From Red Winter to Indian Summer Drezus ignites with Warpath

first_imgBy Jorge Barrera APTN National NewsDrezus said he painted the white hand across his face in the Warpath music video as an act of defiance.Drezus, also known as Jeremiah Manitopyes, a Plains Cree- Saulteaux veteran hip hop artist, said the war paint symbolizes colonizing European power structures that can no longer silence his people.“They did a pretty good job of it,” said Drezus. “Those institutions are trying to silence me, but they can’t and I’m speaking through it.”Drezus released the song Warpath and accompanying video on July 16. The song is from his latest album, due out on Aug. 5, called Indian Summer. The title of the album is tied to his song Red Winter which he released during the height of the Idle No More movement in January 2013. It became one of the unofficial theme songs for the movement which captured the nation’s attention through its flashmob round dances and Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s protest fast on Victoria Island in Ottawa. The video for Red Winter has over 100,000 views on YouTube.“A lot of people say it might have fizzled out or whatever but it still goes strong in a lot of us,” said Drezus, 31.And in his latest release, Warpath, Drezus has taken it to the next level, both politically and aesthetically.The words in the song come loaded with metaphor.“I was almost channeling a spirit in that song. I was channeling my grandfathers and my ancestors,” said Drezus.He traces his genealogy to the renowned Plains Cree Chief Piapot, who made peace with the Blackfoot and led his people through days of hunger and darkness at the dying end of the 1800s.Drezus’ words are laced through a beat composed by 2oolman, a well-known hip hop producer who recently joined A Tribe Called Red as its newest third member, replacing DJ Shub.“When I heard this 2oolman beat, it was crazy, it was booming, with the bass, the strings, the stabbing synth,” said Drezus. “It’s also really sparse so there is room for a lot of content and I started reciting my verse to the new beat and, I was like, ‘this is the one.’”Drezus said Warpath is primarily aimed at First Nation men.“I wanted to represent the Native man and a lot of the ones that fell through the cracks. It’s kind of like a roll call for Native men of who we are and what our roles are as men,” said Drezus. “It is to ignite a spirit in all of us.”He said the song also throws down a challenge to the “Native hip hop world” still fragmented by “petty-ass beefs” leading nowhere.“Never mind this, ‘You looked at me funny I hate you. Oh you made a song with that guy, I hate you.’ There is a lot of that within the Native hip hop community. There are a lot of petty beefs and I have been involved in a lot of that too. I just choose not to get into that, we need to look past that. We need to band together and fight a bigger fight.”Drezus said he can feel something earth-shattering looming on the horizon.“I just know we are in hard times and we are going to face even tougher times,” he said. “I feel really wary about our future as a whole on earth, with the weather. But in particular, what is going to happen when the government decides to really turn on us. It seems like they have been setting us up for something big. We are overlooked, our people are overlooked and we are the people of this land and we’re treated as if we’re nothing. I feel like we are being set up for something bigger, as far as the Harper government goes.”And the times call for a change in the rhymes, he said.“There are a lot of Native hip hop artists out there that not saying a whole lot. They’re talking about their past, the street life, that’s cool. But I think as a culture and even musically we have to move past that message. We beat that horse dead a million times,” he said. “How many times can you say you hustled or lived on the streets? I feel people don’t want to hear that from a Native man. They want to hear the struggle, the pain, the inspiration, the motivation, the growth, the fire.”Then, there is the video. Melding urban-reserve identities, the video, shot across several locations between Edmonton and Calgary, takes the song to a “supernatural” level, says filmmaker Stuey Kubrick, who shot, directed and edited the video.“(Drezus) is basically calling to arms. It seems like a war cry to young men and young people,” said Kubrick, who is also known as Stuart Reaugh. “It is the first time he’s using his voice to call people up. It is almost a war metaphor.”Kubrick said he handled Drezus’ lyrical cocktail with care in crafting Warpath’s video.“I went neutral. Nobody is doing anything aggressive in the video, because it’s an aggressive song,” said Kubrick, who lives in Vancouver and has been filming hip hop videos for about six years. “It’s basically neutral images, with a bit of action. It’s basically a collage of what I saw. I didn’t want to go over the top aggressive.”The video surprises in the end with an appearance by renowned West Coast carver Beau Dick and one of his masks. The sequence was shot at the Fazakas Art Gallery in Vancouver.“It makes the song more supernatural and mysterious in the end,” said Kubrick. “It sends that cool, artistic chill up my spine.”The video was also film on a six-day road trip between Edmonton and Calgary. Parts of it were filmed in Edmonton, Maskwacis (formerly known as Hobbema), the nearby Solomon-Bull ranch and in Tsuu T’Ina Drezus said he rode a horse for the first time in the video.“And it was bareback,” he said.Drezus worked previously with Kubrick, who is known for delivering high-quality music videos, and wanted his talent for the song.“Stuey is not a Native cat himself… I love his visuals, he’s got a crazy mind. He’s a little bit on the dark side. I felt we could capture a little bit of the darkness that I have, that our people have and a lot of Native men have that are going through the struggle,” he said. “But also bringing darkness to the light.”Drezus said he’s hoping to go on tour to promote his new album in September. Plans are in the works to include Lightning Cloud and Inez Jasper on the tour.“It is time, it is heating up, it is heating up for our people,” said Drezus. “I really just wanted to ignite a spark, a fire, whatever you want to call it.” WarpathFirst you should know that I have risen through the firein colorful buckskin, the object of my desireis the colour of my skin so divided are my kinwatch me turn the tables ‘til we eating like some kingsin beautiful headdresses the culture is so impressiveI’m just hoping I absorb it when he’s passing me the messagebecause baby it’s depressing, living in this mess we call a homewe should take it back to chokers resting on the collar bone;arrowheads ride along, the enemy’s like Styrofoampiercing through the strongest armor death in genocidal formand still I stand, a singular red manwith Jupiter size heart forever reppin’ my clanthe eagles an old man watching over my plansI’m talking real shit baby, no faking here for the fansI’m shouting out Bobby Jones, my aunties, my Moshom GeorgeI’m drawing all of my strength from my people here before me man.Hook whoh!!! Big chief in the building everybody take your place whoh!!Remove your feelings if you wanna ride with me whoh!!We about to go to war right now, no petty-ass beef whoh!!When it all goes down whose gonna ride with me? Whoh!!When it all goes down whose gonna ride with me? Whoh!!When it all goes down whose gonna ride with me? Whoh!!When it all goes down whose gonna ride with me? Whoh!!When it all goes down whose gonna ride with me?Blessed is the man with sons who walk beside himnot enough leaders out there we should be ridingthey left our people broken but homie don’t play the possumlearn to grow yourself a set because you can bet there’s nothing promised;they saying I’m a problem, they call me public enemybut they don’t understand that, I hold it down for my familyand I hate it when they say that, I won’t be shit cause I’m Nativebecause in my mind we’re the strongestwe were built tough for the ages ( ay ay!!).Give me back mine before I take that,you don’t want that where my braves at?Put’em up high with a braid of the sweetgrass,put a prayer up, if you ain’t gonna ride then get back with your weak ass!No room for the weak or the type of speech that brings us down,We need them soldiers to be strong when the badman comes to town (ride out!)last_img read more

Iraq and UN join forces to launch Compact to support peace and

“The Compact, jointly chaired by the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the United Nations, with the support of the World Bank, will, over the next five years, bring together the international community and multilateral organizations to help Iraq achieve its national vision,” Marie Okabe, spokesperson for Secretary-General Kofi Annan, told reporters in New York. Ms. Okabe explained that vision as that of “a united, federal and democratic country, at peace with its neighbours and itself, well on its way to sustainable economic self-sufficiency and prosperity and well integrated in its region and the world.”To achieve this vision, she said, the Iraqi Government has committed itself to making progress on political inclusion and consensus building, the rule of law, and the establishment of professional security forces.Responding to requests by the country’s leaders last month, Mr. Annan worked closely with them, as well as the donor community, the UN Development Programme (UNDP), other UN agencies, and the World Bank “to come up with a joint approach to support the new Government,” as he described it at the time.Mr. Annan designated the Deputy Secretary-General, Mark Malloch Brown, as his focal point in New York for the Compact, and his Special Representative, Ashraf Qazi, in the same role on the ground in Iraq.Earlier this month, Mr. Malloch Brown conferred with Iraqi leaders on helping the Government set up a Preparatory Group for the Compact, with support from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other regional financial institutions.According to a joint statement issued today by the UN and the Iraqi Government, the finalized Compact, including key priorities, benchmarks and commitments, will be presented by Baghdad by the end of the year. read more

Five takeaways Ohio State football might have figured it out just in

OSU redshirt sophomore safety Malik Hooker (24) returns an interception during the second half of the Buckeyes game against Nebraska on Nov. 5. The Buckeyes won 62-3. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorIt’s time to breathe a little easier if you are an Ohio State fan. Questions were swirling for weeks about how bad the Buckeyes looked on offense, and how the defense had suddenly lost the ability to stop teams when they needed to. A 62-3 win over No. 10 Nebraska might just have quenched the thirst of OSU fans begging to see the team dominate once again.“Dominate” is an understatement when a team holds its opponent to just 204 total yards and a measly three points on the board. From the moment the first play from scrimmage commenced, there was a sense of arrogance by the Buckeyes, but not in a bad way.The team looked like it was unstoppable.Connecting on long passes and bulldozing the Nebraska defensive line while also stuffing the run and picking the ball off twice is a recipe to make any head coach smile. Even Urban Meyer, who decided to participate in an “O-H-I-O” chant led by the student section near the end of the game.It was more than just a blowout of a tough conference opponent. It was a statement. A statement by players who were itching to prove they weren’t just riding the coattails of the name emblazoned on their jerseys and in the endzones. There was passion and fire in the eyes of the Buckeyes, and just in time too.Here are five takeaways from the 62-3 beatdown of Nebraska.OSU corrected mistakes on defenseIn back-to-back weeks, the Buckeyes defense known as the “Silver Bullets” looked like its nickname should be demoted to copper or bronze. Although statistically still performing well in consecutive weeks against Northwestern and Penn State, OSU gave up big-time chunk plays when the team was trying to get stops.That all changed on Saturday.Cornhuskers’ senior quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. presented a dynamic threat like Penn State redshirt sophomore quarterback Trace McSorley did two weeks ago, with the only differences being that Armstrong has a cannon-arm and runs like an agile running back. Unfortunately for Nebraska, he was not in for most of the game.After a scary few minutes at Ohio Stadium where he lay motionless, Armstrong returned to the field out of pads. His presence in the game, both playing or cheering, was far from enough to push the Cornhuskers’ offense. And it wasn’t because Nebraska struggles on offense.Simply put, OSU made the corrections from last week it needed to. The secondary played airtight coverage for nearly every deep pass play. The defensive line created a big push up front to register five tackles for loss, even though it failed to register a sack for the first time this season. And, most importantly, there was crisp communication throughout the entire OSU sideline.If this defense has fixed the dilemmas from early this year, the Big Ten should be warned.J.T. Barrett regained some confidenceRedshirt junior quarterback J.T. Barrett looked scared to throw the ball down the field ever since throwing a pick and struggling to find wide receivers open against Indiana. He was hesitant to chuck the ball more than 10 yards downfield, and seemed to be comfortable with playing pitch-and-catch with his running backs and tight ends. Against Nebraska, the freshman phenom Barrett was on full display.Although he missed a few deep throws that might have lead to a couple more points on the board, Barrett looked on the same page with his wide receivers and the rest of the offense for the first time since OSU defeated Rutgers 58-0.“We’ve not been explosive at receiver this year,” Meyer said. “And when you throw for 300-plus yards, and obviously (junior H-back Curtis Samuel) is very explosive, but I thought our receivers all day they were running very sharp routes, very crisp routes against a good secondary. And J.T.’s delivering the ball, but I thought the receivers were outstanding.”Meyer must have felt the confidence of Barrett growing since he decided to draw up the old Tim Tebow jump pass. A four-touchdown performance on a grand stage might have been all he needed to get back on the right track.Barrett had a little help though.Curtis Samuel utilized to his full potentialSamuel received one less touch on Saturday than he did last week. Last time he had a dip in touches, it seemed like the entire OSU fan base was set to erupt. Meyer was heavily criticized for keeping the ball out of his hands and even had some saying that was the main reason for the loss against Penn State.Less touches this time around was a non-factor, as Samuel ran rampant for 178 total yards, most of which came through the air. He led the team in receiving touchdowns with two, and even got in on a punt return. The punt return went backwards five yards, but at least he didn’t muff the punt.Although a gifted runner, the pass-catching ability of Samuel was utilized to perfection, as the junior cashed in a performance reminiscent of the Bowling Green game to start the season. In the future, the idea might be to continue the trend of more looks for Samuel lined up as a receiver instead of in the backfield.When asked about Samuel, Meyer asked how many touches his H-back got. When media members responded with 13, the Buckeyes’ head coach had a simple response.“So he’s okay,” he said.Either way, the guy can find his way to the endzone.A fast-paced offense is a happy offenseAnyone who loves offensive football had to be giddy watching the way OSU orchestrated its offensive drives. Like an artist carefully crafting a masterpiece, Meyer and the rest of the coaching staff drew up an offensive game plan to put the Buckeyes in multiple scoring opportunities, and the players executed.Execution was a question mark for OSU coming into the game, but there should be few question when analyzing the drive summary from this week. Only one drive took longer than five minutes for the Scarlet and Gray, and the team marched 75 yards or more for a touchdown on five separate occasions.“It is a little relief to know that right now I saw some explosiveness that we kind of have been lacking in some positions,” Meyer said. “And I think relief is probably the correct word, that we’ve all been waiting for that to happen.”The quick-punch and crisp movement by OSU made it seem as though the team was unchallenged on either side of the ball, even if both Meyer and his players insist it was a tough game for them.“I think tonight is an example of that, you know late in the season we get it going,” junior tackle Jamarco Jones said. “Hopefully we can just build off this and keep the momentum rolling and keep winning.”Speaking of getting it going late in the season…OSU is back in the playoff pictureJones hit on a key element to the blowout victory. “Late in the season we get it going” kind of summarizes OSU in games this year as well. The team has been a second-half unit, although Bowling Green and Nebraska are kind of the outliers.After Texas A&M received the fourth spot in the College Football Playoff poll, the Aggies promptly dropped their next game against Mississippi State, pushing OSU up. The Buckeyes are right there, but still need some things to go their way to earn a playoff spot.Winning the Big Ten title is definitely a priority for OSU at this point, but Michigan needs to remain unbeaten until the two rivals square-off, or hope Penn State drops another conference game. OSU still has to win out as well.Simple, right?Meyer and the rest of the team will try to say they are just looking ahead to Maryland. That seems unlikely given how few games are left this year and how close they are to earning their way back into the playoff.Crazy stuff happened in 2014 that eventually led to a Buckeye playoff berth and an OSU national championship, so why can’t it happen again? read more

Power Felt can use body heat to generate electricity

first_imgHuman beings produce a lot of energy that mostly goes to waste. New technology to generate electrical energy from our movement (piezoelectric) is in development, but so far we haven’t managed to effectively harness the heat our bodies generate as a power source. Power Felt aims to change that. It has been developed by PhD student Corey Hewitt at the Center of Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials, Wake Forest University, and could provide a simple way to generate thermoelectric energy from our bodies. The new material is comprised of nanotubes in plastic fibers and relies of temperature difference to generate energy. As it’s a flexible material, it means there’s potential to create clothing from it and use our body heat as a generator. But the uses are much wider, with the felt usable wherever a difference in temperatue exists. We could therefore one day see it wrapped around pipes that get hot, forming part of your car’s bodywork and seat covers, or sitting as a layer underneath roof tiles.Power Felt comes with a number of advantages over previous methods of collecting energy using thermoelectrics. For one, it does not requires expensive compounds such as bismuth telluride used in other thermoelectric devices. The felt can also be improved over time by cramming more nanotubes within the fibers, so over the long term its energy generation will continue to increase as manufacturing methods improve. Also, because it’s a felt sheet, it should be easy to mass produce, meaning the cost of production will fall significantly if it becomes popular. If Power Felt gets picked up by clothing companies, and we all start wearing shoes with piezoelectric tech inside too, we may finally be able to leave our chargers at home. It’s also not a bad way to encourage us all to start walking (or running) more. Read more at Wake Forest University, via Gizmaglast_img read more

Minecraft Pi Edition now available gives you something to play on your

first_imgYou may already have Minecraft on your computer, your Xbox 360, and your smartphone, but now you can get a version that was specifically ported to run well on the Raspberry Pi. If you’re one of those people that really want a Raspberry Pi but have no idea what to do with one once you get it, making it a dedicated $35 Minecraft machine is now a viable option.The biggest benefit of having the secretly resource-intensive Minecraft run on the relatively resource-light Raspberry Pi is that in the port, Mojang added support for a handful of programming languages. So, rather than simply building impressive creations in the blocky world, people can use the combination of a very cheap computer and a game they enjoy to teach themselves how to program.How to setup Minecraft on your Raspberry PiIt takes a slight bit of preparation to run Minecraft on the Pi, which starts out with using the “wheezy” version of Raspbian (download here).The game requires XWindows running, so Mojang suggests that you have XWindows set to start automatically upon boot by typing in “startx” without the quotation marks.Download the compressed file over here, then launch the terminal by clicking on the LXTerminal window, then enter the following commands into the terminal:1] To decompress: tar -zxvf minecraft-pi-0.1..1.tar.gz2] To run: cd mcpi3] Then enter: minecraft-piFor more information on the Raspberry Pi version of Mojang’s block-building opus, head on over here to Mojang’s dedicated site.At the very least, you’ll get a relatively popular version of a game on your tiny, cheap computer. If you’re looking for similar games like Minecraft, you could do worse than checking out some of our suggestions for games like Minecraft.last_img read more

Portugal le second lynx ibérique né en captivité na pas survécu

first_imgPortugal : le second lynx ibérique né en captivité n’a pas survécuPortugal – Le deuxième lynx ibérique né en captivité le 4 avril dernier au Portugal est mort. La mauvaise nouvelle a été annoncée par l’ICNB (Institut de protection de la nature) qui s’applique à réintroduire l’espèce, aujourd’hui très menacée. Deux jeunes lynx étaient nés au Portugal le 4 avril dernier et devaient être réintroduits dans le pays. Le Portugal avait alors cédé la mère, Azahar, à l’Espagne “dans le cadre d’un programme commun de préservation de ce félin particulièrement menacé”, selon l’AFP. Le premier animal est mort à l’âge de seulement sept jours. Les risques de mortalité des jeunes lynx ibériques sont élevés, cependant des analyses auront lieu pour déterminer la cause des décès.Il y avait au début du XXe siècle environ 100.000 lynx ibériques en Espagne et au Portugal. Aujourd’hui, ils ne sont plus que 200 à l’état sauvage, trouvés exclusivement en Espagne. Le Portugal ne comporte plus que seize lynx ibériques, vivant tous en captivité. Le 26 avril 2010 à 15:57 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Neutrons des indices quantiques dun monde parallèle

first_imgNeutrons : des indices quantiques d’un monde parallèle ?Publiant leur étude dans la revue European Physical Journal C,  des chercheurs italiens suggèrent que les neutrons, dans certaines circonstances, pourraient osciller entre notre monde et un monde parallèle invisible constitué de ‘particules-miroirs’.Selon des travaux expérimentaux effectués à l’Institut Laue-Langevin (France) par l’équipe du Dr Anatoly Serebrov, dans certaines conditions, des neutrons libres soumis à un champ magnétique… disparaissent ! Où passent-ils donc ? Dans un monde parallèle – invisible – composé de particules-miroirs, répondent le Dr Zurab Berezhiani et le Dr Fabrizio Nesti, physiciens à l’Université de l’Aquila (Italie), qui ont analysé l’expérience de leurs collègues français.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?”Elle pourrait être interprétée à la lumière d’un hypothétique monde parallèle constitué de particules-miroirs. Chaque neutron aurait la capacité de transiter vers son ‘jumeau-miroir’ invisible, et inversement, oscillant d’un monde à l’autre. La probabilité d’un tel événement de transition a été prévue [théoriquement] sensible à la présence de champs magnétiques, et pourrait donc être détectée expérimentalement”, explique le Dr Berezhiani cité par Sci-news.Ne prenant que quelques secondes, cette oscillation de la particule entre un état de neutron et un état de ‘neutron-miroir’ ne serait pas incompatible avec les limites actuelles de la physique. Loin d’être sortie d’un roman de science-fiction, cette hypothèse de l’existence de particules-miroirs avait déjà été évoquée dans divers contextes scientifiques, notamment pour expliquer la nature de la fameuse ‘matière noire’ qui constituerait une grande partie de l’Univers. Le 24 juin 2012 à 12:13 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Pikachu Speaks in the New Pokémon Movie and Everyone is Freaking Out

first_imgPokémon are interesting creatures. They seem to have a fair bit of intelligence, yet are only capable of saying their respective names. That is, until now. In Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!, Pikachu, who has been the series’ de facto mascot since its inception, speaks in human words. The film released in Japan back in July but now American audiences are hearing Pikachu speak and… they aren’t exactly taking it well.This reaction was posted on Twitter by BuzzFeed’s Ryan Broderick. When Pikachu says he “always wants to be with you” to his trainer, Ash, the audience reaction is immediate. While some applaud hearing Pikachu speak, the majority of the folks in attendance aren’t as thrilled. The gentleman who says “the fuck?” echoes the sentiments of everyone who is confused by all of this.Hi, I am just learning that Pikachu speaks English in the new Pokemon movie and, yes, it is extremely fucking weird— Ryan Broderick (@broderick) November 13, 2017According to The Guardian, Kate Bristol, who is the English language voice of Pikachu, said that even she and other members of the cast found it “super weird” that Pikachu can speak. Some believe this is a sort of dream sequence. Pikachu isn’t actually saying those words, it’s just what Ash hears in his head.“I think the literal circumstances under which Pikachu is ‘speaking’ are up to interpretation,” said Bristol. “I saw it as something in Ash’s mind. But it’s up to anyone. And it’s OK to think it’s super weird. I sat in the theatre with the rest of the cast while everyone shouted ‘what the fuck’ and I sat there laughing at how bizarre it all is, especially hearing my squeaky little voice come out of it. Personally, I did my best to mimic [Japanese voice actor] Ikue Otani as she is the master. This part in Japanese is adorable. At the end of the day Pokémon is a good time and I sure as hell enjoyed being a Pikachu for 0.5 seconds.”It’s important to note that Pikachu speaking didn’t disturb the Japanese audience. This is probably why we in the West are only just finding out about this. I’m personally going to chalk this up to Ash hearing Pikachu speaking in his head. If Pikachu can speak so eloquently, it would mean he has some base-level human intelligence. If that’s the case, isn’t he a slave being forced to fight other slaves? Considering how I just disturbed myself far more than hearing Pikachu speak, I think I’ll end this post now. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

VIDEO Rusev trains for WrestleMania 31 this Sunday

first_img Now Playing Up Next Why Total Divas Didnt Change Their Name After WWE Rebranded Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipVin Diesel and John Cena share ‘intense’ sceneVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 1:05/Current Time 0:06Loaded: 100.00%0:07Remaining Time -0:59 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Pinterest WhatsApp WWE Superstar John Cena announced as part of cast for Suicide Squad Sequel WWE stars join “Brawlhalla” as Epic Crossovers in SummerSlam game event Facebook Videos Articles Two more WWE Superstars reportedly scheduled to appear at RAW Reunion show Videos Articles has posted the following of United States Champion Rusev training for his match with John Cena at this Sunday’s WrestleMania 31 PPV in Santa Clara, California.  John Cena Now Playing Up Next Vin Diesel and John Cena share ‘intense’ scene Vin Diesel Celebrity Shortlist: Top 3 Actors You Didn’t Know Could Rap Google+ John Cena Is Done With The WWE Now Playing Up Next Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Twitter Videos Articles WWE Fans Still Have Wait For John Cenas TV Return Now Playing Up Next Charlize Theron Now Playing Up Nextlast_img read more

One Stop Shop shut down new system and staff coming

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp PNP Administration denies more money to Helen Garlick SIPT Recommended for you Impressive opening for Long Bay High; PNP Administration breaks ground on Phase II Related Items:one stop shop, pnp administration, sammy been building Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 07 Aug 2015 – The one stop shop concept will be dismantled according to the PNP Administration and the government is prepared to hire more immigration workers to repair the reputation of the office beleaguered by customer complaints. During that press conference yesterday, it was explained by Premier Rufus Ewing that mounting complaints about slow service and lack of customer service have forced the break-down of the old immigration structure.Hon Ewing said an additional 8-10 staff will be hired, trained and staffed at the new Samuel Been Building on Airport Road which is currently undergoing retrofitting. New Passport process ready says Govt Use TCI passportlast_img read more

Tevez says he feels welcome in Spain

first_imgThe Argentinean superstar of Boca Juniors is feeling welcomed in Madrid, but he says he’s sad the Copa Libertadores Final should be played thereRiver Plate and Boca Juniors will face off on Sunday at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, to decide who will be crowned champion of the Copa Libertadores de América.The match was moved from Buenos Aires to Madrid because of violent clashes outside River’s stadium and an attack on Boca’s bus.But football star Carlos Tevez, says he feels welcome in Spain, but he’s not happy about playing the final there.“We want to thank the Spanish people for welcoming us,” Tevez told a reporter. “For bringing this match to this place and for the warm welcome we have received.”River Plate v Boca Juniors - Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2018Match Preview: River Plate vs Boca Juniors Boro Tanchev – September 1, 2019 It is time for one of the most intense derby games in the world, as River Plate and Boca Juniors go head-to-head tonight at 22:00 (CET).“I’m a bit sad for playing this final in another country.”“Because nobody thinks players have won the right to play a final in another country,” he added.Carlos Tevez from @BocaJrsOficial says he feels welcome in Spain.#CopaLibertadores #BocaJuniors #RiverPlate #SantiagoBernabeu— (@ronaldocomint) December 7, 2018last_img read more

Woman uses gun to scare off robber at Izzys in Hazel Dell

first_imgA woman who emerged from Izzy’s Pizza in Hazel Dell with her 5-year-old son, and was confronted by a would-be robber, displayed her 9 mm pistol, scared the man off and then helped sheriff’s deputies find him, police say.Deputies rushed to the restaurant at 1503 N.E. 78th St. shortly before 8 p.m. Friday, after the woman called 911, said Sgt. John Horch with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.The woman, a 30-year-old Clark County resident, told dispatchers she’d walked out of the restaurant to her car when a man approached and asked her to lend him money for gas.When she declined, the man asked for $20, then came closer and demanded money in a threatening tone, Horch said.Horch said the woman reached in the driver’s door of her car, grabbed her semiautomatic pistol and put it in her waistband.When the man approached again, “She lifted up her shirt and, after he saw the gun, he took off,” Horch said.Deputies arrived in only a couple of minutes and found a suspect nearby, Horch said.The woman said, “There he is,” and deputies quickly took him into custody, Horch said.Wilbur Haisley, 48, of Vancouver was jailed on suspicion of attempted second-degree robbery, Horch said.The woman’s young son “told us he was very scared,” Horch said.last_img read more

A third of large employers use health and wellness promotions to reduce

first_imgAlmost a third (32%) of organisations with 250 or more employees use health and wellness promotions to control absence levels and improve attendance, making this the most popular method among larger employers, according to research by Group Risk Development (Grid).The study, which was undertaken by Opinium on behalf of Grid, canvassed the opinions of 500 HR decision makers within 500 UK organisations. It found that flexible working is a less popular method of reducing absence in larger businesses, at 23%, but that its popularity rises to 35% among those with between one and 249 workers.Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for Grid, said: “The larger the workforce, the easier it is to offer flexible working but the harder it is to monitor it. If smaller [organisations] are making this work as an absence-management solution though, there is no reason why larger [employers] couldn’t do the same.”When HR decision makers at micro-organisations, with fewer than nine employees, were asked, flexible working reached 38%, proving the most common method of improving attendance by 27 percentage points, with health and wellness promotions coming in at 11%, and stress counselling at 10%.Stress counselling matches flexible working in popularity among large businesses, gaining 23% of the vote, while employee assistance programmes (EAPs) are marginally more common, with 24%. EAPs reduce significantly among smaller employers, with only 11% of small to medium ones, and 7% of micro-organisations, using them.Return-to-work interviews are among the least common methods across the board, being used by only 13% of large employers, 17% of small to medium organisations, and 5% of micro-employers. Similarly, disciplinaries for unacceptable absence are used by 15%, 14% and 6% of these respondents, respectively.“It’s evident in these figures that smaller and larger organisations take a very different approach to managing absence, and whilst that is perhaps to be expected, an area where all could benefit is by better utilising the support that exists for employers, line managers and employees at no extra cost within group risk products,” concluded Moxham.last_img read more

The Geeksplainer A Wrinkle In Time

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. A key tenet of geek culture is knowledge – we judge and are judged based on our encyclopedic knowledge of games, sci-fi, comics, anime, collectibles and more. But it’s impossible for one human being to know everything, no matter how many chips you get put in your brain. That’s where we come in. With this series of “Geeksplainers,” we’ll give you everything you need to know to get up to speed on some of the most complicated, intense subjects in the pop culture universe. No longer will you have to fake it in conversations until you have time to run to the bathroom and engage in a 45 minute Wikipedia session. Let us be your guide, now and forever.This installment: Legendary YA novel A Wrinkle In Time is hitting the silver screen. So what’s the big deal?What Is A Wrinkle In TimePublished in 1962, Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time follows the four children – Meg, twins Sandy and Dennys and younger brother Charles – as they seach for their missing father with the help of three odd old ladies – Mrs Whatsit, Mrs Who and Mrs Which. The party journeys to distant worlds by means of a tesseract – a literal fold in space that lets them move millions of miles in a single step. On the planet Camazotz, they discover a malevolent force that takes over minds and must free their dad from its clutches. It’s a gripping and brisk story that introduced generations of readers to some advanced theoretical physics concepts.Who Was Madeline L’Engle?One of the most influential young adult fiction writers of all time, Madeline L’Engle proved that kids can digest big, weighty ideas if they’re presented in a compelling enough manner. Born in New York City, she wrote her first complete story at the age of five and wasa notorious introvert, living vicariously through literature. Professionally, though, she was a late bloomer, racking up decades of rejections before A Wrinkle In Time was published when she was 44. The success of that book kickstarted a prolific career consisting of dozens of volumes, mostly telling tales of families caught up in strange events. A lifelong Episcopalian, L’Engle balanced her interest in the spiritual with the scientific, constantly questing forth into the universe to discover and explore.Why Was The Book A Big Deal?After winning the Newbery Award the year it was published, A Wrinkle In Time went on to sell over six million copies. L’Engle was the first of a new wave of young adult writers who pushed the genre forward past the formulaic adventures of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, wrestling with the bigger questions of existence. The rich symbolism in the Murry’s adventure resonated with adults and children alike. She went on to write four more books in the “time quintet” that probed similar subjects, a cosmic battle between good and evil that has stretched through the course of all history. They’re both cracking yarns and remarkably emotionally complex, and inspired many young people to reach outside of their own perceptions.In addition, protagonist Meg Murry was a different kind of female lead – sharp, a little prickly, and possessed of more than her fair share of grit. It’s easy to draw the line through the decades to Katniss Everdeen and today’s modern YA protagonists.Finally, the book courted its fair share of controversy. Despite L’Engle’s devout Christianity, her referring to Jesus as one of many wise men through history, as well as the flirtations with occult themes in the book, has made A Wrinkle In Time one of the most frequently challenged and banned books in libraries around the world.What’s Up With The Movie?This is actually the second time that A Wrinkle In Time has been adapted for the screen. In 2003, Disney released a Canadian-American TV co-production that boasted lousy CGI and poor performances. L’Engle herself hated it. But 2018’s version looks a little more promising. Directed by Ava DuVernay (Selma), it stars a primarily Black cast led by Oprah Winfrey as Mrs Which. We’re definitely in a bit of an Afrofuturist wave in American cinema with the success of Black Panther, and early reviews praise DuVernay’s take on the story as visually spectacular.Why Were The Main Character’s Races Changed?DuVernay has obviously not shied away from issues of race in her career, and as the first Black female director to helm a film over $100 million she has a lot riding on A Wrinkle In Time. If this is going to be her one shot at a blockbuster, she’s going to make it her way. And that includes making sure that the cast reflects the world she lives in. The Murry family is now inter-racial – Chris Pine plays the dad, while Gugu Mbatha-Raw (probably best known from Black Mirror‘s “San Junipero” episode) is mother Kate.One of the most interesting aspects of L’Engle’s original books is that they don’t take place in any strictly defined place or time. That’s why they’ve stayed relevant when other books from their era have faded. So it makes perfect sense to adapt the people to the world we live in today – diverse and multicultural. DuVernay told Entertainment Weekly “I was interested in… a heroine that looked like the girls I grew up with,” and that’s a fine motivation.What’s Next?Well, if A Wrinkle In Time performs well at the box office, there are four more installments in the Time Quintet to adapt. In them, Meg travels into Charles Wallace’s mitochondria to save his life, the twins journey back into the days before the Biblical flood and finally we jump ahead a generation to send Meg and Calvin’s daughter on a time trip of her own. All of the books are solid, inventive and would make excellent movies, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the oracle of the box office decrees.last_img read more

Apps you need to have this holiday

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Let’s face it, technology has changed our lives and will continue to do so.  In the last year, many applications were developed to make consumers’ lives so much easier. These apps will especially come in handy over the holiday season:Photo editor – PixlrYou have to have a photo editor for making those Christmas and holiday memories extra special. We especially love the free and user-friendly Pixlr. Capture any moment and make it beautiful with over 2 million effects and filters.You can create collages, layer multiple photos, use colour splashes and more.InstagramAfter you edited your photo, you will want to share it. Instagram is a well-known and loved app. Share your photos, videos and even Boomerang videos. PinterestThis app is a favourite among the creative type. Use this app to find unique Christmas recipes, DIY Christmas trees, gifts and more. You can make your own custom boards and save the pictures on the specific board. Gallery GuardianA relatively new app, but useful nonetheless. It helps you keep your children safe on their mobile phones. It is powered by systematic software that can detect full or partial nudity in photos. The app will send you alerts when inappropriate images are being created or saved in the gallery.NamolaThis app is a must to alert the nearest police station when you find yourself in a dangerous situation.Money LoverLet’s face it, the urge to overspend over the holidays is definitely there, but this app is a handy, must-have to manage your finances and stick to your budget. It was voted the best app of 2016.With it, you can see how much of your money goes where.GamesChristmas Sweeper 3. Much like the popular Candy Crush game, this one is a full-blown Christmas themed game. It has over a 1000 levels, so it will definitely keep your children and yourself busy over the holidays. All these apps are available on Play Store. Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

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first_img News | PACS | March 19, 2018 Exa PACS Helps Teleradiology Provider Increase Productivity 400 Percent Nine months after the implementation of Exa PACS (picture archiving and communication system) from Konica Minolta… read more News | Orthopedic Imaging | November 09, 2017 Sectra to Provide Orthopedic Post-Operative Follow-Up for Teleradiology Company International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra recently signed an agreement with the global… read more Related Content News | Teleradiology | May 10, 2018 DocPanel Partners With University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine Teleradiology company DocPanel announced a partnership with the University of Southern California (USC) Keck School of… read more News | Teleradiology | May 06, 2019 Chipmunk Health Chooses Philips HealthSuite for Telehealth Services Philips announced that telehealth service provider Chipmunk Health, with locations in the Netherlands and Canada, is… read more News | Ultrasound Imaging | March 30, 2018 Philips Integrates Reacts Tele-Ultrasound Platform on Lumify Portable Systems Philips in partnership with Innovative Imaging Technologies (IIT) announced an industry-first integrated tele-… read more News | Teleradiology | November 25, 2018 Siemens Healthineers Showcases syngo Virtual Cockpit for More Flexible Workforce Management During the 104th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), Nov. 25-30… read more News | April 21, 2014 vRad, E-Techco Partnership Creates First Direct-to-Patient Remote Radiology Service in China center_img Technology | Teleradiology | June 28, 2018 Dictum Health Launches Advanced Telestroke Module for Virtual Exam Room Platform Dictum Health Inc., creators of the Virtual Exam Room (VER) telehealth technology, announced the release of their Care… read more News | Teleradiology | April 10, 2019 vRad Receives 19th Patent vRad (Virtual Radiologic), a Mednax Radiology Solutions practice, announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office… read more April 21, 2014 — vRad (Virtual Radiologic) announced it completed a strategic partnership with E-Techco Information Technologies Co. Ltd., a leader in consumer telehealth solutions. The partnership names vRad as E-Techco’s exclusive agent for remote professional radiology interpretations in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, beginning in May 2014. This partnership marks vRad’s first significant international market expansion into the Chinese market. Financial terms were not disclosed.E-Techco provides a direct-to-patient telemedicine and patient management platform known as AnyCheck. Currently with three million subscribers, AnyCheck allows patients to conduct self-testing for health conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, geriatric mental health and other chronic diseases found in China’s aging population. Patients conduct tests (e.g., blood pressure, electrocardiogram, temperature, glucose levels) while connected to a wireless phone or device, which transmits findings via cloud services and then back to the patient in real time after analysis. Patients can arrange an online consultation with a health professional, also in real time. According to E-Techco’s analysis, the total volume for the radiology services market in China is estimated at 302 million, and the volume for second opinions is estimated at 15.1 million, accounting for 5 percent of the total radiological market.“vRad is a pioneer and proven leader in the practice of remote radiology,” said John Zhang, CEO of E-Techco. “Having access to highly qualified U.S.-trained radiologists 24/7 will provide much needed services to an aging population concerned about their health and welfare. Given vRad’s scale and commitment to technical innovation and clinical excellence, we chose them to help us expand the capabilities of AnyCheck’s personalized health management services to benefit our patients in China.”Beginning May 2014, patients will be able to upload images of their CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or CTA (CT angiography) studies using their AnyCheck telehealth platform, and vRad will provide second opinions from highly qualified, U.S.-licensed radiologists. The partners also expect to expand into additional radiology solutions and markets in the future.This strategic partnership brings together E-Techco’s experience and reputation in the Chinese consumer healthcare market with vRad’s clinical expertise in providing remote radiology reads. vRad is the largest U.S.-based radiology practice, reading 7 million studies a year.  Seventy-five percent of vRad’s 450 radiologists are fellowship-trained, with more than nine years of post-certification experience. vRad’s has 14 patents covering its imaging platform; the company was recently awarded the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Visionary Innovation Award in medical imaging analytics.“We are honored to be E-Techco’s exclusive radiology partner, and to bring our operational and clinical expertise to the Chinese market,” said Jim Burke, president and CEO of vRad. “This strategic partnership represents a tremendous opportunity for vRad to expand internationally. As their respected partner, we look forward to working with an innovative leader in telemedicine that allows patients to play an active role in managing their personal health. Over the long term, this relationship will provide additional services that will ensure continued growth and mutual benefit for both parties and the patients we collectively serve.”For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Technology | Ultrasound Imaging | May 15, 2019 Clarius Releases Clarius Live Ultrasound Telemedicine Solution Clarius Mobile Health released a telemedicine solution called Clarius Live. The simple-to-use feature allows any… read more Image courtesy of Philips Healthcare News | Breast Density | February 14, 2019 Densitas Enters Partnership Agreement With TeleMammography Specialists Breast imaging analytics company Densitas Inc. announced a new collaboration partnership with TeleMammography… read more last_img read more

Centara goes wild at Lost World Party

first_imgSource = Centara Hotels and Resorts Centara goes wild at Lost World PartyCentara goes wild at Lost World Party Centara Hotels and Resorts enjoyed a successful two-day exhibition at the 2018 Thailand Travel Mart.The famous annual Centara party went off with a bang at the 5-star Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort in Pattaya.Themed the Lost World Party to match the resort, all key global partners were invited with 200 people letting their hair down and going wild in all sorts of jungle and lost world themed attire.“We were so pleased to have so many of our key Australian and New Zealand partners attend our event at what is a truly ‘out of this world’ Centara Resort,” Australian and New Zealand representative for Centara Hotels & Resorts Charlie Ridout said.“As always, the Antipodeans were the last ones to leave! It was a fitting ending to one of the best TTM in the last few years.”There was no shortage of entertainment with models dressed in jungled themed outfits, Thai cabaret and plenty of dance routines and fire-twirling performances throughout the night.Guests were treated to a buffet of traditional Thai dishes, desserts and a range of cocktails made by professional Centara bar staff, which showcased the amazing food on offer at the Centara Grand Mirage.last_img read more

Top Stories

first_img Top Stories Gallery could not load. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo “Never does it finish happily for him,” Reddick said of opposing QBs.He sprinted 10 yards in 1.64 seconds and pushed through 1,500 pounds of heavy bags in 1.36 seconds. The heavy bags time was the fastest that Sports Science had recorded in the last five combines, they said.The staffers also recorded Reddick producing 2,000 microvolts of electricity in his legs, so if you were hoping that the Cardinals would draft an electric player on defense, well, they did — literally.The “Sports Science” folks project the 6-foot-1, 237-pound linebacker’s ceiling to be similar to five-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison. Reddick better hope he lives up to the hype, because he’s going to owe those television producers some money for a new crash test dummy.When asked whether he felt bad about hitting the dummy by Bickley and Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, Reddick replied, “Not at all, not at all.” Comments   Share   Before the Cardinals selected Temple linebacker Haason Reddick in the NFL Draft on Thursday, he appeared on ESPN’s “Sports Science” and turned some heads.Or, in the case of a crash test dummy, he knocked a head loose from its body.The No. 13 overall draft selection told host John Brinkus that in Temple’s 14 games last year, the opposing starting quarterback finished the game only twice. Maybe that was partly because of Reddick’s explosive speed and power. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Second arrest in Paphos knife attack

first_imgA 21-year-old resident of Paphos was arrested on Thursday morning for attacking and injuring a 21-year-old man in the Chlorakas area with a knife on Wednesday afternoon.He was the second person arrested in connection with the case. A 23-year-old man had been arrested on Wednesday afternoon.Paphos police say the fight was the result of personal differences between the men.According to doctors, the 21-year-old suffered two injuries, one to his body and one on his elbow.His condition is considered out of danger but he remains at Paphos general hospital.You May LikeSUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Are Leading The Pack. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsSUVs | Search AdsUndoFigLeaf Beta AppTake Online Privacy on a whole New levelFigLeaf Beta AppUndoThrone: Free Online GamesPlay This Game For 1 Minute and See why Everyone is Addicted!Throne: Free Online GamesUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoAuthorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Parties field candidates for Euro elections

first_imgPolitical parties and movements on Friday submitted their candidacies for the European Parliament elections at the Philoxenia Conference Centre in Nicosia between 9am and 12 noon with a combined total of 74 candidates from 17 groups and independents.Ruling Disy were first up with their six candidates, Giorgos Constantine-Panagiotou, Panagiotis Sedonas, Eleni Stavrou, Nicos Tornaritis, Lefteris Christoforou and Loukas Fourlas.In a statement after the filing, party leader Averof Neophytou said his party was keeping up its tradition of putting forward “the best team” and called on voters to support the party’s efforts to strengthen the country in the EU by voting Disy.Akel candidates were next up, led in by party leader Andros Kyprianou and candidates, Georgios K Giorgiou, Giorgos Chrysanthos, Niyazi Kızılyürek Giorgos Koukoumas, Marina Nicolaou and Neoclis Sylikiotis who is a current MEP for the party.Kyprianou said the party was proud of the work its MEPs had done in the preceding period and urged voters to “resist the forces that violate social freedoms and the forces that bring Europe back into the interwar period”.“The stakes for Europe are high in these elections,” he said, and the same applies to Cyprus where there are phenomena of mismanagement and it’s time to say so here. Send the message to the government.”Socialist Edek candidates who submitted registrations were, Diomedes Diomidous, Christos Iakovou, Natasa Ioannou, Elias Myrianthous, Tea Nicolaou and Dimitris Papadakis.“It is very important for us socialists that Cyprus should be able to be represented in the second largest political group of the European Parliament in order to become stronger,” party leader Marinos Sizopoulos. “We ask the citizens with a sense of responsibility to move forward and support Edek at the ballot.Diko candidates are Eleni Theocharous, who is already an MEP for the Solidarity Party, Katerina Christofidou, Marinos Mousioutas, Kostas Mavridis, Aristos Zachariadis and Zacharias Koulias.Party leader Nicolas Papadopoulos said after the submission: “We are choosing a more democratic Europe on May 26 and we are sending a message about the mistakes and omissions of the government, and so we ask the citizens to vote for us,” he said.Other small parties also submitted candidates such as the Citizens Alliance the Animal Party and the Jasmin Movement presented its six Turkish Cypriots candidates Sener Levent, Ibrahim Aziz, Oz Karahan, Leyla Hussein Kiralp, Zeki Besiktepeli and Faize Ozdemirciler.The Afrika daily’s publisher and journalist, Levent, said that they are not running as Turkish Cypriots but as Cypriots, citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, “who condemn the Turkish occupation”.Far-right Elam also presented its candidates Marios Vassiliou, Panagiotis Tofinis, Giorgos Nikolaou, Georgios Solomonidis, Maria Ierodiokonou and Geadis Geadis.Elam leader Christos Christou said: “On May 26 Cypriot Hellenism will decide who its representatives will be in the European Parliament. Our candidacy is different as they are the people who undertake to represent the nationalist movement in Europe which will form a major political group of which Elam will be a member.”According to the latest poll, main opposition Akel appears to be closing the gap on ruling Disy, while nationalists Elam could overtake socialists Edek to become the fourth largest party in Cyprus.Conducted around the time of the release of the report documenting the demise of the co-op bank – which pundits say reflects badly on the Disy-led administration – the poll discerned a higher interest among the public to vote compared to the 2014 European Parliament elections.The survey, disseminated to political parties and to the media, found that public engagement was comparable to the 2018 presidential elections in Cyprus.The findings indicate that Disy is haemorrhaging supporters to Elam; as many as 5 per cent of Disy fans could end up turning to the nationalist party.Unlike Disy, Akel does not appear to be experiencing leakage. Of those respondents who identified as traditional Akel supporters, 70 per cent said they were sure to vote for the party.Akel came in second place with 21 per cent, trailing Disy at 24 per cent.Meanwhile Diko was clinging to third spot, at about 8 per cent. At the same time, the newly formed party known as the Democratic Front – comprising Diko dissidents who broke away – should garner around 2 per cent, though nowhere enough to elect a MEP this time.As for Edek, its slide continues, with the poll finding only 3.1 per cent will vote for it. At the same time, Elam is projected to garner 4.5 per cent, supplanting Edek as the fourth largest party.Should Edek lose its one seat in the European Parliament, this could pose a leadership problem for Marinos Sizopoulos.Elsewhere the Greens and the Citizens Coalition, running on a common ticket, are expected to gain about 2 per cent.Assuming this coalition does relatively well in the upcoming ballot, commentators say these two parties could formally merge in the aftermath.Cyprus elects six people to the European Parliament.In the 2014 elections, Disy and Akel elected two MEPs each, Diko one MEP, and a coalition of Edek and the Greens one MEP.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoIcePopMan Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets A Drone, Flies It Inside And Captures ThisIcePopUndoHonest To Paws31 Tourist Attractions That Most People Wouldn’t VisitHonest To PawsUndo Authorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoNicosia will use ‘all diplomatic means at its disposal’ to counter Turkish actionsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more