Killer Instinct uses Kinect to identify you for tournament play

first_imgKinect for Xbox One is currently being undersold by Microsoft as a must-have feature. Most gamers just view it as a motion controller they can’t see much use for, and a camera that is always watching you. Well, finally, it looks like Kinect has been put to good use in a game.Adam Isgreen, creative director of Microsoft Studios, has explained that Kinect is being used in a clever way for fighting game Killer Instinct. This isn’t for gameplay, though. Instead, Kinect will support tournament play by automatically detecting who you are, linking you to a controller, and loading your settings (favorite characters, button config).So, if you wanted to have a Killer Instinct tournament with a few friends, switching players will require no setup. Kinect will detect (registered) players with its camera and automatically set them up on the controller they are holding. By doing this, Microsoft and Double Helix Games are removing the boring bits and getting you to the gameplay faster. Less configuration equals more fun.The same feature will also work if playing alone. After an initial configuration to get the settings you are happy with, every time you play Kinect will detect who you are and load your preferences. The system then just scales to however many players there are, they just need to be a recognized gamer with a profile.While this is a nice feature, it still only uses the camera function of the Kinect and many will surely class it as a gimmick (albeit one I imagine KI owners will appreciate once they start using it). Microsoft needs to share details of why we should be getting excited about the motion controls, too. What games are using that in new and interesting ways gamers will be genuinely enthused about?last_img read more