The new Collective Agreement for Workers of Jadran dd brings better working conditions

first_imgA new Collective Agreement of Jadran dd Crikvenica and an Agreement to the Collective Agreement were signed, by which the employer undertook to pay all employees in the operations department the salary for the months of June, July and August in the amount of HRK 1,000.00 as a non-taxable receipt. “All employees who have concluded an employment contract with the employer on the basis of this KU, or whose salary is determined in accordance with the Tariff Annex, for the month of June, July and August 2019 to pay a stimulating part of the salary in the amount of 6 percent”Point out from Jadran dd Crikvenica. The entry of new owners with fresh capital into the ownership structure created preconditions for more intensive investments in the improvement of accommodation capacities, and the expansion of business on the Makarska Riviera brought a significant increase in accommodation capacities, says the President of Jadran dd Goran Fabris. “We currently manage nine hotels of different categories in the area of ​​Crikvenica and Makarska with more than 1.600 accommodation units, and three camps with 1.130 pitches available to tourists. Last year was a time of clearing the debts of the past, and this year I expect an increase in income by about 30 percent with a significant increase in the profitability rate. ” concludes Fabrice. Total operating revenues in 2018 amounted to 91.521.423 kuna and are 9 percent higher than operating revenues generated the year before. The highest growth in operating revenues, as much as 16 percent more than in 2017, was recorded in hotels on the Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera. But that is only part of the news and the improvement of working conditions for Adriatic workers. The new Collective Agreement increases the basic number of days for workers to calculate annual leave from 18 to 22 days, increases the number of days of paid leave for certain categories (for the birth of a child from 3 to 5 days, for blood donation from 1 to 2, in one year the worker can use a maximum of 10 days, and so far he could 6 days of paid leave), the incentive part of the salary was increased from 30% to 50%, solidarity assistance for the birth of a child was introduced in the amount of non-taxable amount, for transportation costs and on routes shorter than 2 km, and it was agreed that in the case of double work with breaks longer than 6 hours, the employee is entitled to payment in the amount of an individual ticket for each time of arrival at work. According to the business plan, in the next three years they plan capital investments in Jadran dd in the amount of 117 million euros, which will increase the categorization of accommodation capacities to the level of 3 to 5 stars. In 2018, there are two key events for the company. First, the takeover of the majority stake in Jadran dd by two mandatory pension insurance funds – PBZ Croatia osiguranje and Erste plavi in ​​the first half of the year, and the takeover of Club Adriatic doo by Jadran dd in the second half of last year. The Tariff Annex has also been amended and the coefficients in operations have been increased. A larger number of jobs has been introduced (for example, we have had one job in the restaurant department so far: waiter, waiter and head of the hall, with the new tariff annex we have the following jobs in that department: waiter II, waiter I, bartender II, bartender I , waiter III, waiter II, waiter I and head of the hall) and thus enabled the workers to advance, which according to the tariff annex established so far was not possible, points out the Trade Union Commissioner of STUH in Jadran dd Crikvenica, Ivan Blažević. Increased revenues, announced new investments last_img read more

Provencio’s defense calls 1 witness; jury expected to hear closing statements early Tuesday

first_imgby Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — It took the State of Kansas five days of testimony to wrap up its case against Sylvester Provencio, charged with aggravated battery, a level 5 felony.It took the defense less than five minutes.After Sumner County Attorney Kerwin Spencer closed his case Monday afternoon, Provencio’s defense attorney Jess Hoeme called on Sumner County Detective Keith Bristor to the stand. He asked if there was any blood samples taken at the scene of the alleged crime.Bristor said there was not.Bristor said he took over for Jeff Hawkins as the Sumner County Sheriff Detective in 2015. The April 22, 2015 brawl in southern Sumner County was one of the last cases that Hawkins investigated. Bristor said he knew of no blood evidence that was submitted or documented to a state forensic crime lab.Provencio then declined to testify in his behalf. Hoeme then rested his case.Sumner County District Judge Scott McQuin then excused the jury for the day, and told them to reconvene on 9 a.m. Tuesday where both County Attorney Kerwin Spencer and Hoeme will present their closing arguments. The 12-person jury is then expected to start deliberation thereafter.Shortly after the state rested this afternoon, Hoeme asked the judge to dismiss the aggravated battery charge because there was not enough sufficient evidence that Provencio used force against Greg Schneider, 53, of Caldwell, who sustained significant injuries during the melee.Hoeme said the melee involving four Caldwell men, five miles east of Caldwell, which started over a truck being stuck. There was essentially two fights going at the same time, Hoeme said – one between Provencio and Brian Nispel while Reedy and Schneider were fighting elsewhere. He said since there is no evidence that Provencio hurt Schneider, then there is no reason that he should be charged with aggravated battery.McQuin said, he too has doubts that there is enough evidence to convict Provencio of aggravated battery. But he told Hoeme he was not prepared to rule on the matter and would like to see what the jury thinks.McQuin also said the only solid evidence linking Provencio to Schneider was Wednesday’s testimony of Nispel.Nispel said on the stand that he was fighting with Provencio in the opposite ditch, when he was able to escape, get in his truck and make a U-turn. It was only then that he said he saw Provencio along with Reedy kicking an unconscious Schneider.Hoeme said that there is no shred of evidence that links Provencio to any of the injuries that Schneider incurred.Both men testified last week the brawl was initiated by a verbal confrontation between Provencio and Schneider, before Nispel arrived. However, when Nispel did arrive, Provencio diverted his attention to Nispel. The melee ensued when Provencio and Nispel started fighting in the opposite ditch while Reedy and Schneider were scrapping in front of Schneider’s pink Cadillac.Nispel said once he got away from Provencio, according to his testimony, he told Schneider “let’s get out of here” before getting into his pickup and driving in a southward direction. That was when he called Sumner County 911.Between that brief exchange with Schneider to when Nispel made a U-turn several feet south, Schneider had been knocked to the ground with what appeared to be a blow to the head.Nispel said he didn’t see the blow, but when he started driving forward, the two younger men were kicking at an unconscious Schneider on the ground. He then used his pickup to attempt knock Provencio and Reedy into the ditch.Sumner County Attorney Kerwin Spencer had introduced a metal pipe piece into evidence that was found in Schneider’s pink Cadillac after it was recovered in Caldwell. Provencio and Reedy took Schneider’s car and drove it back into town. However, the judge ruled the metal piece was irrelevant in that there was not enough substantial DNA evidence that the metal piece had anything to do with the brawl.Reedy has pled guilty to aggravated battery last week and is awaiting sentencing in July.Hoeme said it was likely that Reedy made the blow to Schneider and that the only contact Provencio made with Schneider was a swing that never made contact during the initial conversation.“The aggravated battery charge is mitigated by emotion,” Hoeme said. “But there is no solid evidence that is supported by law and facts. You take out the emotion and you do not have a case.”Follow us on Twitter.last_img read more