Palestinian university twinning

first_imgThis week, plans got underway that would see Oxford University twinned with the Palestinian University Al-Quds in East Jerusalem.Following a conference hosted earlier in the month by Oxford Society for Medicine (OSM), called “Healthcare under Siege”, plans were made to twin Oxford with Al-Quds University. The twinning project would give Oxford students the possibility of studying electives in Al-Quds Univeristy, allow for a greater share of resources between the medical schools, and establish of a long term relationship between the two universities.Proponents of this twinning initiative also hope to set up a scholarship to fund postgraduate studies of Gazan students.Omar Abdel-Mannan, President of OSM said “We have the support of a number of top people in the Oxford Medical School”. Abdel-Mannan hopes to generate support within the student body for the twinning initiative, then present the case to the dean of clinical studies.last_img read more