Suspect arrested over Kotahena shooting incident

A second person who was injured in the shooting incident later succumbed to his injuries in hospital. The shooting incident claimed the first victims of the 2015 Parliamentary election. The UNP supporters were engaged in campaigning activities in support of former UNP MP and Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake when gunmen travelling in 2 vehicles had opened fire. A suspect has been arrested over the Kotahena shooting incident in which two people were killed, the police media unit said.A group of United National Party (UNP) supporters were shot at in the Kotahena area on July 31, killing one woman and injuring several others.

Harassment funding shortfall hamper return of displaced in Kosovo – UN envoy

“Particularly deplorable is the fact that considerable numbers of IDPs are forced to continue their dismal lives in camps and elsewhere because there is no donor money available to implement their return,” said Dr. Walter Kalin, the Representative on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons said.He also expressed his concern that there is no clear responsibility for IDPs assigned to the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) or the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government there, saying that the focus of attention has been on the return of refugees who had crossed borders.He said the lack of attention was particularly applicable for the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian IDPs who, together with the other non-Serb minorities, feel caught between the two main ethnic communities in Kosovo.Dr. Kalin also appealed to the international community to provide resources to immediately evacuate the Roma population affected by lead poisoning in camps in Northern Mitrovica. “A failure to act now would amount to a violation of the right of the affected children to have their health and physical integrity protected,” he said. read more