Bike lanes being added on MacArthur Blvd

first_imgIf MacArthur Boulevard were designed today, it would not be a four-lane road, the city’s director of public works told the Vancouver City Council on Monday.The traffic count on the approximately two-mile-long stretch, which runs east-west between Mill Plain Boulevard and Lieser Road in the Heights, doesn’t support the need for four lanes, Brian Carlson said during a workshop on upcoming traffic safety projects.Carlson was explaining the decision to restripe MacArthur with one vehicle lane and a dedicated bicycle lane in each direction. An April vehicle count showed stable traffic between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Carlson said, with a few hundred vehicles an hour.At the start of the workshop, City Manager Eric Holmes reminded councilors that the projects on the agenda had all been discussed and included in the city budget, but they would likely be noticed by the public and he just wanted to make sure councilors would be able to answer questions.Councilors have received several emails from concerned residents about the decision to restripe MacArthur, but Carlson said the decision was based on several factors, including public input. When a preliminary plan included shared lane markings, or “sharrows,” the city heard from concerned cyclists, Carlson said. The posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour, and the traffic study concluded that drivers routinely go faster than the posted limit. Sharrows are recommended for streets with slower posted limits, Carlson said.last_img read more