Committee to Examine Petroleum Pricing in Truro

first_img A select committee examining petroleum product pricing is holdinga hearing in Truro on Tuesday, July 20. The meeting will be held at the Best Western Glengarry, 150Willow St. at 7 p.m. The all-party committee of the Nova Scotia legislature wasestablished to investigate the supply and pricing of fuels,including gasoline and home heating oil. The committee will seekinput from consumers, producers, suppliers and operators, andwill make recommendations to ensure reasonable product prices. Nova Scotians interested in making a presentation at the meetingshould call toll-free 1-888-388-6489 in advance. Messages can beleft on this line. Written submissions will also be accepted and should be filedwith the committee no later than Friday, July 30. Submissionswill be accepted by: — Fax: 1-902-424-0513– Mail: c/o Legislative Committees Office, 3rd Floor, DennisBuilding, 1740 Granville St., P.O. Box 2630, Station M, Halifax,N.S., B3J 3N5– E-mail: . Additional meetings will be held in Yarmouth, Bridgewater,Halifax and Sydney. The committee is to complete a report on itsfindings by Aug. 31. Background information is available on thegovernment website at . All meeting dates andlocations will be advertised on local radio stations and in areanewspapers. HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY–Committee to Examine Petroleum Pricing inTrurolast_img read more

Legislation Permits Province To Sue Tobacco Companies

first_imgLegislation that would allow Nova Scotia to attempt to recover millions of dollars in health-care costs for tobacco-related illnesses, was introduced today, Oct. 13, by Justice Minister Michael Baker. The Tobacco Damages and Health-care Costs Recovery Act is similar to legislation in British Columbia, which was recently declared constitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada. All nine justices sided with British Columbia against an appeal launched by the tobacco industry. “This legislation is all about holding the industry accountable for the huge sums of taxpayer dollars spent to fight lung cancer and related illnesses,” said Mr. Baker. “More than 1,600 Nova Scotians die each year from smoking-related illnesses, another 200 from second-hand smoke. The tobacco industry must bear financial responsibility for that devastation.” Mr. Baker said it costs $170 million a year in direct medical costs to treat smoking-related illnesses. He added that the proposed legislation supports the province’s strategy to decrease the number of youths and adults who smoke. “Going after big tobacco companies is the logical next step,” said Mr. Baker. “It supports what we’ve done with tobacco taxes, the Smoke-Free Places Act, award-winning advertising and community treatment and cessation programs.” The province will assign a team of lawyers to prepare a case that would form the basis of any future legal action.last_img read more

Premier examen provincial de mathématiques pour les élèves du premier cycle du

first_imgTous les élèves de la 3e année en Nouvelle-Écosse doivent se soumettre à leur premier examen provincial de connaissances en mathématiques cette semaine. Près de 10 000 élèves de la 3e année des écoles publiques devront démontrer leurs connaissances relatives à différents sujets mathématiques, selon le programme d’études de la 3e année, à compter d’aujourd’hui 5 juin. « Nous voulons voir nos élèves réussir en mathématiques, » a dit la ministre de l’Éducation, Karen Casey. « Nous devons connaître le rendement des élèves au cours des premières années du primaire afin de nous assurer de leur offrir les bases solides dont ils ont besoin pour réussir au cours des années subséquentes. » L’examen aura lieu au cours des 90 premières minutes de classe les 5, 6 et 7 juin. L’examen permet d’évaluer le niveau de mathématiques mentales, d’arithmétique et de résolution de problème que les élèves devraient connaître en 3e année. Il permet également d’identifier les élèves individuels qui ont besoin d’un plus grand soutien. Les résultats individuels de chaque élève seront partagés avec les écoles et avec les parents des élèves à l’automne. « De tels examens nous permettent d’obtenir des renseignements importants sur les forces et les besoins de chacun des élèves, » a souligné Mme Casey. « Les leçons tirées de ces examens nous permettent également de déterminer si notre méthode d’enseignement des mathématiques au cours du premier cycle du primaire est efficace. » Les renseignements obtenus aideront les enseignants en ce qui a trait à l’évaluation et à l’enseignement continu de leurs élèves. Les résultats ne seront pas inclus dans les bulletins scolaires des élèves. L’examen fait partie du Programme d’évaluation de l’apprentissage pour la Nouvelle-Écosse. Pour plus d’information, consultez le site .last_img read more

Yarmouth Gets New High School

first_imgMore than 900 Yarmouth students in grades 9 to 12, will soon attend a new high school. The Department of Education will replace Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School with a new $24.9-million facility, which is expected to open in 2011. “Investing in a new high school for Yarmouth will ensure the area’s students are well-prepared for a successful future,” said Education Minister Karen Casey. Ms. Casey made the announcement this morning at an assembly of Yarmouth Consolidated’s students. “Government has made Educating to Compete a priority. One way to do that is to build effective, safe and healthy learning environments.” Yarmouth Consolidated was originally planned to be renovated, but the Tri-County Regional School Board’s priorities for capital projects changed. The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal will begin potential site assessment soon. A landowner has offered to donate land for the new school and it will be considered under the site-assessment process.last_img read more

Province Continues to Invest in Nova Scotias Life Sciences Sector

first_imgThe life sciences sector received another boost today, Oct. 28, when Premier Rodney MacDonald announced a major long-term investment in a new BioScience Enterprise Centre to be located at Dalhousie University. This new infrastructure will enable the sector to continue to thrive. The province of Nova Scotia, through InNOVAcorp, will make a financial commitment of $1.6 million each year for 20 years to fund the initiative. The planned facility will replace the existing centre on Lower Water Street in Halifax, and relocate to Dalhousie University in spring 2011. “Life sciences is one of the fastest-growing sectors in our region’s economy,” said Premier Rodney MacDonald. “It has tremendous potential not only to create employment and attract investment, but also to improve the quality of health care and life for Nova Scotians.” The investment builds on an announcement by the province and the federal government earlier this year to partner in the construction of the Life Sciences Research Institute on Dalhousie University’s campus. It will house key research assets including the Brain Repair Centre, which makes it a logical location to bring the worlds of research and industry closer together. “InNOVAcorp is uniquely positioned to interact and work together with the life sciences industry, entrepreneurs, the academic and healthcare research communities and professional services organizations,” said Dr. Tom Traves, president of Dalhousie University. “This new infrastructure will provide researchers and their students with a compelling environment to pursue their passion and apply their skills and energy to the great companies of tomorrow.” “InNOVAcorp’s BioScience Enterprise Centre has been used by many early-stage life sciences companies in need of specialized lab facilities in a highly supportive business environment,” said Dan MacDonald, InNOVAcorp’s president and CEO. “Without this type of infrastructure these companies would have nowhere to go to access the unique services they need to thrive.” InNOVAcorp continues to recruit companies in the life sciences industry and will work to ensure a seamless, one-move transition to the centre’s new location. “When industry, academia, research and healthcare collaborate to solve both technical and business oriented challenges, the life sciences industry builds momentum to succeed in the global marketplace,” said Brian Lowe, vice-president of InNOVAcorp client ImmunoVaccine Technologies and chair of BioNova, the Nova Scotia Biotechnology and Life Sciences Industry Association. “This collaboration will also help to position Nova Scotia as a leader in research and development, innovation and technology.” Since it began operations in 1999, InNOVAcorp’s BioScience Enterprise Centre has facilitated the commercialization of technology. As of 2007, clients and graduates of the BioScience Enterprise Centre employed 395 people and generated export revenues of $117 million.last_img read more

La créativité et lenthousiasme sont présents à la conférence et remise des

first_imgLa conférence Célébrons les collectivités a beaucoup de choses à célébrer cette année dans le cadre du 10e anniversaire des prix. Depuis une décennie, les prix célèbrent les initiatives qui font de la province un meilleur endroit où vivre. Les 18 finalistes cette année en sont des exemples parfaits. Choisis parmi 37 entrées, les finalistes aux prix qui seront décernés dans le cadre de la conférence Célébrons les collectivités à Truro, du 23 au 25 septembre, font tous preuve de créativité, d’innovation et d’enthousiasme. Malgré le fait qu’ils sont tous de différentes régions et de différentes communautés de la province, les finalistes ont des histoires qui se ressemblent au sujet du travail d’équipe qui a permis à leurs communautés de connaître du succès. « Je suis encore plus fier d’être un Néo-Écossais lorsque je constate tout ce que les communautés de la province ont accompli, a dit Percy Paris, ministre du Développement économique et rural. Il est difficile de ne pas se sentir inspiré. Chacune de ces communautés a une histoire stimulante de croissance collective à raconter. » Cet engagement à travailler ensemble pour le bien de toute la communauté a été reconnu par le gouvernement du Canada. « Nous sommes très heureux que l’Agence de promotion économique du Canada atlantique ait contribué un montant équivalent au financement offert par le ministère du Développement économique et rural, » a dit M. Paris au sujet de la contribution fédérale. « Le gouvernement du Canada continue d’investir dans les communautés et de travailler étroitement avec elles pour identifier les possibilités de développement économique, a dit Peter MacKay, ministre de la Défense. La conférence Célébrons les collectivités de 2009 mettra en vedette les plus grandes réussites en matière de développement économique dans les régions rurales à l’échelle de la Nouvelle-Écosse. » De nombreux finalistes, qui se sont déjà inscrits à la conférence, se sont engagés envers un succès futur, et ce genre d’effort ne passe pas inaperçu. Les finalistes ont mentionné avoir remarqué que des organismes d’autres provinces suivent de près les meilleures pratiques adoptées par la Nouvelle-Écosse. David Harris de Yarmouth affirme que sa participation à un conseil national lui a fait prendre conscience de la force réelle de la Nouvelle-Écosse. « Lorsque je me suis joint à ce groupe, j’ai d’abord pensé que puisque nous sommes une petite province, nous devions être bien en retard sur les autres, a avoué M. Harris. À ma grande surprise, je me suis rendu compte que nous étions bien en avance. » Cet événement de trois jours inclut des séances qui permettront aux participants d’apprendre et de partager des idées sur le développement communautaire. Les conférenciers tels que le présentateur vedette du réseau CBC Ian Hanomansing, journaliste et entrepreneur ayant déjà habité dans les Maritimes, stimuleront les Néo-Écossais. M. Hanomansing parlera du rôle des petites communautés dans la création d’un environnement favorisant l’excellence. Vous pouvez écouter son invitation personnelle enregistrée au . Paul Shakotko de Centraide, région d’Halifax, présentera un film communautaire au sujet de la région de Dartmouth North et parlera de l’initiative « Quartiers en essor ». Lorraine Glendenning du ministère du Développement économique et rural parlera de la connexion des communautés rurales grâce au projet de service à large bande pour les régions rurales de la Nouvelle-Écosse. M. Paris discutera de l’établissement de communautés durables. Les autres conférenciers incluent notamment Michael Jones, un motivateur et pianiste talentueux; Barb Stegemann, une auteure passionnée; Jon Steinman, présentateur de l’émission Nelson Before Nine à la radio; et Michael Howell, entrepreneur et chef de la région. La conférence inclura également un marché communautaire mettant en vedette de la nourriture et des artisans de la région, une célébration culturelle dynamique et un banquet de remise de prix en l’honneur de tous les candidats et des lauréats. Pour consulter l’horaire de la conférence et pour vous inscrire, consultez le site .last_img read more

Premier Dexter Reveals Fouryear Plan Priorities in Throne Speech

first_imgGovernment today, March 25, unveiled its four-year vision to make life better for Nova Scotia families while providing the strong leadership to improve the province’s finances and ensuring it lives within its means. Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis opened the Second Session of the 61st General Assembly of Nova Scotia with the Speech from the Throne today. In it, Premier Darrell Dexter outlined government’s plan to meet the challenges ahead with the determined, focused effort needed to get the province’s finances back to balance while making life more affordable for Nova Scotians. “Even while facing difficult financial challenges, we are working hard to keep commitments to Nova Scotians and achieve much needed change,” said Premier Dexter. “We are ready to make the right decisions to enable a better life for Nova Scotia families, to take on the difficult challenges the province faces while seizing the opportunities provided by Nova Scotians’ talent, drive, ambition and optimism.” Government’s four priorities presented in the speech are: Better Health Care for You and Your Family, Creating Good Jobs and Growing the Economy, Making Life More Affordable, and Getting Back to Balance and Ensuring Government Lives Within Its Means. To address the financial priority, the upcoming budget will outline a multi-year fiscal strategy to help government manage the province’s finances and get Nova Scotia back to balance. It will take into account the most extensive budget consultation process in the province’s history — 24 meetings with Nova Scotians about how to deal with the serious fiscal challenges the province faces. “The 2010 budget will be fair,” Premier Dexter said. “It will make the right decisions, because government’s job is to find the right balance of priorities, values, programs and services. We are demonstrating genuine leadership and taking on the hard work to get our finances back to balance.” To help ensure government lives within its means, new House of Assembly management legislation will be introduced to establish a new, open, and accountable system, with clear guidelines for appropriate constituency expenses. It will require that expenses be posted online and will eliminate non-receiptable allowances to ensure taxpayers’ money is not wasted. To improve health care, a Quality Initiative will make health services across the province better. A number of programs will help ensure families have access to the emergency care they need, mental health and addiction services will be revamped, more resources will improve care and wait times for cancer patients, and a drug information system will be developed to enhance patient safety and ensure health dollars are being used wisely. Premier Dexter said government will build on progress made to create good jobs and grow the economy. The new Manufacturing and Processing Investment Credit will continue to boost innovation and productivity, particularly in rural Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia, together with the federal and municipal governments, have created thousands of jobs by committing almost $230 million to more than 100 road, water, and other infrastructure projects and will release a five-year plan to pave provincial roads. Students are a cornerstone of the strategy to grow the economy. The province will invest another $2 million in the Nova Scotia Community College to make room for 250 more students, contribute $31.5 million over the next two fiscal years to support post-secondary infrastructure projects and provide a tax rebate of up to $15,000 over six years to university graduates and up to $7,500 to college graduates who stay and work in Nova Scotia. To help make life more affordable, the Employment Support Income Assistance program will increase economic independence and enhance social inclusion, making the program client-focussed, and providing lasting support. Year two of the housing stimulus plan will spend $128 million to build and upgrade affordable housing. Government will introduce legislation for fairer treatment of people injured in an auto accident, while keeping insurance premiums affordable.last_img read more

Province Takes Step to Get Fair Drug Prices for Nova Scotians

first_imgThe province will gather input on a plan to get fair prescription drug prices for seniors and others who get help with drug costs through Pharmacare programs. Seniors and families enrolled in Pharmacare programs would pay less for prescriptions at the counter. Fair drug prices are also expected to lower the cost of the Pharmacare programs for taxpayers. “As part of our commitment to make health care better and life more affordable, we want to ensure Nova Scotians are able to afford the prescription drugs they need,” Health Minister Maureen MacDonald, said today, Sept. 20. The province will meet with groups, including community pharmacies, doctors, medical staff at district health authorities and seniors groups, as well as drug manufacturers, to get their input. “It is not fair that Nova Scotians pay more for prescription drugs than people in other developed countries and some provinces,” said Ms. MacDonald. “Our Pharmacare costs have almost doubled over the past eight years and, as a province, we simply cannot afford to continue on this path. This plan is aimed at getting better prices and containing the growth of drug costs so we can continue to afford Pharmacare into the future.” Without measures to contain drug costs, they are expected to grow by seven per cent in 2010-11, to more than $300 million. “We look forward to the opportunity to provide input on a plan to get better prices on prescription drugs for Nova Scotia seniors,” said Bill VanGorder, president, CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons) Nova Scotia chapter. “CARP is in full support for government initiatives to reduce generic drug prices for the almost 10,000 Nova Scotian seniors that we represent.” As an interim measure, the province announced it will issue a request for proposal for atorvastatin, the generic form of Lipitor, to be supplied by manufacturers at a price requested by the province. The drug, commonly prescribed to treat high cholesterol, is the most costly for the Pharmacare programs. The goal is to get a better price on this one drug for Nova Scotians eligible for coverage through Pharmacare and better value for taxpayers while taking time to get input on the province’s plan. Nova Scotia’s Pharmacare programs include: Seniors’ Pharmacare, Family Pharmacare and Department of Community Services Pharmacare. “The impact of increased costs to the Pharmacare programs must be continually monitored to ensure it remains affordable and in place,” said Bernie LaRusic, chair of the Group of IX Nova Scotia Seniors Organizations. “This is an area the Group of IX has been advocating for some time.” Last year, Pharmacare helped more than 200,000 Nova Scotians with prescription drug costs, funded more than 6,000 drugs, helped pay for five million prescriptions at a cost of more than $285 million. For more information, visit Nova Scotians can provide input by e-mail to, or by mail to Fair Drug Prices, c/o Pharmaceutical Services, Department of Health, P.O. Box 488, Halifax, N.S., B3J 2R8.last_img read more

Museum of Natural History Access Through Side Entrance

first_imgAs part of exterior repairs to the Museum of Natural History in Halifax, the main entrance on Summer Street will close to replace the ramp and steps. Visitor access will be through the side entrance, off the visitor parking lot, beginning Monday, Sept. 27. The side entrance is wheelchair accessible. Garden areas, lighting and other amenities will also be installed. Members of the public can contact the museum information line at 902-424-7353 or visit for more information about exhibits. -30-last_img

Le hockey masculin bat un nouveau record de participation

first_imgLes Jeux du Canada de 2011 battent déjà des records de participation et ce, même s’il reste encore une semaine à l’événement de 17 jours. Le match pour la médaille d’or entre le Québec et la Colombie-Britannique est à guichet fermé depuis le 13 février. La rondelle sera mise en jeu ce soir, le 18 février, à 19 h 30 (HNA,) au Centre Métro d’Halifax. Ce match sera télévisé au niveau national en direct sur TSN2 et RDS et diffusé en direct sur Une foule de plus de 8 500 personnes permet aux Jeux du Canada de battre un nouveau record pour avoir atteint le nombre le plus élevé de billets vendus au hockey masculin. De plus, ce match à guichets fermés bat le record pour l’événement individuel ayant le plus haut taux de participation pour n’importe quel sport aux Jeux du Canada. « Nous sommes ravis de la participation du public à tous les sports et sur tous les sites durant cette première semaine des Jeux », a dit Chris Morrissey, directeur général des Jeux du Canada de 2011. « Nous savions que le hockey serait un sport populaire. Le fait d’avoir battu un record de participation est absolument fantastique. Cela démontre vraiment à quel point les Néo-Écossais appuient les Jeux. » Le match pour la médaille d’or au hockey féminin qui aura lieu samedi prochain au Sportsplex de Dartmouth est déjà à guichet fermé. « Ceci démontre vraiment la passion des Néo-Écossais pour ce sport », a dit Don Matheson, président de Hockey Nouvelle-Écosse. « C’est vraiment de bon augure pour la croissance future de ce sport dans notre province quand vous voyez l’incroyable appui de la population pour les événements majeurs tels que celui-ci. » « Encore une fois, c’est la raison pour laquelle la Nouvelle-Écosse est une province hôtesse fantastique et continue de placer la barre haute en ce qui a trait aux standards pour les événements majeurs », a dit Grand MacDonald, directeur de Major Events and Community Partnerships, Events Nova Scotia. « Non seulement ces événements auront un impact positif sur le sport, mais ils laisseront un legs à la province et auront un impact économique au cours des années à venir. » La Nouvelle-Écosse a placé la barre haute en matière de standards pour plusieurs événements majeurs de hockey. Elle détient, entre autres, le record de participation aux Championnats IIHF de hockey junior en 2003, ainsi qu’aux Championnats du monde IIHF de hockey féminin en 2004. Des renseignements sur les billets sont disponibles au, par le biais de et par téléphone au 902-451-1221 ou sans frais au 1-877-451-1221. -30-last_img read more

Con Artists Profit from Getrich Quick Schemes

first_imgThe Nova Scotia Securities Commission today, Aug. 23, released its annual list of financial products and practices that can trap unwary investors, many by taking advantage of investors troubled by economic uncertainty and volatile markets. “Con artists follow the news and seek ways to exploit the headlines to their advantage while leaving investors holding an empty bag,” said Scott Peacock, director of enforcement at Nova Scotia Securities Commission. “Promoters often offer investors an opportunity to get in on the ‘ground floor’ of new technology or ideas to help others and make a great economic return. “Unsuspecting investors can be lured into these schemes, especially if they sound familiar or mirror what is being reported in the news. These offerings require careful research and a strong reminder that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true, nor will it be profitable to anyone but the promoter.” The North American Securities Administrators Association, of which the Nova Scotia Securities Commission is a member, compiled a list of the top threats to investors. In products, people should be wary of energy investments, gold and precious metal investments, and promissory notes. In practices, the most popular traps are in affinity fraud, bogus or exaggerated credentials, mirror trading, private placements and securities and investment advice offered by unregistered agents. Mr. Peacock urged investors to learn the warning signs of investment fraud and independently verify any investment opportunity and the background of the person and company offering the investment. He reminded investors that while the securities commission cannot provide advice, it can provide background information about those who sell securities or give investment advice, as well as about the products being offered. “Investors should do business only with registered investment advisers and should report any suspicion of investment fraud to us,” Mr. Peacock said. For more information on how to protect yourself from investment fraud, visit or call 1-855-424-2499.last_img read more

Funds To Help Western Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners

first_imgMore woodlot owners in western Nova Scotia can build and upgrade access roads to move products, make silviculture work easier and increase forest fire protection with a $500,000 investment by the province. “People in western Nova Scotia, where the Bowater mill’s closure has the greatest effect, deserve this kind of support for their local economy,” said Queens MLA Vicki Conrad, on behalf of Charlie Parker, Minister of Natural Resources. “We are advancing the provincial natural resources strategy by engaging and helping small, private land owners to improve the management of their forested lands.” Improved woodlot access will help landowners meet provincial ecosystem management goals and improve things woodlots provide to the environment. “Woodlot owners, especially in this region, need this kind of support from the province so we can improve access to our woodland to perform silvicultural treatments, and more efficiently move forest products to market,” said Jim Crooker, 2012 Western Region Woodlot owner of the Year Award winner. “It’s good for woodlot owners, and the local economy as well.” Applications remaining from $1 million in provincewide funding for access roads announced this summer will be used, on a first-come, first-serve basis, for this round for Queens County and western Nova Scotia. New applications are not being accepted. Applicants needed to own, occupy, or have lease control of the 20 to 20,000 hectares of woodlot land and plan to use forest management over the next five years. They could not be a producer of softwood lumber or other wood products covered under the Canada United States Softwood Lumber Agreement of 2006. Forest management includes producing wood, sustainably managing wood fibre with silviculture, or developing the woodlot to produce maple products or Christmas trees. The Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia is managing and distributing the funding.last_img read more

Making Big Strides with Small Businesses

first_imgSmall businesses are a big part of Nova Scotia. We see these businesses every day: the corner stores, the local shops, the startups. We get to know the entrepreneurs and shop owners personally. They are our neighbours and friends, part of the fabric of our communities. Most businesses in Nova Scotia are small businesses but together they employ almost half of the province’s workers. They are found across the province, from our smallest rural corners to the hearts of our urban centres. Businesses of all sizes contribute to the success of our province’s economy, though it is often the bigger companies that are more visible and get the attention. But a large business was once a small business. Multi-million dollar corporations often start as a mom and pop shop and the next big innovation may begin as an idea on a startup’s napkin. That’s why we celebrate Small Business Week, which runs from October 16 to 22 this year. Government believes in making investments that benefit Nova Scotians and in creating a climate in which businesses can thrive. We are working to cut red tape and move more services online, thereby reducing the amount of time and resources companies have to spend on paperwork. Through Nova Scotia Business Inc. we are supporting companies looking to export their goods and services to markets around the world and underscore Nova Scotia’s reputation for quality wherever we go. NSBI also oversees the Credit Union Small Business Loan Guarantee Program which has provided loans to almost 2,000 small businesses across Nova Scotia. The Department of Business, is working with municipalities and the private sector to bring better Internet services to rural homes and small businesses who depend on swift and reliable connections for their day-to-day activities. Through Innovacorp we are working to ensure small companies have access to the funds they need at those crucial early stages as they turn their ideas into innovations with significant commercial potential. The ocean is part of our competitive advantage here in Nova Scotia. Government has made investments in the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship to help smaller players learn from the best and collaborate on new and innovative technology. Our Invest Nova Scotia fund works with private and social enterprises to improve the competitiveness of Nova Scotia’s businesses. Government cannot create jobs or run local services but we can support the people doing just that in the small businesses serving communities across our province. I hope you will join me in supporting local businesses on Small Business Saturday, and throughout the year. Let us celebrate our small businesses- the longstanding members of our communities and the brand new companies just starting out. -30-last_img read more

Province Celebrates Volunteers

first_imgVolunteers from across Nova Scotia, including representatives from Mi’kmaw communities, were honoured at the province’s 44th annual Provincial Volunteer Award Ceremony today, April 9, at the Westin Nova Scotian in Halifax. This is the first time the award program includes volunteers from First Nations. Lt.-Gov. Arthur J. LeBlanc, Premier Stephen McNeil and Communities, Culture and Heritage Minister Leo Glavine attended the ceremony to celebrate the selfless contributions made by nominated volunteers. “On behalf of Her Majesty the Queen and all Nova Scotians, I offer my sincere congratulations and gratitude to today’s award recipients” said Lt.-Gov. LeBlanc. “Please continue to give, the work by all volunteers makes our province a richer and caring place in which to live.” The ceremony, which is part of National Volunteer Week, celebrated more than 75 volunteers nominated by municipalities and First Nations Bands. Fifteen-year old Nina Davey of Pictou, was the recipient of the 2018 Youth Volunteer award. She formed Jeana’s Girls, a group of young women from Pictou County who have come together to support and fundraise for the Pictou County Chapter of the Children’s Wish Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society in honour and in memory of her friend. “Volunteering for my community means so much to me since I know that I am changing lives of people around me by just helping out in some way,” said Ms. Davey. “Volunteering is also changing my life for the better. I’ve learned that we all value the same thing and that having and making time to help each other is appreciated no matter what the job is.” “We are fortunate to live in a province where so many people are willing to give their time to benefit their fellow citizens,” said Premier McNeil. “Today’s recipients are shining examples of that spirit, helping strengthen our communities and enriching the lives of so many.” The 2018 family volunteer award recipients, the seven-member Johnson family of Eskasoni, have contributed to the culture and well-being of their community for many years. Their contributions include the interact school program, the Mi’kmaq Legal Support Network talking circles, Meals on Wheels community program for elders, as well as being key fundraisers for many causes. “The value of volunteering in our community is priceless as it is a means of paying it forward,’ said Carole Anne Johnson.“We were shown the same example of decency and humanity from our community members when we lost our daughter twenty-four years ago which has always been our family’s motivation since.” The Johnson family also believe in the importance of preserving the Mi’kmaw language. “We appreciate the support of the chiefs and the Mi’kmaq Physical Activity Leaders, who worked hard to bring forward nominations of volunteers from their community,” said Mr. Glavine. “Nova Scotia’s Culture Action Plan is helping to shape and design the way government recognizes and appreciates the contributions of communities and people from across the province.” For details about award winners around the province, visit: .last_img read more

Aqua Line trains every 730 min during rush hours from Monday

first_imgNoida (UP): Aqua Line metro trains will be available every 7.30 minutes during rush hour and every 10th minute during non-rush hours on weekdays from June 3, its operator Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) announced Saturday.At present the trains ply at an interval of 10 minutes during peak hours (8 am-11 pm and 5 pm 8 pm) and 15 minutes during non-peak hours Monday to Friday, the NMRC said. “NMRC will be increasing the frequency of the metro trains on the Aqua Line on weekdays with effect from June 3 (Monday). Trains on the Aqua Line will now ply at a frequency of 7 minutes 30 seconds during peak hours and 10 minutes during non-peak hours on weekdays i.e. Monday to Friday,” NMRC Executive Director P D Upadhyay said. Also Read – Cylinder blast kills mother and daughter in Karawal Nagar”On Saturdays and Sundays, the frequency is currently 15 minutes and will continue to remain the same,” he added. The Aqua Line, which connects Noida and Greater Noida, is currently running 163 trips a day with a fleet of 10 trains. With the increase in frequency, the number of trains will increase to 13 and the number of trips per day will increase to 221, Upadhyay said. “There will be a total increase of 58 train trips per day during weekdays,” Upadhyay said, adding the NMRC has maintained a punctuality of 99.99 per cent since the first day of operations on January 26 this year. Also Read – Two persons arrested for killing manager of Muthoot FinanceThe Aqua Line operates from 6 am to 10 PM from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays revenue hours begin from 8 am and services are available till 10 pm, the NMRC said. Built for Rs 5,503 crore, the Aqua Line was launched on January 25 this year and connects the twin-cities in western Uttar Pradesh’s Gautam Buddh Nagar district, running over 29.7 km via 21 metro stations. The average daily ridership of the Aqua Line at the end of May stood at 13,317, according to the NMRC.last_img read more

Sports fraternity supports Dhoni in glove controversy

first_imgNew Delhi: The sports fraternity on Friday came out in support of Mahendra Singh Dhoni for wearing the dagger insignia on his wicket-keeping gloves during India’s World Cup game against South Africa, with Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju urging the BCCI to resolve the issue. During the match in Southampton on Wednesday, Dhoni’s green keeping gloves had a dagger logo embossed, which looked more like an Army insignia. While his gesture was appreciated by fans, the ICC requested the BCCI to ask Dhoni to remove the sign from the gloves, citing rules that forbid display of messages “which relate to political, religious or racial activities or causes”. Also Read – We don’t ask for kind of tracks we get: Bowling coach ArunHowever, the BCCI sent a formal request to the ICC for clearance with Committee of Administrators (CoA) chief Vinod Rai insisting that there was nothing commercial or religious about the logo. “…the issue is connected with the sentiments of the country, the interest of the nation has to be kept in mind. I urge the BCCI to take a fair step in the Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s case,” Rijiju wrote on his Twitter handle. Dhoni also received support from Chennai Super Kings teammate and India batsman Suresh Raina, former pacer R P Singh, London Olympics bronze medallist wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt and India sprinter Hima Das. Also Read – Bastian Schweinsteiger announces retirement, could join Germany set-up”We all love our country & that’s exactly @msdhoni has done, saluting the sacrifices of our heroes & honouring them. It should be taken as an act of patriotism & not nationalism,” Raina tweeted. Yogeshwar, who won two gold medals at the 2010 and 2014 Commonwealth Games, said removing the logo will be an insult to the Indian Army. “The demand for the removal of this badge #ICC is not only an insult to the sacrifices of the Indian Army but the Indian Army. We all have fellow countrymen with Dhoni. #DhoniKeepTheGlove @msdhoni @ICC @BCCI,” he wrote. Hima, who is the first Indian to win a gold in a track event at the IAAF World U20 Championships, also threw her weight behind Dhoni. “INDIA with Dhoni brother. I support Mahi brother. Jai hind Jai Bharat…,” she wrote on her Twitter handle. R P Singh, too, was left bemused by the ICC’s stance on the issue. “Tough for me to understand how @msdhoni’s on field gesture on his glove is a problem to @ICC. His fans have taken inspiration out of it and he himself is a respected Lt.Col, really strange.#MSDhoni.”last_img read more

Man held for duping over 1000 people on pretext of lucky draws

first_imgNEW DELHI: Delhi Police arrested a 27-year-old man from Kalkaji for allegedly duping over 1,000 people across the country on the pretext of giving them lucky draw prizes.The accused was identified as Deepak Negi, a resident of Sangam Vihar. He was arrested from Kalkaji on Monday. Negi duped over 1,000 people from across India and received more than Rs 1.5 crore in the last one year. According to police, one woman teacher from Odisha filed a complaint in May against an e-commerce company “”. Also Read – Bangla Sahib Gurudwara bans use of all types of plastic itemsThe complainant stated that in April 2018, she received a call from the company which lured her to shop on the website to win a bike in lucky draw, they said. She was asked to submit some part of the prize value along with her photo and Aadhaar ID. She transferred Rs 62,649 on four occasions but did not get any prize. In another incident, a person from Gujarat was duped of Rs 5.84 lakh using same modus operandi. “During investigation, police got the details of the organisation through bank statement and identified Negi as the owner of the company. He was arrested on Monday from Kalkaji where he was running his office in the name of another company,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast) Chinmoy Biswal. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderDuring interrogation, Negi disclosed that he, along with his associates Parmeshwar, Manmohan, Bharat Lalwani and Ansh Lalwani, started the company and used to dupe people on the pretext of contest and lucky draws, the DCP said. They kept on changing the locations and registering new companies at various addresses by taking properties on rent. They used to hire and train undergraduate men and women for making calls to lure the targets for shopping on their website.last_img read more

When a mother kisses son is it sex Former Bihar CM defends

first_imgNew Delhi: Three days after Azam Khan landed himself in a controversy for making objectionable remarks against BJP leader Rama Devi in Lok Sabha, Hindustani Awam Morcha leader Jitan Ram Manjhi defended the Samajwadi Party MP, ANI reported.”When a brother and sister meet, they kiss. Does it equal sex? A mother kisses her son and the son kisses his mother. Is that sex? Azam Khan’s statement is misinterpreted. So, he should apologise but not resign,” Manjhi told ANI. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details The former Bihar chief minister’s remarks come a day after Devi, who was officiating the Lok Sabha on Thursday when Khan made the objectionable comments, stated that the Samajwadi Party leader must be suspended from the House for five years as a mere apology would not be enough. “He should be given a serious punishment and suspended for five years,” said Devi. The BJP leader also stated that she would have forgiven him had Khan tendered an immediate apology, but he walked out of the Parliament. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday On Friday, after a meeting with representatives from various parties, Speaker Om Birla had asked the SP leader to tender an apology or he will face stringent action. Khan’s remarks were expunged from the records following an immediate uproar in the House on Thursday. Cutting across party lines, several MPs condemned Azam Khan’s remarks and demanded strict action against him. Among women legislators who spoke out against the Rampur MP’s remarks were Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, BJP MPs Anupriya Patel and Meenakshi Lekhi, TMC’s Mimi Chakraborty, Independent MP from Amravati Navaneet Kaur Rana, and NCP’s Supriya Sule. (With inputs from Indian Express)last_img read more