Arjuna launches preservative which extends frying oil shelf life

first_imgArjuna launches preservative which extends frying oil shelf lifePosted By: News Deskon: January 15, 2018In: Food, Industries, Ingredients, Innovation, New productsPrintEmailArjuna Naturals Extracts has launched a natural preservative formulation for combating oxidation, thermal degradation and extending the frying cycle of vegetable oils.The all-natural preservative is GMO-free, oil-soluble and vegan. Arjuna said that as initial response was so strong, it decided to immediately market this natural solution worldwide.Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) of India has revised its standards to allow for the reuse of vegetable oil in frying and cooking applications until the oil reaches a maximum total polar compound (TPC) limit of 25%.Arjuna’s formulation helps manufacturers use oil for frying more quantity by slowing down the oxidative degradation due to reuse, thus keeping the oil safe.Frying oils contain sensitive mixtures of different unsaturated fatty acids that influence oxidative stability. Degradation of frying oil occurs quickly due to higher temperature, oxidative degradation and hydrolytic rancidity. These cause rapid deterioration that leads to unpleasant flavours and odours, and undesirable colour changes in both the oil and in the food fried in it.Arjuna joint managing director Benny Antony said: “Our R&D team developed a natural preservative that can help maintain vegetable oil colour, taste, and functionality even in high temperatures and does not negatively affect the fried product.“It helps food processors fry an increased number of product batches per litre of oil, with delayed TPC development and decreased time to rancidity. The new preservative formulation helps food manufacturers meet FSSAI’s new standards and keep frying oil consumption economical.”In 2016, Arjuna Natural launched X-tend, a range of natural preservatives that keeps food fresh and increases the shelf-life of products. The line consists of distinctive formulations of proprietary blends of essential oils and oleoresins.Share with your network: Tags: ArjunaIndialast_img read more