Yahoo Releases YQL-Powered Meme API

first_imgjolie odell Tags:#web#Yahoo Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market As an example of what YQL allows developers to do, Atlassian CEO Mike Cannon-Brooks told us in May, “YQL… allows you to build tables of data from other sources online, using Javascript as a programming language and run it on Yahoo!’s servers, so the infrastructure needs are very small.” Also from our May coverage:According to Yahoo Chief Technologist Sam Pullara, the idea behind YQL (launched in October 2008) was to create an agnostic query language similar to SQL, a language familiar to most developers, and let developers use that language to use the Internet as a huge database. “If you make it universally and simply accessible so every application developer doesn’t have to learn every API, it’s be easier for developers to create apps from the data users have taken so much time to make available on the Internet.”Although YQL looks a lot like SQL, it treats the info on the web as a virtual table that developers can manipulate in a standardized way, regardless of the API that data came from. Developers only had to know how to use YQL to quickly create simple mashups.Interested developers can check out the Meme documentation. The API, the site says, “is intended for developers who are familiar with RESTful Web services.” In addition to offering superior support for multimedia content and simple access through YQL, Meme also has an excellent built-in repost function, an asymmetrical friendship model, and OAuth compliance. Yahoo Meme, a rich-media microblog that originally started as a Portuguese-only web app and has since expanded to Spanish and English language versions, is often mistakenly called a Twitter clone.However, in stark contrast to the 140-character wunder-app, Meme has proven in the months since its release to be a much better platform for multimedia sharing and cross-platform content curation. Now, the Tumblr/Twitter/Posterous hybrid is offering an API built on top of YQL, Yahoo!’s query language that we covered back in May, when we were impressed with its power, versatility, and uniqueness. The Yahoo team has already used the API to develop a version of Meme for smartphones.According to the Yahoo Developer Network post announcing the release, “Developers can use this open API to create new applications based on Meme as well as easily create mashups with other products through YQL.” Related Posts last_img read more

Colten Boushies aunts say RCMP harassing Red Pheasant residents

first_imgChris Stewart APTN National NewsWhile the community of Red Pheasant tries to mourn the loss of Colten Boushie several people say it’s not helping that the RCMP have upped patrols that includes pulling people over and shinning spotlights into homes.Residents on the Saskatchewan First Nation say it’s harassment.“Getting stopped for no cause,” said resident Tash Baptiste, and Boushie’s aunt. “Just like last night. They asked why they were driving up and down … this is a reserve. We have relatives at every house. It’s not a crime to jump in your vehicle and go visit somebody.”Boushie was shot and killed Aug. 9 in a farmer’s field a short distance away in Biggar, about an hour west of Saskatoon. Gerald Stanley has been charged with second-degree murder and is out on bail pending a trial.The shooting sparked a massive outcry over racism in the province.Sabrina Peeaychaw, also Boushie’s aunt, said she’s seen RCMP out patrolling.“Stopping in people’s yards. Flashing their spotlights in their homes. Pulling into yards, as well as peeking into windows,” said Peeaychew.Peeaychew is also on the Red Pheasant council and said she called the RCMP to complain.“It has become a problem. I thought I would take it upon myself and question them. The RCMP returned my call stating they spoke to their constables. They are only to come to our community if there are any calls for them to be here,” she said.Stanley’s next court date is scheduled for Sept. 13.last_img read more