More cracks found in Airbus A380

first_imgJust two weeks after tiny cracks were first reported in the wings of the double-decker aircraft, Airbus has reported that it has discovered more cracks in the wings of two A380 superjumbo aircraft. Despite the cracks Airbus is adamant that the world’s largest jetliner remains safe to fly, Reuters reported.”Airbus confirms that some additional cracks have been found on a limited number of non-critical brackets inside the wings of some A380s,” the planemaker revealed in a statement.”Airbus emphasizes that these cracks do not affect the safe operation of the aircraft.” The statement read. According to an Airbus spokesperson the cracks were found in two aircraft during a routine two year inspection, but did not reveal who the aircraft operators are.The European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) is in talks with Airbus regarding the situation with regulators from other countries expected to follow EASA’s lead. Airbus has discovered more cracks on Airbus A380 wings Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.Plast_img read more