Take Back the Night supports survivors of domestic, sexual violence in a week of virtual events

first_imgTake Back the Night (TBTN), a tri-campus event held annually to provide awareness and support for victims of sexual violence, has been converted to a series of virtual events to occur all this week. Executive producer for Show Some Skin: 20/20 Peyton Davis said their mission is to give voice to unspoken stories, including stories by survivors of sexual violence. “Show Some Skin and Take Back the Night give space for people who want to tell their stories, but they are also healing for those who cannot tell their stories,” Davis said. “I think at the center of Take Back the Night is the role of words and how they help heal us. It’s hard enough coming to terms with your own story, but I don’t think people recognize exactly how hard it is to put them into words so that others can understand you.”Although this year will be different from previous years, senior Belles Against Violence Office (BAVO) and SAC member Lauren Zinanni said over email they still want to preserve the value of the event.“It’s unfortunate that we can’t all be together for TBTN this year, but we were dedicated to making sure it was not completely canceled for our community,” Zinanni said.This year’s TBTN will be a week long instead of one night as it has been in the past, which will allow students to be able to virtually attend different portions of TBTN and ensure there are several opportunities for students to participate in the events. “With everything, the move to online has been a major adjustment. It’s much harder to coordinate and communicate, in general, but I think the beauty is that we’ll get to reach more people where they are,” Davis said.TBTN will kick off Monday at 5 p.m. with a virtual poster party. People are encouraged to hang their posters in their windows or carry them during the walk in honor of survivors scheduled for Wednesday.“This is an opportunity for everyone to create a poster (or whatever they can find in their homes) to show their support for survivors of power-based violence,” said Zinanni. During the walk participants are encouraged to wear teal or an old TBTN shirt. “Anyone who walks in honor of survivors is invited to share a picture or video via social media, tagging Take Back the Night ND SMC HCC and #TBTN2020,” Zinanni said.The virtual speak out event featuring Show Some Skin will take place Tuesday night.“This is an opportunity to stand in solidarity and listen to anonymous stories from survivors,” Zinanni said.Davis noted trigger warnings for sexual abuse/assault, trauma and domestic violence.“I know how deeply these stories can effect, and even trigger people, so I’ve been really doing my best to include trigger warnings as much as possible,” Davis said. “I’m excited for the digital production because it means we’re able to put trigger warnings directly before the monologues to protect those still in the healing process.”Following the walk on Wednesday, TBTN will host a virtual healing event with the Family Justice Center in an evening of reflection, resources and trauma informed yoga.Thursday morning participants can come together to celebrate virtual mass dedicated to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and in the evening Show Some Skin 20/20 will host a talk-back on Instagram after it releases its show on YouTube.“Show Some Skin: 20/20 was originally scheduled to be immediately after spring break, but of course, the performance was canceled due to the COVID-19 situation,” Davis said. “We’ve been working for the past five weeks to figure out how best to continue sharing these stories. On Thursday, April 23, we will have a virtual streaming of the show, modified for a primarily digital presentation. After the show, members of our leadership team and cast will take to social media for a live-stream discussion to answer any questions the audience may have.”Tags: BAVO, Show Some Skin: 20/20, Take Back the Nightlast_img read more

New COVID-19 Death, 62 New Cases In Chautauqua County Thursday

first_img140 No790 Total Active Cases 164.0 578 12.31% 14048- Dunkirk20 14767- Panama0 2.2% 645 924.0 104 62 2 14136- Silver Creek0 2.7% 455.6 7 592.3 21 14736- Findley Lake0 131 17 34 52 17 13.89% 2.6% 246.4 1147 Symptoms 14138- South Dayton0 0.46% 13 12 0.3% 90.6 181 45 166 12.95% 40-49607 14740- Gerry0 642.6 14720- Celoron0 14722- Chautauqua0 14712- Bemus Point4 3.6% 373.5 29 3 1.0% 19 691.9 18.14% 2.4% 40-493 646.6 80-89153 14063- Fredonia8 12.31% 50-593 3.50% 3.8% 6.54% 1 1.8% 148 0.0 74 NYS Fatality Rate: 4.06%US Fatality Rate: 1.7%Source: John Hopkins University COVID-19 Tracker 12/29/2020 0-390 0.5% 90+3 117 50-59653 14724- Clymer2 3.85% 0.0% 36 44 159 14781- Sherman0 21 13 14081- Irving0 Number 1 96.8 139.8 Fatality Rate by Age Group 14733- Falconer0 100.6 175 3 497.5 0.3% 13 14710- Ashville4 0.49% 0.3% 13.2% 90+74 0.4% 36 Age Group Number 2 185.4 0-19555 30-39566 254.1 14784- Stockton0 14 0 0.8% 14750- Lakewood1 15 21 MAYVILLE – A new COVID-19 related death and 62 new cases of the virus were reported in Chautauqua County on Thursday.The county Health Department’s COVID-19 Dashboard reports the death involved an 80-year-old.Currently, there are 645 active cases with 43 people hospitalized.To date, there have been 4,371 cases of the virus in Chautauqua County, with 3,686 recovering and 40 related deaths. More on the county’s update is posted below:COVID-19 Cases by ZIP Code of Residence 454.8 70-79286 31 502.5 3 60-69538 246.4 1.2% Percent 14728- Dewittville0 Percent of Total Cases 14769- Portland1 6 3 70-7911 0.7% Active Case Rate (per 100,000 residents) 0.00% 0.0 Fatality Rate 825.3 0 0 143.6 19 0.92% Percent 6 6 94 60-693 100.0% 14738- Frewsburg1 3.4% 0.8% COVID-19 Cases by Known Age 3 276.7 0.7% 0.56% 13 32 762 590.6 80-8917 4371 14062- Forestville2 548.6 Age 77 0.8% 1.0% 504.2 14747- Kennedy0 115 1.69% 364.2 26.2% 14701- Jamestown6 1.6% COVID-19 Cases by Presence of Symptoms at Time of Interview 0.7% 3.2% 14757- Mayville2 0 14775- Ripley1 597.9 3 0.3% 14718- Cassadaga0 17.4% 26 92 Yes2468 75.75% Zip Code 2.1% Symptoms Known3258 20-29793 14787- Westfield4 Total Deaths 69 All Ages40 0.0 14723- Cherry Creek0 24.25% 14782- Sinclairville0 New Cases 14716- Brocton6 95.8 14726- Conewango Valley0 37 288.5 4.0% Total Cases 11.11% 12.70% 4.05% 8 Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Garuda’s $500m sukuk extension inevitable as cash-flow crisis gets worse: Analysts

first_img“The COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on the airline’s financial performance. However, we are optimistic that we will be able to pull through this difficult situation and adapt to a new normal,” Garuda president director Irfan Setiaputra said in a statement on Tuesday.With the extension, Garuda will be able to strengthen its liquidity and improve its overall financial performance, he said.Garuda Indonesia booked $3.25 billion in short-term liabilities last year, including $498.9 million in sukuk bonds, according to its 2019 financial report. Flight disruptions caused by emergency measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 have dealt a major blow to the country’s airlines, including Garuda.According to a letter available on the IDX website signed by Garuda finance director Fuad Rizal, Garuda’s flight traffic dropped by 83 percent year-on-year (yoy) in April as the government banned flights between major cities in the country. The number of passengers decreased by 45 percent in the January to April 30 period, compared to the same months last year. Travel restrictions imposed by several countries also led to a 95 percent decline in international flights.“Flight disruptions have impacted the company’s financial condition, with operating revenue decreasing by 89 percent in April compared to that in the same month in 2019. The outbreak has also led to negative cash flows as a result of a 47 percent increase in the company’s trade payable arrears — or $236 million — during the first quarter, from the last quarter of 2019,” the statement read.To cope with the difficult situation, Garuda Indonesia will receive a capital injection of Rp 8.5 trillion from the government.Analyst and the head of research of MNC Sekuritas, Edwin Sebayang said Garuda’s request for an extension was necessary and inevitable. However, the decision may also lead to a downgrade in the company’s credit rating.Going forward, Edwin said Garuda must be very careful in maintaining its cash flow and had to apply strict cost efficiency measures for the next two years. Edwin estimates that in the next two years, the aviation industry would face a tough recovery as passenger demand would slowly return to normal and a decline in revenue would likely continue.“Thus, Garuda must implement cost efficiency measures because it also has more debts, either from bank loans or from other bonds,” he said on Tuesday.Edwin said that in the future, Garuda must only focus on profitable routes within the country and across Asia instead of insisting on operating long-haul but unprofitable flights such as Jakarta-Amsterdam or Jakarta-London.“Garuda must change the way it does business. It must put aside its pride and focus on routes that can turn a profit and avoid those that would only incur losses,” he said. Topics :center_img Publicly listed national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia is asking for a three-year extension on US$500 million worth of global sukuk (global Islamic bonds) due on June 3 to address a major liquidity problem caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.The proposal was submitted to the Financial Service Authority (OJK), the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) and the Singapore Stock Exchange (SSE) on Tuesday.The airline will formally ask for approval from bondholders to extend the Islamic bonds during their meeting, which will be held at the end of the grace period on June 10.last_img read more

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy: Keeper/Dynasty leagues

first_imgYour prospect strategy in both dynasty and keeper leagues will depend on your league’s rules and format and how other owners tend to build their rosters. So, telling you to focus on nothing but getting all ace-caliber pitching prospects or all outfielders won’t do anyone any good, but realizing who people focus on can help you on goal two. If you know that owner A, B, and C all prefer to use their prospect spots on top-flight hitting spots but owners D, E, F, G, and H all go for pitchers and nothing else, you can see that you have a lot of trading partners by charting a course of mixing targets. It also allows you to really find the diamonds in the rough in positions the other owners aren’t going after, which will help you keep your success going.MORE: Fantasy Alarm 2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft GuidePlaying in these types of leagues can really grow your baseball acumen and be a great experience for those who are interested in being more of a GM then a one-year manager. These leagues also offer challenges not present in re-draft formats, but learning the skills of balancing one-year and multi-year goals will mean nothing but success for you as you dominate your league! Generally speaking, the main premise behind fantasy baseball dynasty and keeper leagues is simple: Each owner keeps a pre-determined number of players from year-to-year. That’s where most of the similarities end, however. The draft allows you to add fresh talent and perhaps even reserves in the form of minor leaguers each season, but for the majority of teams, the core players are already in place heading into draft day. For the purposes of this piece, we will stick to offering up draft strategy tips, though the number of keepers for each league, the “penalties” for keeping them (i.e. losing a pick in the round they were drafted last year or having their auction price increase), and the length for which you can keep them can all vary wildly and have a big impact on your specific draft.One basic tip: Knowing your league rules can’t be stressed enough. Yes, that’s true for every kind of fantasy league, but it’s especially true for dynasty/keeper leagues. The most common and easily fixable mistakes are drafting without an understanding of how players should be valued in each league. Keeper and dynasty leagues both involve needing additional years of value from potentially everyone you draft or bid on, so it’s important to know exactly how the keeper rules work. MORE: Fantasy Alarm 2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft GuideThe answer to most of these questions for a dynasty league is that there are no limits on how many players one can keep and no limits for how long you can keep them. You draft a guy and keep him until you decide you no longer want him. But that doesn’t mean that you can go drafting guys with reckless abandon and hope everything works out. That’s a recipe for disaster. It arguably takes more research and planning for dynasty leagues than keeper leagues because of how long you can keep a player.Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategies: Auction | PointsFantasy Baseball Draft Strategy: Keeper/Dynasty leaguesDrafting styles in Keeper vs. Dynasty leaguesDrafting in a dynasty league usually means there is greater value on the young players and even prospects if you are allowed to draft minor leaguers. The ability to have a guy on your team from the first or second year of his career into his prime is a great chance to really maximize your roster every season. The trick, though, is making sure you don’t miss out on a certain player. Whiffing on a big-name player in a dynasty league is akin to an NFL team missing on a QB in the first round: It can set you back a few years of being able to compete.If you have to give up something to keep players, like picks or auction dollars, that changes things, but it still makes sense to focus on young players and mix in the proven veterans to bolster the roster. In a league where giving up a draft pick one round higher than the round the player was selected to keep him the following year, it makes sense to take fliers at the end of the draft. For example, someone who took Ronald Acuna Jr. in the 15th-20th round his first year has him for his entire career.DOMINATE YOUR DRAFT: Ultimate 2020 Fantasy Baseball Cheat SheetKeeper leagues function a little differently since there is a finite amount of players who can be kept and for specific amounts of years. The year-to-year extra cost makes keeper league owners utilize a different kind of strategy than those used in dynasty leagues.In most leagues the keeper limit is in the range of three-to-five years, and each year there are increasing costs to keeping said player. Whether that be a higher cost in an auction format or a rise in draft pick in a snake format, it still must be considered when drafting the players in the first place. In a league in which a player can be kept for just three seasons including the draft year, an owner should try to maximize those years by focusing on potential prime years, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. Again, focusing on young talent that can be acquired cheaply is almost always key to sustained success in the league.2020 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers:Catcher | First | Second | Third | Short | Outfielder | Starter | Each teamConstructing a rosterAgain, we’ll go back to knowing the league rules and how many positions are on an active roster (and a bench for that matter). The point I’m trying to make here is that you don’t want to box yourself into a corner with the keepers you select by keeping too many at one position, for example. Every year someone lets a player go they shouldn’t have, but if you keep too many guys just to fill a position, then it’s more difficult to draft that breakout player who falls too far in the draft or gets underbid on in your auction. While knowing you don’t have to necessarily worry about a position heading into the draft can be nice, with the depth across the board at most positions, why take the chance on missing a guy you didn’t think would be there? This is more likely to happen in keeper leagues rather than dynasty leagues, but don’t you worry dynasty leaguers, we’re getting to you now.Many who have played fantasy football in dynasty leagues know that the most advantageous way to construct a roster is to focus on getting young talent at thin positions. Those who took Saquon Barkley in his rookie year are set for the next several seasons with a top running back in a position where there seem to be fewer each year. The same situations can arise in baseball. The guy or girl who got their hands on Gary Sánchez a few years ago will be set at catcher for a long time, too, and getting a player like that at a shallow position is key to winning a leagues year after year.2020 Fantasy Baseball Tiers, Draft Strategy:Catcher | First | Second | Third | Short | Outfield | Starter | RelieverPitching is a slightly different story in these leagues, and one that takes a few different things into account. Obviously, no one wants to deal with a player that gets injured; however, having a pitcher who undergoes Tommy John surgery is less of an issue in a format where you can keep them forever rather than just a few years. Of course, there is always the option of dropping the oft-injured pitchers, but in keeper leagues the price is obviously higher for a guy missing a season than in a dynasty format.Opportunity cost in a keeper league is much more of an issue than in dynasty since there are generally no prices attached to keeping a guy from year-to-year in that format. Simply keeping an ace for the sake of it rarely makes a lot of sense unless the keeper price is an actual bargain. Fantasy Alarm readers will ask us if keeping a guy like Max Scherzer or Gerrit Cole at close to double their projected auction values or for a guaranteed first-round pick is worth it. Well, why give up more than is necessary is our general argument. Sure, having a potential top-five pitcher is great, but that doesn’t mean you have to hamstring yourself to do it. The best way to construct a roster in these leagues is to look for cheap, up-and-coming guys late in the draft.I know, I know — I sound like a broken record. But in all honesty, staffing your roster with just a bunch of solid mid-priced pitchers will not get you anywhere in a keeper format. They won’t carry keeper value from year-to-year since you will have acquired them for basically their cost year-after-year, and odds are they won’t demonstrably help you in any category more than a cheaper guy would.Over the past few seasons, it’s become a hot topic to debate whether you should punt or specifically target saves in drafts. Based on the “Drafting Closers” piece in the Fantasy Alarm Draft Guide, none of the top-seven saves leaders in 2019 were the same as the top seven from ’18, which muddies up this discussion for sure. The best strategy for dealing with relievers in terms of a keeper or dynasty format is to get one guy who has a firm grasp on the gig now, and then use late-round fliers or low-dollar bids on guys that have the upside to be a future closer or high-impact reliever.You do not, under any circumstances, want to invest in two high-priced closers in one year. They are just too fickle, and it will hamstring your roster for the upcoming season without giving you any keeper or holdover value going forward. Plus, who’s to say those high-priced guys will actually keep their closer jobs this year?2020 Fantasy Baseball Rankings:Catcher | First | Second | Third | Short | Outfield | Starter | Reliever | Top 300Sustaining your successEverybody wants to win — that’s the whole point of playing fantasy sports, isn’t it? But in keeper/dynasty leagues, unlike re-draft leagues, an owner has to have two distinct and somewhat divergent goals: Win now and build for the future. The paramount focus is winning in the year at hand, so let’s see if we can’t help you figure out better ways to keep your success going.Once again, it’s about the young, cheap players, but more than that, it’s about getting your hands on prospects. Most leagues nowadays have minor league drafts or sections on the bench to hold prospects for a length of time. If you are in a league that only lets you keep prospects for a certain number of years, getting guys that are closer to the bigs is important, but most leagues have an unlimited prospect timeline which opens the door to quite a few more options. The art of finding prospects involves more than just looking at numbers. Sure, a guy can put up huge stats in the minors, but if there isn’t a spot for him on the major league roster, he is nothing but trade bait.More 2020 Fantasy Baseball: Auction Values | Mock Draft SimulatorDrafting prospects in typically sparse positions can be a big benefit for you down the road, like Sánchez at catcher or Acuna in the outfield. If you had either on your roster for next to nothing, imagine the extra time you could devote to other positions. Maybe you could go for that top outfielder…or stack first and third base with top-tier players…or get two aces instead of one.Getting more extension on your budget or draft picks aren’t the only benefits to prospect-grabbing. They also give you trade pieces to help you win in the current season if you need help in a certain area. There will always be at least one owner who will buy the biggest hype about a guy and give you a very nice piece in return. Winning now is always the safer bet compared to banking on potential. last_img read more