HUT launched the Corona Region Tracker website

first_imgInterestingly, precisely with the diplomacy of our Government, Slovenia started to epidemiologically map and look at each Croatian county individually, which was great news for our tourism. Because if it were the opposite due to the epidemiological situation, the whole of Croatia would already be on the red list. And that should be publicly praised. While we play “ping pong” for days on whether we sent all the information to the Netherlands or not, instead of picking up the phone and resolving the situation, tourists cancel reservations. Instead of reacting strongly, filing a lawsuit, asking for denials, etc.… according to the German television RTL, which published last year’s old footage from Zrće, introducing how in Novalja during covid19 allegedly scandalous partying, we are silent, and who knows how many tourists cancel reservations. One should not be too clever that any negative news in this situation, the same day blocks new bookings. On the map, Croatia is divided into four regions: North Coast (Istria and Kvarner); South coast (Dalmatia); Central Croatia (Zagreb and surroundings) and Eastern Croatia. The Croatian Tourism Association has launched a website with the aim of timely and accurate informing the public about the number of COVID-19 cases in Croatian regions. Well done to HUT, but it is a pity that the system itself did not react much earlier, especially to the wave of diplomatic success in the context of Slovenia. Communication and proactivity are always, let alone in crisis situations, extremely important, in fact, as we see in the example of the Netherlands, and crucial. But unfortunately again the whole system is slow and sluggish and we are late with reactions and communicate poorly. The profession has been talking about epidemiological mapping of regions for weeks, and in this crisis situation and “media and political war” we have to and had to react much faster and more efficiently for every guest. What the state should have done was done by HUT – epidemiologically mapping and looking at each Croatian county individually. See the page HEREcenter_img As Nedo Pinezić recently pointed out: “Croatia is a “thorn in the side” due to its high attractiveness and age of accessibility to individual guests. Hence the organized “media chases” towards our country. We are in a position to defend ourselves, but we are doing it quite clumsily. ” We are simply lost in this crisis situation, and we have to admit it to ourselves, so that we can react better tomorrow. Unfortunately, if the public system, primarily MINT and CNTB in cooperation with HZJZ, epidemiologically mapped and set up the same platform for each county, especially because of tourism on which 20% of GDP depends, we would have a much more positive image of Croatia as a safe tourist destination. destinations. And the situation we now have with the Netherlands would certainly be avoided. Yes, some play dirty and hit below the belt. As it has been known since the beginning of the crisis, every state will want to keep its citizens within its borders, in order to start the economy and keep consumption within its states. But we must react quickly and efficiently to all fires, because as we know, it is too late to put out a fire when the whole house catches fire. “We hope that this corona region tracker will help in planning a vacation for all guests coming to Croatia”Point out from HUT. This has nothing to do with politics, but the market, and here we unfortunately fall because of the poor political selection of people who make decisions and the sluggish system. This whole crisis has shown how the public system has failed at all tourism levels with late reactions and poor communication, honoring positive examples. I hope that we will learn something from that, and that we will start to deal more with market development, because this is how everyone loses. The main story is that the private sector could no longer wait, in this case HUT, and reacted and I made a platform, which was to be made by the state.last_img read more

Wanted: 612 para-teachers to assist Antique students

first_img“The para-teachers will be the ones who will assist children in going through their modules at their homes,” she said on July 23. The initiative will be implemented in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) Division of Antique through the Tulong Panghanapbuhay Para sa Ating Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers-Government Internship Program for four months starting August 17, according to DOLE provincial director Melisa Navarra. SAN JOSE, Antique – The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) provincial office will hire 612 para-teachers who will assist learners in classes which will begin on Aug. 24. Para-teachers are expected to fill in the gap and provide the much-needed assistance to learners for them to cope with the new learning modality. Each of the 590 barangays in this province will be assigned with one para-teacher each while the other 22 will report in the district offices of DepEd.“Education graduates or those with Information Communication Technology knowledge who are still unemployed may apply as para-teachers. They can come to the DOLE provincial office in San Jose town as walk-in applicants or they can put their documents on the dropbox placed in front of the office,” said Navarra.Those interested may also coordinate with the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) in their respective municipalities.“The para-teachers will be receiving a daily salary of P395. Their payday is every 15th and 30th of the month,” she said.According to Navarra, the project was the initiative of Antique lone district representative Loren Legarda, chairperson of the House Sub-Committee on the New Normal.Legarda, in her July 20 statement, said para-teachers will be required to attend capability-building activities such as mentoring and coaching by DepEd-Antique so that they could perform their duties and functions well. (With a report from PNA/PN)last_img read more

Syracuse football visual breakdown: How SU recovered from Colgate’s 1st touchdown with one of its own

first_imgSyracuse appeared to be its same old self. Shyheim Cullen was called for a running into the kicker penalty that extended a Colgate drive and gave the Raiders Friday’s first touchdown.But six plays and fewer than two minutes changed the tone of the game. SU (1-0) marched down the field, tied the game and never let Colgate (0-1) score again en route to a 33-7 win.Check out how the Orange completed its game-changing drive.Play 1 – Pass to Ervin Philips for 9 yardsSyracuse rolled out with two receivers to the right and one to the left. The player SU picks on in this play is circled.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textCourtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkSyracuse ran the run-pass option concept, also known as “RPO.” It was one of Dino Babers’ base plays at Bowling Green, per BGSU receiver Ronnie Moore. Quarterback Eric Dungey and running back Dontae Strickland read for the zone read while Dungey scanned for the pass.Colgate stacked the box with seven players close to the line of scrimmage. The circled player was responsible to read run or cover Philips in the slot.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkDungey and Strickland engaged in the read option portion of the play as the receivers began to run their routes. The player circled in the previous picture started to slide forward in anticipation of the run. For Dungey, it was a sign he should pass.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkThe fake brought the defender in a yard and Philips sat down in his route about 5 yards off the line of scrimmage. Syracuse effectively caught the defender out of position and opened up space for Philips.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkThe throw to Philips still needed to be on the money because the defender recognized his mistake and committed less enough that he nearly recovered and picked Dungey’s first pass. Instead, Philips turned up field and gained 9 yards.Play 2 – Pass to Ervin Philips for 12 yardsSyracuse’s second play was much simpler. Philips went in motion to the left on a jet sweep, while the line reach blocked right. While it didn’t totally fool the defense, SU blocked up the play well.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkBecause Syracuse’s line blocks for a run to the right, one linebacker on the far side of the play false steps slightly. The blocking scheme also left a defensive end free on the near side.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkPhilips burned by that defensive end and used his speed to turn the corner. Defender 2 was picked up by Strickland and Defender 3 was picked up by Cameron MacPherson. No. 42 is slower than Philips and the SU wide receiver beat the linebacker on the edge. Philips gained 12 yards on the play.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkPlay 3 – Pass to Ervin Philips for 6 yardsIn the early going, Syracuse-Colgate was really Philips vs. the Colgate defense. Syracuse moved him around, ran him left, had him catching screens on each side of the formation and used him effectively.A lot of that had to do with Colgate’s alignment. The Raiders’ cover men either sagged off or were lined up in the box to stifle the run. Check out the closest defender to Philips in the following set:Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkPart of the reason this happened was Syracuse’s pace. Colgate was unable to get set up well enough to actually roll coverage at Philips. It’s hard to change a game plan when the other team is getting up to the line of scrimmage quickly. Add in that Colgate came in trying to stop the run by stacking the box, and SU got production by moving its inside receivers toward the edge of the field.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkIn the previous frame, Dungey faked the run with Strickland and then himself. That pulled in the linebacker near the hashes, giving Philips enough room to gain 6 yards on the play.Play 4 – 1 yard run by Dontae StricklandThe fourth play of the drive was the least successful. The far side outside linebacker acted as a seventh man in the box. Syracuse gave a more run-oriented look with MacPherson lined up in the backfield.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkThough there were only three down linemen, Syracuse had trouble blocking this play. Left tackle Cody Conway drove his man inside, which crowded Strickland’s running lane but also cleaned out the lineman. MacPherson, who appeared to have been responsible for blocking the outside linebacker, was pushed back. That closed the hole for Strickland, who had to bounce the run outside where two defenders were waiting for him.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkStrickland was able to salvage at least a yard on the play, but the short run put Syracuse in a 3rd-and-short situation. SU had chunked its way to 28 yards on four plays, for an average of 7 yards per play.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkPlay 5 – Pass to Ervin Philips f0r 8 yardsAgain, Babers ran a play he cued up at Bowling Green. At times last season, former BGSU quarterback Matt Johnson would turn and fire right off the snap from under center to a speedy receiver on a screen play.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkTake a look at the room Philips had before the snap. No. 26 was actually covering Amba Etta-Tawo, who isn’t pictured but was located to the left of Philips. Just seconds before the snap, Colgate was in disarray.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkEven after the snap and Dungey’s throw, there was no one there to cover Philips. No. 47 (circled) is the closest defender and the one that had been defending the slot most regularly for Colgate up this point. Syracuse knew that it had an athleticism advantage with the linebacker on Philips, so Dungey continued to throw there. Philips picked up another eight yards for SU. After the play, the game paused because of an injury to a Colgate player.Play 6 – 43-yard touchdown pass to Amba Etta-TawoMaybe the timeout during the injury allowed Syracuse to evaluate its drive a bit or maybe Babers had play action queued up the whole time, but the play call worked to perfection. With Colgate fixated on stopping the run, Babers ran a play action pass on first down. Check out the pre-snap alignment in the following frame, particularly the Colgate safety, marked by an arrow.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkDungey and Strickland completed play action with the line pass blocking. The safety, however, got caught ball watching and stepped forward just a few yards.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkDuring the fake, Etta-Tawo, who is on the bottom of the screen, bolted on a fly route toward the back-pedaling cornerback. The safety was still in the process of coming forward.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkDungey didn’t even have to bother looking off a defensive back because Etta-Tawo had one defender on him and the safety got caught too close to the line of scrimmage. Check out where the safety ends up in the play after biting on the fake.Courtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkCourtesy of the ACC Digital NetworkEtta-Tawo got just enough separation to get free from the Colgate defender. Defensive backs noted that Etta-Tawo is a long strider and could get down the field in a hurry during training camp. The play resulted in a 43-yard touchdown catch.Courtesy of the ACC Digital Network Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on September 4, 2016 at 7:30 pm Contact Chris: [email protected] | @ChrisLibonaticenter_img Related Stories Stock up/stock down: A look back at Syracuse’s season-opening win over ColgateMoe Neal provides reason for optimism with touchdown on 1st-ever carryEric Dungey has career game after meeting his brother, who returned from the Army, for 1st time in 2 years3 things we learned from Syracuse football’s win over ColgateTransfer wide receiver Amba Etta-Tawo dazzles in Syracuse football debutlast_img read more