Indonesia claims wide support for virus-sharing stance

first_imgMay 27, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – Indonesia’s health minister asserted yesterday that 112 other nations at a meeting in Geneva last week expressed support for her country’s position on avian influenza virus sharing, according to an Indonesian newspaper.At a press conference in Jakarta yesterday, Siti Fadilah Supari said support for Indonesia’s sample-sharing proposals came on May 21 at a Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) health ministers meeting, which was held alongside the World Health Organization’s (WHO) annual meeting in Geneva, the Jakarta Post reported today. The NAM, founded in 1955, is an organization of countries that consider themselves not aligned with or against any superpower. Supari said representatives of 112 countries at the NAM health ministers meeting supported Indonesia’s demands.”We received moral and political support from health ministers from England, Russia, Iran, and Australia,” Supari said, according to the Post report. The NAM Web site does not list England or Australia among its 118 member countries.In early 2007, Indonesia announced it had stopped sharing H5N1 influenza virus samples with the WHO out of concern that developing countries that share such samples will not have access to vaccines that drug companies in rich countries may produce from the samples. The country has shared only a few samples since then. It has pushed for new virus-sharing policies that it considers more transparent and fair to it and other developing nations.Supari continues talks with USDuring the WHO’s annual World Health Assembly, Supari urged world health officials to replace the WHO’s virus-sharing system, saying it favors developed nations, the Post reported. Also during the meeting, she met with US Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt to discuss possible solutions to the virus-sharing impasse, in a continuation of talks that had begun in April.Leavitt mentioned the latest talks at a May 19 press conference in Geneva. “Actually, not a great deal changed as a result of our meeting today,” he told reporters, according to a transcript published on the US State Department Web site.He emphasized that the United States wants to help forge needed improvements in the sample-sharing system. “What we aren’t willing, of course, to do is engage in any system that would involve compensation for virus samples,” he said. “This is a 60-year-old tradition. That’s one of the greatest public health successes in history.”A progress report on multilateral efforts to settle the sample-sharing issue, including ideas raised at the World Health Assembly, is expected in July, Leavitt said. A WHO working group dedicated to solving the problem, which has met several times, will meet again in November. “And we’re hopeful that by November of this year we’ll have a protocol under which that [virus sharing] can be done,” Leavitt said.In a recent book, Supari accused the United States of planning to make a biological weapon out of the H5N1 virus and charged that the United States and the WHO have conspired to profit from H5N1 vaccines.Genetic data to be shared Indonesia recently announced it would begin sharing H5N1 viral sequences with a new public database, the Global Initiative on Sharing Avian Influenza Data (GISAID), which was formed by a group of 70 scientists and health officials to promote greater sharing of H5N1 sequences.GISAID has said the public can freely access the database, which includes both human and animal H5N1 sequences, after they register and agree to share and credit the use of others’ data, analyze findings jointly, publish results collaboratively, and refrain from pressing intellectual property rights issues that relate to diagnostic, drug, and vaccine developments.Experts have praised the new development, but some have said that having actual H5N1 isolates is more useful because they are needed to make seed strains for vaccines and are critical for determining antigenicity, transmissibility, and pathogenicity.See also:Apr 17 CIDRAP News story “HHS secretary blogs on impasse with Indonesia”May 19 CIDRAP News story “Experts welcome Indonesia’s vow to share H5N1 data”last_img read more

Barbados: 50 years of cricket excellence

first_imgBRIDGETOWN, Barbados – As Barbados celebrates its 50th Independence anniversary, it is most fitting to highlight the tremendous success, which this 166 square-mile island has had over the period, co-incidentally marking the same number of years for sponsored regional first-class Championships.Barbados proudly boast of the most titles by far (21), along with two in what was referred to as the “international” Championship, contested between 2001 and 2008.Led by the world’s greatest ever all-rounder, The Right Excellent Sir Garfield Sobers, Barbados captured the first two Shell Shield trophies in 1966 and 1967.There was no Tournament in 1968 and after 21 years, the sponsorship was changed from Shell to Red Stripe with Busta and Carib among other sponsors.Following are the champion Barbados first-class teams (with the matches for each player in the respective seasons in brackets), as well as the points earned and matches won between 1966 and 2016.1966 (Shell Shield) – Garfield Sobers (captain), David Allan, Robin Bynoe, Richard Edwards, Charlie Griffith, David Holford, Conrad Hunte, Peter Lashley, Seymour Nurse (four), Rawle Brancker, Tony Howard (three), Arthur Bethell, Tony White (one).Points: Barbados 42 (3 wins), British Guiana 24, Combined Islands 16, Trinidad & Tobago 12, Jamaica 10.1967 (Shell Shield) – Garfield Sobers (captain), Rawle Brancker, Richard Edwards, Geoffrey Greenidge, Tony Howard, Peter Lashley, Seymour Nurse (four), Arthur Bethell, Robin Bynoe, Alfred Taylor (three), Wycliffe Phillips (two), Charlie Griffith, Vanburn Holder, David Holford, Conrad Hunte, Erskine King (one).Points: Barbados 26 (3 wins), Guyana 14, Jamaica 8, Trinidad & Tobago 8, Leeward Islands 0, Windward Islands 0. NB: The Leeward Islands and Windward Islands each played only two matches.1972 (Shell Shield) – David Holford (captain), Keith Boyce, Robin Bynoe, Nolan Clarke, Geoffrey Greenidge, Vanburn Holder, Tony Howard, Peter Lashley, Hallam Moseley, Seymour Nurse (four), Darnley Boxill, David Murray (two).Points: Barbados 38 (3 wins), Guyana 26, Jamaica 18, Trinidad & Tobago 16, Combined Islands 14.1974 (Shell Shield) – David Holford (captain), Gordon Greenidge, Vanburn Holder, Collis King, Peter Lashley, David Murray, Albert Padmore (four), Gregory Armstrong, Nolan Clarke, Geoffrey Greenidge (three) Keith Boyce, Tony Howard, Garfield Sobers (2), Stephen Hinkson (one).Points – Barbados 32 (2 wins), Trinidad & Tobago 26, Jamaica 24, Guyana 20, Combined Islands 14.1976 (Shell Shield) (NB: Shared title with Trinidad & Tobago) – David Holford (captain), Nolan Clarke, Wayne Daniel, Stephen Farmer, Geoffrey Greenidge, Collis King, Ricky Skeete, Emmerson Trotman (three), Teddy Foster, Joel Garner, Lawrence Maxwell (two), Gregory Armstrong, Gordon Greenidge, Albert Padmore (one).Points – Barbados 20 (1 win), Trinidad & Tobago 20, Jamaica 18, Combined Islands 8, Guyana 2.1977 (Shell Shield) – David Holford (captain), Stephen Farmer, Joel Garner, Gordon Greenidge, Vanburn Holder, Collis King, David Murray, Albert Padmore (four), Nolan Clarke, Desmond Haynes, Emmerson Trotman (three), Wayne Daniel, Joseph Newton, Ricky Skeete (one).Points – Barbados 36 (three wins), Combined Islands 24, Trinidad & Tobago 24, Jamaica 6, Guyana 0.1978 (Shell Shield) – Vanburn Holder (captain), Sylvester Clarke, Teddy Foster, Alvin Greenidge, Desmond Haynes, Lawrence Maxwell, David Murray, Ricky Skeete, Richard Straker (four), Gregory Armstrong, Emmerson Trotman (three), Malcolm Marshall, Leslie Reifer (one).Points – Barbados 24 (one win), Combined Schools 18, Jamaica 18, Trinidad & Tobago 16, Guyana 12.1979 (Shell Shield) – David Holford, Lawrence Maxwell (captains) (two matches each), Sylvester Clarke, Alvin Greenidge, Nigel Johnson, Malcolm Marshall, Thelston Payne (four), Clyde Beckles, Richard Straker (three), Teddy Foster, Joel Garner, Desmond Haynes, David Murray (two), Hartley Alleyne, Hubert “Ellis” Brathwaite, Wayne Daniel, Gordon Greenidge, Collis King, Albert Padmore (one).Points – Barbados 30 (two wins), Trinidad & Tobago 24, Combined Islands 20, Jamaica 10, Guyana 0.1980 (Shell Shield) – Albert Padmore (captain), Sylvester Clarke, Desmond Haynes, Collis King, Malcolm Marshall, Thelston Payne (four), Wayne Daniel, Alvin Greenidge, Emmerson Trotman (three), Carlisle Best, Teddy Foster, Joel Garner, David Murray, Ricky Skeete (two), George Reifer (one).Points – Barbados 102 (four wins), Combined Islands 68, Trinidad & Tobago 64, Guyana 41, Jamaica 28.1982 (Shell Shield) – Albert Padmore (captain), Alvin Greenidge, Desmond Haynes, Collis King, Ezra Moseley (five), Sylvester Clarke, Joel Garner, Gordon Greenidge, David Murray, Leslie Reifer, Franklyn Stephenson, Emmerson Trotman (three), Carlisle Best, Wayne Daniel, Ricky Skeete (two), George Linton, Thelston Payne, George Reifer (one).Points – Barbados 57 (three wins), Windward Islands 52, Jamaica 36, Guyana 25, Leeward Islands 24, Trinidad & Tobago 20.1984 (Shell Shield) – Carlisle Best (captain), Hubert “Ellis” Brathwaite, Roderick Estwick, George Linton, Thelston Payne, Neil Phillips (five), Milton Small, Michael Worrell (four), Dave Cumberbatch, Ricardo Ellcock, Arnold Gilkes, Leslie Reifer (three), Terry Hunte, George Reifer (two), Gordon Greenidge (one).Points – Barbados 48 (two wins), Guyana 41, Jamaica 36, Leeward Islands 36, Windward Islands 32, Trinidad & Tobago 17.1986 (Shell Shield) – Joel Garner (captain), Carlisle Best, Desmond Haynes, Thelston Payne (five), Gordon Greenidge, Tyrone Greenidge, Terry Hunte, George Linton, Malcolm Marshall (four), Noel Broomes, Roderick Estwick, Sherlon Greaves, Roland Holder, Winston Reid (two), Victor “Vibert” Greene, Nigel Johnson, Elvis Reifer, Leslie Reifer, Michael Worrell (one).Points – Barbados 64 (three wins), Trinidad & Tobago 48, Jamaica 32, Leeward Islands 32, Windward Islands 25, Guyana 24.1991 (Red Stripe Cup) – Desmond Haynes (captain), Carlisle Best, Courtney Browne, Anderson Cummins, Roland Holder, Samuel Skeete (five), Gordon Greenidge, Malcolm Marshall, Ezra Moseley, Philo Wallace (four), Sherwin Campbell, Henderson Springer (three), Ottis Gibson (two), Ahmed Proverbs (one).Points – Barbados 72 (four wins), Trinidad & Tobago 37, Guyana 36, Leeward Islands 36, Jamaica 20, Windward Islands 12.1995 (Red Stripe Cup) – Courtney Browne (captain), Vasbert Drakes, Ottis Gibson, Livingstone Puckerin, Winston Reid, Floyd Reifer, Philo Wallace (five), Desmond Haynes, Patterson Thompson (four), Henderson Bryan, Ricky Hoyte, Dayne Maynard (three), Stanton Proverbs (two), Adrian Griffith (one).Points – Barbados 56 (three wins), Leeward Islands 52, Trinidad & Tobago 48, Jamaica 29, Guyana 28, Windward Islands 12.1997 (Red Stripe Cup) – Philo Wallace (captain), Henderson Bryan, Ottis Gibson, Winston Reid, Floyd Reifer (ten), Sherwin Campbell, Roland Holder (seven), Pedro Collins, Adrian Griffith, Terry Rollock (six), Courtney Browne, Ricky Hoyte (five), Dave Marshall, Stanton Proverbs, Patterson Thompson (four), Sean Armstrong, Ryan Hurley (three).Points – Barbados 112 (six wins), Jamaica 93, Leeward Islands 80, Trinidad & Tobago 76, Guyana 44, Windward Islands 27.1999 (Busta Cup) – Roland Holder (captain) (NB: Played six matches), Courtney Browne, Sherwin Campbell, Pedro Collins, Adrian Griffith, Ryan Hinds, Winston Reid (seven), Corey Collymore (five), Henderson Bryan, Dave Marshall, Patterson Thompson (four), Floyd Reifer, Philo Wallace, Horace Walrond (three), Ricky Hoyte (two), Hattian Graham (one).Points – Barbados 72 (four wins), Trinidad & Tobago 44, Guyana 37, Jamaica 36, Leeward Islands 20, Windward Islands 202001 (Busta Cup) – Ian Bradshaw (captain, NB: seven matches), Sherwin Campbell (captain: NB: one match), Henderson Bryan, Corey Collymore, Adrian Griffith, Philo Wallace (seven), Sean Armstrong, Courtney Browne, Roland Holder, Dave Marshall (six), Ryan Hinds, Floyd Reifer (five), Ryan Austin (four), Shirley Clarke, Corey Glasgow, Dayne Maynard (one).Points – Barbados 57 (four wins), Guyana 57, England A 54, Jamaica 51, Leeward Islands 48, Trinidad & Tobago 38, West Indies B 20, Windward Islands 0.2003 (Carib Beer Cup) – Courtney Bowne (captain), Tino Best, Sherwin Campbell, Ryan Hurley, Floyd Reifer, Philo Wallace (nine), Dwayne Smith (eight), Sulieman Benn, Ian Bradshaw, Ryan Hinds (seven), Kurt Wilkinson (six), Corey Collymore (three), Pedro Collins, Vasbert Drakes, Antonio Thomas (two), Randy Thomas (one).Points – Barbados 72 (five wins), Guyana 48, Trinidad & Tobago 43, Jamaica 43, India A 36, Leeward Islands 34, Windward Islands 30, West Indies B 12.2004 (Carib Beer Cup) – Courtney Browne (captain), Sherwin Campbell, Pedro Collins, Ryan Hinds, Floyd Reifer (nine), Tino Best, Martin Nurse (seven), Antonio Mayers (six), Sulieman Benn, Ryan Nurse, Kurt Wilkinson (five), Ian Bradshaw, Shawn Graham, Dwayne Smith (four), Corey Collymore (three), Fidel Edwards, Ryan Hurley (two).Points – Barbados 84 (seven wins), Jamaica 52, Windward Islands 48, Guyana 40, Trinidad & Tobago 40, West Indies B 27, Kenya 16, Leeward Islands 16.2007 (Carib Beer Cup) – Ryan Hinds (captain), Tino Best, Wayne Blackman, Pedro Collins, Floyd Reifer, Dale Richards (five), Ryan Austin, Corey Collymore, Kevin Stoute (four), Patrick Browne (three), Kirk Edwards, Alcindo Holder, Carlo Morris, Dwayne Smith (two), Shamarh Brooks, Fidel Edwards (one).Points – Barbados 54 (four wins), Trinidad & Tobago 44, Jamaica 25, Guyana 24, Leeward Islands 15, Windward Islands 10.2014 (WICB Cup) – Kraigg Brathwaite (captain), Sulieman Benn, Carlos Brathwaite, Jonathan Carter, Shane Dowrich, Ashley Nurse (seven), Roston Chase, Miguel Cummins (five), Kirk Edwards, Omar Phillips, Kevin Stoute (four), Tino Best, Rashidi Boucher, Jason Holder (three), Fidel Edwards, Shai Hope (two).Points – Barbados 82 (four wins), Trinidad & Tobago 80, Windward Islands 65, Jamaica 59, Combined Campuses & Colleges 49, Leeward Islands 42, Guyana 29.NB: Courtney Browne was the Barbados captain in 2003 and 2004 when they were the Carib Beer “International” champions.Trust that you have well and truly digested the greatness of Barbados as a cricketing nation. The many outstanding names in the winning teams speak volumes.(NB: First appeared in Barbados Today on November 25 in Keith Holder’s weekly column). (BCA article)last_img read more