Saskatchewan finance minister says budget update will come Friday

REGINA — Saskatchewan Finance Minister Kevin Doherty says he will present a first-quarter budget update on Friday.Doherty says it’s too soon to know what impact a drought in southwestern Saskatchewan might have on budget numbers.He says there’s no question the area is in distress, but producers in other regions are reporting better-than-expected yields given the conditions.Agriculture has been helping the Saskatchewan government’s bottom line in the last couple of years — bumper crops have boosted the books while oil and gas prices fell.The budget delivered in March was — by Premier Brad Wall’s own description — unpopular with voters because of cuts that were made to help tackle a $1.3-billion deficit.The government ended up reversing cuts to libraries, community-based organizations and to poor people for funeral services. read more

Palace fears for Duke and Duchess of Sussexs safety after BBC publicises

The image, a poster in stark red and black, shows the Duke of Sussex with a gun pointed to his head, a swastika, and the words:… Prince Harry and Prince William, who has recently campaigned for online safety, are both aware of the picture and understood to be very concerned about its content, with aides deeply worried about the security implications. The BBC has been accused of compromising the safety of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after it shared neo-Nazi propaganda calling for the death of “race traitors” on its website. An image, featuring the Duke and published uncensored in an online news story, has now been taken down from the BBC website after a direct complaint from the Royal Household.