Make way for Indigo prints pastel shades this Summer

first_imgSummer means a clear blue sky, brighter days and sunshine that are perfect ingredients for happy mind and indeed a happy home. And just like your wardrobe, your home also needs seasonal change, which not only reflects your personality and style but also latest trend. So how about opting indigo print and pastel shades. Experts list some ideas on how one can add indo and pastel to their abode. Walls: Painting your walls in soothing pastel shades like mint, dusty pink or beige is the coolest (pun intended) way to welcome summer. A well-done, accent wall in summer shades for the living room or bedroom can be a head turner and experimenting with wallpapers/murals or a contrasting shade can do the trick! In places of extreme heat, soothing pastel blues, lilacs and greens will bring a cooling effect in the home. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfBed-sheet: Breathable materials like cotton and linen keep the room cool and you, comfortable. And no one can go wrong with floral and light colour sheets. Instead of heavy quilts and comforter, light weight colourful dohars are popular in summers. Curtains: For your living room, go sheer with the curtains to let in some cool breeze and natural light into your home, whereas for your bedroom take a break from traditional patterns and simple blinds by investing in chic looking textured drapes in a variety of opaque hues to match your décor scheme. With an extra-wide curtain, you can sweep it to the side during the day to embrace the asymmetry. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveCushions: Nothing adds charm to a room faster than cushions. To add an effect to pastel wall décor, lace or crochet cushions will be a perfect match. You can also opt for bold colour cushions with geometric or abstract patterns. Some plain cushions enhanced with bobbles and tassles also add an element of fun to a room. A mix and match of colored patterns also create a personality for the bedroom giving it a bohemian feel.Apparel: Women’s and Men’s: Unleash your inner diva and the perfect statement with the apparels that marries the ease of billowy shapes in cotton and silk fabrics with a crisp and strong palette of indigo, crafting the perfect pieces for the summer shopper. A Dabu printed sari with a soft gold border, an Indigo cotton shirt, and a Indigo-white striped long kurta are a must have for your summer wardrobe. Jewellery: Command power this summer with Indigo jewellery with sleek simplicity and strong designs. Jewellery made in silver with the hues of Indigo add to the overall elegance and signature statement that’s speaks of its own! One can always go for ornate rings, geometric necklaces, and an eclectic range of earrings. Stack them, swap them, or style them solo for a look that’s all your own.last_img read more

Top 8 Tips for Women Entering IT

first_img Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 6 min read The future of IT is bright: New technologies are being developed at a faster rate than ever before, and our lives are increasingly integrated with and dependent on technology. IT talent, therefore, is in high demand.Related: The 4 Biggest Myths Discouraging Women From Tech CareersA Careerbuilder & EMSI survey showed that the most in-demand IT positions in 2016 are information security analysts, software and application developers, network and systems administrators and computer analysts. The survey also showed that with the shortage of skilled IT talent, between 65 and 89 percent of these positions will remain open.Yet, despite this bright outlook, the number of women in IT remains low. According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology, in 2015 only 25 percent of professional computing jobs in the U.S. were held by women. And the presence of minorities was especially low.Of the women in the National Center survey, only 5 percent were Asian, 3 percent were African-American and 1 percent, Hispanic. The problem apparently starts in high school: Although 47 percent of AP calculus test-takers last year were female, only 22 percent of those taking AP computer science tests were female.Clearly, while women aren’t lacking in aptitude, there are obstacles — real or perceived  — to women succeeding in IT professions. Experts regularly debate what those obstacles are, discussing things like male-dominated work environments, lack of female role models and a failure by employers to accommodate measures that allow women to balance a career with a family.But does all that mean women can’t enjoy a long, successful IT career? Absolutely not. Think of Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper and the six female mathematicians who worked as programmers on the ENIAC computer. Since that time, many more women have made hugely important contributions to the field. In short, participation from women has always been, and remains critical to, continued innovation in IT.So if you’re a woman looking to enter IT today, what do you need to know?1. Be confident.Being the only woman in the room can be intimidating. However, you should always keep in mind that you’re there thanks to your skills and experience — just like everyone else. You’re a valuable asset to your company, and that’s why you were hired. One way to maintain your confidence is to keep a list of all of your qualities, skills and accomplishments, and review it every day.2. Assert yourself.A male-dominated workplace and industry will likely require some getting used to, since men and women have distinctly different ways of working and communicating. You don’t have to adapt your behavior to match that of your male colleagues, but you are advised to assert yourself. Speak up when you have something to contribute. Don’t let anybody patronize you. Use assertive (but not aggressive) body language. If you want or need anything, ask for it. And take the initiative when that’s appropriate.3. Cultivate a thick skin. In her Inc. article, “The 2 Things Ellen Pao Says Women in Tech Need to Know,” Christine Lagorio-Chafkin quotes Pao, the former Reddit CEO, as advising women to have a thick skin. In her high-profile position, Pao received a lot of negative and hurtful feedback — which is often the case for women dealing with social media. However, even if your IT position has nothing to do with social media, you might encounter negative attitudes from colleagues, peers or clients.Related: Women Made Incremental Progress in Tech the Past Few Years (Infographic)It’s often better to ignore it and to constantly produce high-quality work than to let other people’s negativity get to you and compromise your performance. Keep in mind that every minute of energy you spend worrying about what others are saying about you detracts from the energy you have to focus on your own work and life.4. Report bullying and sexism. Having a thick skin doesn’t mean you have to tolerate actual bullying and sexism — nobody does, regardless of gender or profession. If you encounter these issues at work, review your employee handbook to determine what company policy says about reporting these kinds of incidents. Follow company regulations to the letter. If this doesn’t resolve the situation, consider taking legal action and/or reporting the incidents to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).5. Project your brand. Your personal brand is the persona you project professionally: how you dress and interact, as well as what your specialties and values are. In Scott Carey’s TechWorld article “13 Career Tips for Women in Tech, from Women in Tech,” Emily Forbes, founder of Seenit, advises carefully projecting your personal brand. This will help prevent others from stereotyping you.6. Seek out other women. Many women in tech feel supported when they seek out other women, whether that happens in real life or online. Look for LinkedIn groups and professional associations like the National Center for Women & Information Technology, as well as local events through through colleges and chambers of commerce.7. Create a career map and stick to it.Opportunities are rife in IT — but you have to be alert to them. Create a career map that depicts what your ultimate objective is and how you’ll get there; then focus on creating or taking advantage of the opportunities that come along. This will help you advance. And, in the event you become discouraged, your career map will show you how far you’ve come.8. Maintain a good work-life balance. Just as your colleagues do, set boundaries around your time and ask for what you need to make your work environment a pleasant and productive one. If you’re a new mom and need a private room where you can pump breast milk, ask for it. If you want to work from home two days a week to be with your toddler, say so. If you want to join the department’s running team that trains at lunch time, that’s fine too!Related: The 5 Richest Women in TechKeep these eight tips in mind, and you’ll find that you’ll be able to focus more and more on your actual work instead of on the fact that you’re one of the few women in IT. And that’s exactly what the industry needs in order to keep advancing. May 24, 2016 Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now »last_img read more