barcelona although I miss Rosario very much. This is my house, I was longer here than in Argentina. I love Barcelona, ​​the place where I live, Castelldefels, and I make a living that I like very much. It’s very normal, very aware of the children. Fortunately, the profession allows me to spend a lot of time with the children. It allows me to train and go quickly to eat with Antonella and pick up the babies. And then, be aware of some activity that they have or do something with them to get to the night, to have dinner and to arrive dead because with three we ended up destroyed. To sleep early. Tuesday and Thursday the children have football and we come to the Sports City for the school. We arrive at seven and halfway home and between having a mate and some dinner, because we have a very normal life that I like because I like the routine both in my profession and in my life. For me, it is spectacular and we adapt to that. “He wants Neymar back: “I say it many times, at the sports level Ney is one of the best in the world and I would love him to come back. He was a very happy person, he was always happy, he had fun both on and off the court. It made the costumes a joy different”.About the partners who don’t want Neymar: “It’s normal for people to see him that way because of the way he left, it bothered me too at the time, we tried to convince him not to do it but in the end we all want to win and have the best. We and the people He is one of the best and he brought us a lot on the court, but it is understandable that people think like that, since he left in a way he did not like. “He confesses that the Brazilian regrets: “He is really looking forward to coming back, he always seemed sorry. He did a lot to come back and that would be the first step to try to get there. He was always good, he has a very high level, he is a different player, with a lot of imbalance, with one against one, with goal. “Lautaro Martínez: “It’s spectacular, it has impressive conditions, you could see that he was going to be a great player, now it exploded and he is showing it. He is very strong, he has a very good one against one, he has a lot of goal, in the area he fights with anyone , hold on, turn around, find it alone. It has a lot of quality. It’s very complete. “Lautaro and Luis Suárez together: “I wish they could all come and fight it all, and the Champions League. Lautaro has a lot of similarity with Luis, the two manage very well with the body, hold the ball, at the time of loading, at the time of the goal, they have similar things. As I always said, all the good players at the end end up adapting and if they have to play they fit in. And Luis also has a lot of experience and could help Lautaro adapt to the club and the League, but they are all assumptions. “Partner in Argentina for the Copa América: “In the previous Copa América he made a great tournament, with goals. The team ended up playing well, showed that he could be reliable. In important friendlies he gave up in a good way, now we will have another chance with him.”Champion of the Champions is not seen: “You never know, but it is true that it is a year that in the League both Madrid and we are being very irregular, where we lost many points. In that sense I think we will both be fighting until the end and the League is not It ends after the Classic. We have hard starts and so do they. Then, at home you can lose, as Madrid lost points against Celta. It can also happen to us. This league is very irregular and we will be there. Then, yes that it is true that if we want to opt for the Champions League we have to continue growing a lot, because I think that today it is not enough for us to fight for the Champions League “.last_img read more