Modernize Without Compromise #ModernDataCenter

first_imgHelp Build Your Customers’ Modern Data CentersDuring EMC’s Quantum Leap launch, we declared 2016 the Year of All Flash for Primary Storage.We are laser focused on helping customers build the Modern Data Center with EMC’s industry leading All Flash portfolio.This is truly an exciting time for EMC, our Partners, and our mutual customers as we work together to help transform businesses. It also sets us up to impact all areas of our customers’ and prospects’ businesses in a highly competitive way.Why does this matter to you? It’s simple.EMC helps enable your customers to “Modernize Without Compromise” with a broad portfolio of products and solutions that reach beyond traditional storage into real application transformation solutions, and that deliver customer friendly TCO at multiple levels.But don’t take our word for it …“Partners say the two new all-flash solutions introduced by EMC on Monday, will help boost business with existing customers, start conversations with new customers and accelerate business after EMC merges with Dell. (Partners See Big Enterprise Opportunity With New EMC All-Flash VMAX And DSSD, CRN, 2/29/16.)“The one-two punch of XtremIO and VMAX All Flash is going to be a winning combination to get our market share from where it is today – 39 percent – to well over 50 in the next few years. (EMC: Flash to Hit Inflection Point in 2016, Channelnomics, 2/29/16.)In the same article, EMC Partner and Computacenter’s chief technologist, Bill McGloin was quoted from CRN UK, “We are still heading towards the all-flash datacenter … The announcements today are what we’ve been waiting for two years now. It has been a really competitive market, but the good thing for me as a partner is that we see EMC is maintaining its lead in the space.” (EMC: Flash to Hit Inflection Point in 2016, Channelnomics, 2/29/16.)ShareModernize without Compromise supports the pillars of the Modern Data Center… And focuses on the key tenets of Agility, Speed, and EfficiencyAgility leads to:90% reduction in task provisioning10-100X reduction in planning & architectureSpeed allows for:10-20X improvement in application performance75% reduction in batch processingEfficiency provides:83%+ (average) reduction in floor space71% (average) reduction in power and cooling2-10x reduction in physical storage capacityTo support this, EMC is making some significant changes to how we support our internal sales and Partner communities, including:The consolidation of our primary storage Sales and Marketing teams (XtremIO, VMAX and VNX) to ensure consistency across these offeringsThe development of a number of tools and positioning guides to help you understand where and when to best position each primary storage offeringI am honored to have been named Senior Vice President of EMC’s Primary Storage division, and look forward to working closely with you, our EMC Business Partner community.And, if that is not exciting enough, I am thrilled to announce the #EMCModernDataCenter contest. Create and submit showcasing your knowledge and understanding of EMC’s Modern Data Center pitch for a chance to win prizes from Brocade. Winners will be announced during Global Partner Summit (GPS), May 2-4, 2016.Click here for full details and rules.Please join me—and the Modern Data Center conversation—at GPS 2016Modernize without Compromise: Tap into the EMC All Flash PortfolioGPS 2016 Breakout Session with Mike WingTuesday, May 3rd | 3:30 – 4:30 PMPalazzo E – 5th FloorThroughout both EMC World 2016 and Global Partner Summit, you’ll learn so much about the Modern Data Center, and how EMC can help you transform your customers’ businesses and win more opportunities with EMC primary storage products and solutions.There’s still time to register for GPS 2016—hope to see you there!last_img read more

Client Solutions’ Role in the Dell EMC Combination

first_imgI don’t know about you, but we’ve been looking forward to this day since last October when the EMC deal was announced. Well, the opportunity to better meet your overall IT needs, offer better solutions to your problems and do more for your organization – it all starts right now.I’ve been fortunate to have a front-row seat for the massive transformation the technology industry has experienced over the past 30 years. It’s transforming even faster now, and with Dell and EMC coming together, I think you’ll see the speed of innovation only increase. Those innovations won’t be one-offs. Together, we can work across the entire infrastructure – from the device to the datacenter to the cloud and everywhere in between – and assemble complete solutions to your business challenges.That’s why I balk when people assume this combination doesn’t really impact Dell’s Client Solutions business. It absolutely does.Think about the way people work today. They’re creating content on primary devices. They’re collaborating and consuming on companion devices. They’re accessing and sharing data in the cloud. Employees expect companies to give them the flexibility to work when, where and how they want on devices as good as what they have at home.That’s what my team wakes up thinking about every day. We are here to help you offer your employees devices they’ll love that have security and management built in so IT can meet business requirements. The PC is the primary productivity device where work gets done, and we’ve invested in the best end-user computing line-up in our history, spanning thin clients, stylish 2-in-1s, laptops, workstations, desktops and (absolutely stunning) monitors. We’re the only Tier 1 vendor offering a rugged line; we apply learnings from those products to make the rest more durable. And because our devices are built for business, IT can maintain the level of control they need to manage the device and protect sensitive data no matter where may sit, on the device or in the cloud.Beyond the device, workforce transformation requires a cloud-based infrastructure to support people’s new behaviors, new devices and new expectations. EMC is a leader in the cloud technologies required to pull this off.I mentioned companion devices. Airwatch, the industry’s strongest EMM solution for managing phones and tablets, is now part of the Dell portfolio. And with cloud client-computing VDI solutions from VMWare, we’re the only true end-to-end VDI provider in the industry, from planning to deployment, datacenter to the endpoint, on- and off-premise.Bottom line: Combining EMC’s cloud capabilities with our award-winning PCs, we’ve just created a very powerful solution.On top of that, our ProSupport services cover the enterprise and the device. We offer the industry’s only proactive and predictive support technology that tells us (and you) something is going to break before it happens.That’s the kind of practical innovation I’m excited to be driving and building on.Ahead, I see only opportunity. Things that once only existed in science fiction are now alive in our labs and customers’ businesses – virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet of Things. We’ve just given those innovations a huge shot in the arm with a ton of amazing IP from EMC and the entire Dell Technologies family.And by combining the purchasing power, supplier relationships and operational excellence of two leading companies, we’re going to make cutting-edge innovation accessible to more customers at a better value than ever before. I think that’s really powerful.If you’re a Dell client solutions customer today, thank you. More great things are coming. If you’re not, I hope we can talk about your business needs. I think we might surprise you.What a day.last_img read more

DeSTEMber: A Great Time of Year for More STEM Fun!

first_imgMany schools have some sort of break in the last month of the year. As a mom, I can say that the downtime during these breaks is somewhat welcome, but I don’t want the learning to stop just because school is not in session. Many families and children are spending their month focusing on just a few short days of celebration, with the rest of the time waiting around for those celebrations to begin. At Girlstart, we subscribe to the belief that STEM fun (and learning) is everywhere and should be a part of our everyday experience. We also believe that when children take a break from their studies, it’s a great opportunity for parents, caregivers, and children to have STEM fun together, at home.But unfortunately, it’s hard to drop everything and take time to dig around for a STEM activity. I can say this (in our mutual confidence) as a parent who is also juggling life, work, and parenting. It’s okay. We know. That’s why at Girlstart, the last month of our year is officially known as ‘DeSTEMber,’ and we view it as our job to help you have a fun, memorable experience with your child that is also supportive of their learning.I remember when I was a child, some of my friends had those cardboard boxes with 31 cutout flaps, behind each of which was a chocolate. I never got one. But wow, did I want the joyful anticipation of being able to have a new treat each day. So, at Girlstart, during this special month dedicated to all things STEM, we give that experience to you and your family via our DeSTEMber website. Just like those daily treats, we bring you and your family a new, free, downloadable activity every day. These activities are easy and fun to do, using materials you generally can find at home, or that can be obtained during the weekly shopping run.And it’s not just for families. DeSTEMber is our gift to educators, as well. These activities can be used throughout the year as icebreakers, warm-ups, or activities when you want to have a break and enjoy some STEM fun. We even align them to state and national science standards so you know how Girlstart’s work dovetails with your classroom’s learning goals.Girlstart has been working on DeSTEMber since 2011, and every year we give you something new. As a result, more than 180 fun activities—plus even more activities posted to our blog!—await you! Come join us during our most festive time of year and take a look at our ideas!Best wishes from your DeSTEMber elf,Tamara Hudgins, Ph.D.Executive Director************Tamara Hudgins, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of Girlstart. Since 2009, Girlstart After School has grown from 4 to 65 programs and has been recognized as the most robust program of its kind in the nation, reaching over 20,000 girls, teachers, and family members each year. Hudgins has served in the nonprofit, philanthropic, and higher education communities in Austin, Chicago, and in Central Europe for 20 years, and earned her Ph.D. from Charles University in Prague. “And mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again!” This refrain from the song, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” rings true for a lot of parents, no matter how much they may enjoy the holiday season and extra time with kiddos who are out of school. Our guest blog today comes from Tamara Hudgins, Executive Director of Girlstart. Girlstart is an organization focused on inspiring young girls and teens to take an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields, and a long-time Youth Learning partner of Dell. Dell’s Youth Learning programs help kids around the global have better access to technology and a quality education and is a key focus of our Legacy of Good plan. Tamara is here to share her tips on how to engage both girls and boys in fun, easy STEM activities this month, which she and her organization call, DeSTEMber.************last_img read more

Why da Vinci? Why now?

first_imgThis week, Dell Technologies released a special episode of our podcast series, Trailblazers. While the podcast typically covers stories of digital disruption in various industries, such as entertainment, healthcare, and air travel, this special episode focuses on one particular disruptor… a true master of technology. Leonardo da Vinci.Wait… what? Maybe you were expecting a different name. Maybe you’re thinking: Why da Vinci? Why Dell Technologies? And why now?The answer, simply, is that Leonardo da Vinci was himself, the ultimate trailblazer. His contributions and influence can still be felt five centuries after he lived. In his new book released today, Leonardo da Vinci, the host of Trailblazers and best-selling author, Walter Isaacson, tells the story behind da Vinci’s genius. We are so excited to help him tell his story just as he has helped us tell ours.Most think of da Vinci as painter of The Last Supper or Mona Lisa. We know him as the master behind the most famous drawing of all time, Vitruvian Man. But not everyone knows da Vinci was an engineer, designing macabre (yet beautiful) weaponry for Cesare Borgia. He was a mathematician, calculating the angles at which light rays enter the eye. He was an anatomist, dissecting the human skull and the still-beating heart of a pig. For da Vinci, there were no borders between art, science, and engineering. This way of viewing the world around him not only gave us masterpieces in the form of paintings and thousands of notebook pages, but also lasting lessons that we, as business leaders, can still draw from today.Certainly as a company that is passionate about building technology that enables human progress, we at Dell Technologies find da Vinci’s ability to connect technology and humanity inspirational. As Isaacson points out, “Innovation in technology comes from being able to connect engineering and the arts, by being able to connect the technology to beauty and our human emotions. That’s what Leonardo did, and that’s why he’s so relevant to today.”“It isn’t a question of people or machines. The magic is people and machines.ShareIn our world where artificial intelligence and robotics are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives and everyday objects are becoming smart machines, this is particularly sage advice. And it cuts to the core of what we believe. As Michael Dell pointed out recently at the IQT Day event, “It isn’t a question of people or machines. The magic is people and machines. It’s the next era of human-machine partnership – a more integrated, personal relationship with technology that has the power to amplify exponentially the creativity, the inspiration, the intelligence, the empathy and the curiosity of the human spirit.”As the leader for Dell Global Brand and Creative, I’m particularly inspired by both da Vinci’s relentless curiosity and his ability to capture emotion. Those are things the best brands aspire to do every day: inspire curiosity and evoke emotional responses. That’s why Dell Technologies tells stories of the trailblazers who are transforming the way we work and live. In the “Leonardo da Vinci: The Great Trailblazer” podcast episode, Isaacson walks us through some of the most captivating tales behind da Vinci’s greatest accomplishments – and failures. And along the way, he pulls the lessons from those stories and da Vinci’s approach to life that we can aspire to apply today.Have a listen now, and subscribe to Trailblazers for more stories of some of the biggest digital disruptions of our time.last_img read more

How Supporting Diverse Suppliers Supports Local Economies and More

first_imgFor entrepreneurs, having a great product or service is only the first step toward success. The next steps include finding capital, connections, contracts and customers. For many woman-owned and minority-owned firms, gaining access to these vital resources can be a challenge.According to the Minority Business Development Agency, minority-owned firms are nearly three times more likely to be denied a loan than non-minority firms. And minority firms secure a lower number and dollar amount of contracts in proportion to the number of available minority firms in the relevant market. The reasons range from discrimination to the perception that minority-owned businesses lack the capacity to handle large contracts.Yet a Hackett Group study of corporate supplier diversity programs shows that 99 percent of diverse suppliers meet or exceed expectations, and they bring benefits including increased market share and access to new revenue opportunities.We’ve seen all of these forces come together over our three decades of partnership with World Wide Technology (WWT), an African-American-owned company based in St. Louis. When WWT first started reselling Dell computers in 1990, they had just seven employees. WWT has greatly expanded its scope of services over the years, and is now a global technology solution provider with $10.4 billion in annual revenue and more than 4,600 employees. They’ve become one of our biggest strategic partners in both supply chain management and channel sales.Since 2001, Dell has leveraged WWT for the just-in-time supply of bulk expense items (label stock, documentation, software, packaging and badges) for manufacturing facilities around the globe. Their consistent product delivery, along with predictable models for forecasting and demand planning, have saved us a lot of money. They’ve helped us compete for and win business, and we’ve helped them enter new markets, too. We engaged WWT to supply packaging materials in Brazil in 2009, and they opened their first international office. Today, 20 percent of WWT’s revenue comes from outside the U.S.WWT’s success has had a ripple effect throughout the company’s supply chain and local community. The company has its own supplier diversity program and holds networking events. They’re also passionate about providing internship and educational opportunities to underserved communities. Their partnership with National Academy Foundation helps high school students gain technology and engineering skills. And its partnership with NPower, which provides a 22-week technology training course for young adults, has helped NPower open a St. Louis office and resulted in many training graduates landing jobs at WWT.WWT awards a $10,000 grant to winners of its annual STEM Student Forum and Hackathon.“One of our core values is humility – to not forget where we came from. Giving back is part of our DNA and filters into everything we do,” said Mark Franke, WWT’s vice president of global supply chain. “Dell gave us the opportunity to earn their business. And this has enabled us to grow and give other suppliers the same opportunity.”Dell is committed to continually cultivating diversity in our supply chain and to supporting diverse suppliers. To learn more about our supplier diversity programs, and to learn how your company can apply, visit You can also follow us on Twitter at @DellSuppliers.This story shares one example of how Dell is committed to driving human progress by putting our technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet.We invite you to explore our Annual update on our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan at read more

Protect the Power of the Cloud: Data Protection for VMware Cloud

first_imgAs predictions roll in for trends in technology this year, it is no surprise that data protection, security and automation are rising in importance for organizations worldwide. As more organizations move applications and data to the cloud, solid and reliable recovery is becoming a differentiator. For our customers, Dell EMC is a trusted data protection partner, providing comprehensive coverage, rapid recovery and powerful architecture, resulting in reduced infrastructure costs and simply powerful data protection for VMware environments.Dell EMC and VMware – Modernizing One Infrastructure at a TimeDell EMC and VMware co-engineered the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC cloud infrastructure delivered as a service on-premises, fully managed by VMware. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is built on Dell EMC VxRail infrastructure and runs on the VMware SDDC to handle compute, storage and network processing. This all-inclusive service also offers a hybrid control plane to provision and monitor resources as well as a monthly subscription-based pricing model.VMware Cloud on Dell EMC offers customers support for multiple use cases, such as data center modernization, switch from CapEx to OpEx financial models, and hardware refresh. Another use case is data latency and sovereignty, where the infrastructure stays on-site and can be employed by companies with low data latency requirements, data sovereignty requirements, and data governance and security. Application modernization, including development agility, Kubernetes and traditional application deployments are all instances where customers can utilize VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.With DRaaS, ensure your data is safe and accessible if your infrastructure becomes unavailable.Data Protection for VMware Cloud on AWSDell EMC also offers Data Protection for VMware Cloud on AWS users. Dell EMC Data Protection Software is cloud-enabled and offers comprehensive data protection and superior performance for backup and recovery across your entire VMware Cloud on AWS environment. It provides the same world-class data protection whether your applications run on-premises or in the public cloud.Just as VMware Cloud on AWS enables vAdmins to manage cloud resources with familiar VMware tools, Dell EMC seamlessly integrates cloud and on-premises data protection. This allows users to utilize the same data protection tools in the cloud that they already use on-premises, without needing to upskill.Dell EMC data protection for VMware Cloud allows for extremely simple disaster recovery for VMware Cloud users. Organizations can fail over on demand to VMware Cloud on AWS in the case of a disaster event and spin off and run VMs in their own VMware Cloud on AWS environment. When the disaster event is resolved, they simply use vMotion to move the VMs back to on-premises for recovery.Top Solution Benefits of Running Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware CloudTop Solution Benefits of Running Dell EMC Data Protection for VMware CloudProven enterprise data protection for the enterprise public cloudSeamless integration with on-premises data protectionIndustry’s best-in-class deduplication, which can lead to lower consumption costsProtection of VMware workloads on AWS storage for increased resiliencyNative integration into VMware management tools for the ultimate automation experienceDell EMC data protection supports four use cases today with our cloud data protection strategy: long-term retention, disaster recovery, backup to the cloud and hybrid/cloud backup.Automate Everywhere for Simplified ManagementPowerProtect Data Manager can automate protection policies that provides companies with an easy and seamless way to ensure their data is always protected. Specifically, infrastructure automation has attribute-based inclusion and exclusion, where IT admins can set rules to be used for VM discovery and inclusion, as well as flexible and powerful REGEX matching. It can be auto deployed by either SDDC deployer (auto deploy backup, target and join vSphere), auto deploy proxy data movers, and auto deploy in AWS or other marketplaces.Data protection policies allow data protection administrators to control backup schedules and retention periods. Policies map to the underlying data protection provider from which the policy originated and adhere to the service level agreement (SLA) that the data protection provider supports.Additionally, Dell EMC offers orchestration automation to move data directly from the VMs to the intended storage target, both on-premises and in the cloud. The Dell EMC data protection solution is software-based, comprising workflows that enhance the existing catalog with provisioning and job status checking tasks. Using vRealize Orchestrator, Dell EMC data protection solutions are easily integrated into the VM environment, ensuring simplicity and ease-of-use in a familiar UI environment.To learn more, join us at #DellTechWorld this year for session 7000, Data Protection Automation Made Simple with REST APIs and vRealize Automation.Success StoriesWatermark – Watermark Solutions (Apptrix), an ERP firm for manufacturing companies, offers multiple levels of disaster recovery to the companies it hosts. Impeded by an eight-hour backup window and frequent failed backups, they switched to Dell EMC Data Protection. Their new IDPA DP4400 appliance was up and running in two days and reliably completes backups in under two hours. The DP4400 works seamlessly with VMware, with over 1,000 VMs, automatically adding new VMs to the backup.Xavier University – Storing and protecting data for extended periods of time is a necessity for Xavier University. With a 95%  virtual environment, Xavier turned to Dell EMC Data Protection to protect vital student and administrative records. Backups of 20TB that ran 2-3 days with their former solution now complete in a single evening. Best of all, Xavier finds they’re saving space as well as time, thanks to the superior deduplication capabilities of Dell EMC Data Protection Software.Westgate Resorts – Westgate Resorts, a hospitality timeshare company with 27 properties and over 10,000 employees, is growing – but their data protection solution wasn’t cost effective as they expanded. By switching to Dell EMC Data Protection, they’re able to grow while easily protecting, managing and monitoring their data. By using Data Domain Cloud Tier to Microsoft Azure, they’ve been able to utilize cloud services for a fraction of the cost of keeping old backups on their primary storage.Dell EMC data protection provides customers with powerful, automated data protection for VMware and multi-cloud environments with deep integration points. Dell EMC and VMware are committed to delivering jointly engineered products, making it easier for our customers to protect and recover their IT investment now and into the future. Our solutions are simple to deploy and manage – on-premises and in the cloud.Ways to Learn More Data Protection Extension: VMware Marketplacelast_img read more

New Expanded HCI Options Deliver Flexibility and Choice

first_imgDell EMC Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack familyMicrosoft’s partner conference – Microsoft Inspire – is taking place this week. While it will look a little different this year, we are looking forward to virtually networking and discussing what’s coming in the year ahead. This year, Dell Technologies is announcing several new expanded platform options for the Microsoft Azure Stack portfolio that further simplify and automate management as well as provide flexibility and choice.For those of you not familiar, Dell Technologies offers two comprehensive Azure Stack solutions: Dell EMC Solutions for Azure Stack HCI and Dell EMC Integrated Systems for Azure Stack Hub. While both of these solutions fall under the Azure Stack portfolio, customers deploy them in very different scenarios. Azure Stack HCI is ideal for businesses looking to refresh, modernize and consolidate their traditional on-premises virtualization platforms, while Azure Stack Hub is ideal for businesses wanting to run Azure on-premises due to regulatory compliance, for disconnected or edge use cases, or to address data sovereignty concerns. Dell Technologies makes ordering, deploying and supporting easy by fully certifying, testing and validating all the components plus providing single source solution level support.First, what’s new with Dell EMC Solutions for Azure Stack HCIRefreshed AX nodes with enhanced lifecycle management Since its early preview, Dell Technologies have added value and driven innovation into Azure Stack HCI. To continue down that differentiated path, today we are announcing the refresh of the Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes (S2D RN) to AX nodes as the foundation for Dell EMC’s Azure Stack HCI solution. These new nodes still contain all the goodness from leveraging the industry leading PowerEdge servers as well as Hyper-V, S2D and SDN features but now enable – for the first time – clusters to be seamlessly updated to the Azure Stack HCI solutions catalog using the native OpenManage Integration with Windows Admin Center with zero impact to running workloads. The AX nodes will be available in three flavors – AX-640, AX-740xd and AX-6515 – to meet the needs of various use cases and locations.Additional choice and flexibility with AMDWe are also announcing, for the first time, a new Dell EMC solution based on AMD EPYC processors for Azure Stack HCI as part of the PowerEdge R6515 platform. These new all-flash AMD 1U single-socket platforms offer dual socket performance making them ideal for general purpose virtualized workloads, VDI and databases. They are available for order now as model number AX-6515 for Azure Stack HCI.Not to be missed!As Microsoft Inspire happens this week, look out for the exciting news for what is coming next with Azure Stack HCI and how Dell Technologies will be participating. For those of you attending, our resident Microsoft SME, Michael Wells, will be participating in two Ask the Experts sessions around Azure Stack HCI. The first, Ask the Experts: Intel, Microsoft and OEM Partners Share How to Grow your Business with Hybrid Cloud, hosted by Intel takes place Thursday, July 22nd from 1:15 pm – 1:45 pm ET. The second, Ask the Experts: Discover HCI, hosted by Microsoft, takes place Thursday, July 23rd from 6:45am – 7:15am.Now on to Dell EMC Integrated Solutions for Azure Stack HubGPUs now available to orderEarlier this year we announced, in conjunction with Microsoft, a private preview for GPU-accelerated ML scenarios using NVIDIA GPU’s (V100) and for remote visualization scenarios using AMD GPU’s (Mi25). These new GPU hardware configurations are now available from Dell Technologies with Microsoft software support coming later this summer. In addition to providing customers with increased performance density and workload flexibility, they come fully loaded with automated LCM capabilities and exceptional support.Extend Azure storage by expanding your on-premises data capacityAzure Stack Hub is powerful because it enables you to replicate your Azure services on-premises in a consistent manner for a true hybrid cloud experience. However, the amount of data you can extend from Azure has been limited by your Azure Hub configuration. Until now. Now, you can expand the on-premises data storage capacity of Azure Stack Hub by using integration with Dell EMC PowerScale. Dell EMC PowerScale is an optimal storage extension for Azure Stack Hub because it provides a powerful yet simple scale-out storage architecture for massive amounts of unstructured data while dramatically reducing cost and complexity.last_img read more

Court upholds order for Dakota Access environmental review

first_imgFARGO, N.D. (AP) — A federal appeals court has upheld a district judge’s decision to order a full environmental impact review of the Dakota Access pipeline, but has declined to shut the line down while the review is completed. U.S. District Judge James Boasberg ruled last year that a more extensive review was necessary than the assessment conducted earlier by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The pipeline crosses beneath the Missouri River, just north of the the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation that straddles the North Dakota-South Dakota border. The tribe draws its water from the river and fears pollution.last_img

State lawmakers are pushing to curb governors’ virus powers

first_imgState lawmakers around the U.S. are moving to curb the authority of governors and top health officials to impose emergency restrictions such as mask rules and business shutdowns. Many legislators are resentful of the way governors have issued sweeping executive orders. They are pushing back in states such as Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania. Some governors say they need authority to act quickly and decisively against the fast-changing threat.last_img

Brokerages limit trading in GameStop, sparking outcry

first_imgRobinhood and other online trading platforms are moving to restrict trading in GameStop and other stocks that have soared recently due to rabid buying by smaller investors. GameStop stock has rocketed from below $20 to more than $400 this month as a volunteer army of investors on social media challenged big institutions who has placed market bets that the stock would fall. Among the restrictions announced by Robinhood on Thursday, investors would only be able to sell their positions and not open new ones in some cases, and Robinhood will try to slow the amount of trading using borrowed money.last_img