It Does Take A Whole Village To Raise Our Children

first_imgA poor father struggle and pays his 13-year-old daughter school fees, and she leaves his home every morning and ‘head to school’. However, instead of the child going to school, she follows her friends into the ghetto where they’re sexually molested by grown and evil men for a little as $40 LD or approximately $0.50 USD. Note: Even prostitutes do not want their daughters become prostitutes. This is the story of old useless and evil men abusing our children in Liberia.As a Liberian, what would you do? Again, what the hell would you do if you were the parent, uncle or aunt of that child? As for me, I would have spanked her out of love and immediate take legal actions against those grown arse evil men. To paraphrase Putin of Russia quotes: “To forgive those sanamabasters grown arse evil men would be Up To God, but to prosecute and send them to jail would be Up To Me and the authority”. As a parent, uncle or even a family friend, I would have spanked that child out of love, because our children have the best ability to become healthy adults if the entire community takes an active role in contributing to the rearing of them. So Mary, you have my full support in this matter.I briefly chatted with the father of the child, and could hear one hapless father chasing after his beloved 13-year-old daughter, trying to get the child to listen and pleading: “You need to respect me, you need to stay in school, you need to stop going to the terrible places where evil men would abuse you.” The child continuously ignored him. Yes indeed, it takes a village to raise our children.There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Mary Broh, the mother of an amazing daughter, Mary Broh, the strong African woman is a child abuser. Mary didn’t cause negligent injury to the child. Mary spanking that child three times out of love as a woman and mother, didn’t leave bruises on her back, open wounds on her legs, defensive wounds on her hands, or even emotional wounds – there was none of that – it was done out of Love. As a matter of fact, Mary Broh the woman and mother, turned the girl over to the Ministry of Gender -who then gave her to the YWCA, but she left over the weekend, and was later brought back by her father the next morning.Growing up in Liberia back in the day, it was common to hear our parents, aunts, uncles and friends of our parents say, in a commanding and unequivocal tone, things like “Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking”; “Don’t come into grown people conversation”; and “Watch your attitude.” In contrast while residing in Oakland, California back in the 80’s, we heard parents talking to their children in a harsher tone, things like “Shut the f**k up, bit**” and “I can’t f**king stand your arse.” My fellow Liberians, let’s do the analysis: both involved words spoken at a high volume, and it’s clearly evident that the one we heard growing up in Monrovia was clearly not abusive and the other clearly is. If we can do this math with verbal discipline, why do we act like it’s so difficult on the physical side? As a woman and mother, Mary Broh didn’t abuse the 13 year-old child, but spanked her three times out of love and as requested by her distressed father. Enough is enough. Mary Broh is 100% against child abuse. I’m against child abuse. Who isn’t? But I’m not against spanking. It will take a village to raise our children in today’s Liberia, and so it goes. Oh yes, it took the whole village to raise us, and it will continue to take a village to raise the children of today’s Liberia out of love. Fear is essential to respect. Our kids won’t do what we tell them to do, unless — at some level — they fear the consequences that will come from not doing it. Punishment isn’t a bad word. It’s a life lesson. It’s the way the world works, and, as parents, as aunts and as uncles, it’s our job to prepare our kids to enter a world where they learn bad behavior has consequences.It’s clearly evident that we all are against child abuse. Therefore, it’s time we all put an end to this misplaced outrage about Mary Broh (the woman and mother), spanking a 13 year-old child three times out of love and shoehorning them into a crusade against child abuse. Enough is enough, because it does take a village to raise a child. Thank you Mary Broh for doing your part in raising our children.About the Author:Rufus S. Berry II, MBA (An anti-corruption activist and Managing Partner/CEO of B&G, a financial and management consulting firm), and the author of many articles including: “Preemptive Health Measures will save Thousands of Liberian Lives: Ban Smoking in Public Places”, and “Shame on Liberia’s Ministry of Health for Harboring an Alleged Child Molester and Fugitive from Justice”.He can be reached at +231-886-362332, +231-770-301071 (Liberia) or [email protected] this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more