Cadets walking Winnipeg cop beat

first_imgAPTN National NewsWinnipeg police are trying a new technique to get policing closer to the community.Cadets are now walking the beat in downtown Winnipeg.APTN National News reporter Meagan Fiddler finds out what kind of impact they are making on the streets.last_img

Manitoba chiefs organization says Indigenous women face discrimination from cabbies

first_imgAPTN National NewsStories of discrimination and sexual harassment experienced by Indigenous women in taxicabs have circulated for years in Manitoba.Now a chiefs’ organization is calling for changes.APTN’s Dennis Ward has the story.last_img

Ban pledges UN support to implement Governmentrebel accord in Philippines

“The Secretary-General expresses his heartfelt wishes for peace and prosperity to the Government and the people of the Philippines, in particular the people of Bangsamoro, to be created in Mindanao as a new autonomous political entity in the country,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson added in a statement. President Benigno Aquino announced yesterday in Manila, the Philippines’ capital, that his Government has reached a preliminary agreement of autonomy with the MILF, which has been fighting for decades for an independent Islamic state in the southern Philippines. The new autonomous region will be named Bangsamoro. The accord reportedly comes after 15 years of negotiations, with the latest round taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Describing the accord as a “landmark achievement,” the spokesperson said the UN chief commends President Aquino for his vision and courage, as well as the commitment of the MILF leadership, in reaching the agreement. “The Secretary-General is grateful to all national and international actors, in particular the Government of Malaysia, for their contributions to the success of the peace negotiations,” he noted, adding that the United Nations “stands ready to provide assistance to the parties, as needed, in implementing the Framework Peace Agreement.” read more

Central African Republics message to UN The only thing we want is

Monitoring and surveillance technology using balloons fitted with a camera. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe PreviousNextDespite noteworthy progress and successful elections, and a UN presence to shore up stability, support governance and provide humanitarian assistance, CAR has remained in the grip of instability and sporadic unrest.The deteriorating situation has driven about a quarter of the people in the country from their homes and since the start of 2017, the number of IDPs has reached 600,000 and refugees in neighbouring countries number over 500,000.More than 1 million Central Africans are displaced – inside the country or abroad – and in Bangassou, the camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) has reached 1,800 people and is still growing. UN military and police personnel conduct a joint patrol in the PK5 neighbourhood of the capital, Bangui. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe UN military and police personnel conduct a joint patrol in the PK5 neighbourhood of the capital, Bangui. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Scene from a camp for internally displaced persons known as ‘Site du Petit Seminaire St.Pierre Claver’ in the town of Bangassou. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Scene from a camp for internally displaced persons known as ‘Site du Petit Seminaire St.Pierre Claver’ in the town of Bangassou. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe UN military and police personnel conduct a joint patrol in the PK5 neighbourhood of the capital, Bangui. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe VIDEO: Keeping the Peace in the Central African Republic.We followed a joint patrol of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the CAR (MINUSCA) to the PK5 neighbourhood, the site of numerous clashes between the mainly Muslim Séléka rebels and the anti-Balaka militia, which are mostly Christian, during the civil conflict that erupted in 2013. A unique aeronautics surveillance unit supports the patrol with live information gathering capacity: a camera equipped aerostat balloon, and three hover masts mounted on vehicles, send videos in real time to the joint operation centre, indicating any crowd movement or potential threats. This is used to guide the patrol to areas which need security, while protecting their members.Even as technology helps the peacekeepers, reconciliation is still fragile, especially after recent attacks in the south-east and the centre of the country, often targeting minority communities.“The police assist mostly when we apprehend a suspect; the military takes the lead when the use of force is required,” explains Jean-Marie Vianney, commander of the 36-strong Rwandan military platoon, as they head together with the 12-member Cameroonian Formed Police Unit (FPU) towards PK5. “We need to reassure the population and discourage bandits,” says Sergeant Epouba Martine Martial, a Cameroonian police officer with MINUSCA. Scene from a camp for internally displaced persons known as ‘Site du Petit Seminaire St.Pierre Claver’ in the town of Bangassou. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe PreviousNextWhen he arrives in the area on 24 October, which is also United Nations Day, Secretary-General António Guterres is expected to pay tribute to the 12 peacekeepers who have died since January 2017 due to hostile acts. “Across the country, communal tensions are growing. Violence is spreading. And the humanitarian situation is deteriorating,” said Mr. Guterres, who made it a point to mark UN Day with peacekeepers who put themselves on the frontlines in some of the most dangerous areas of the world. In his latest report to the Security Council on CAR, the Secretary-General has requested reinforcements of 900 additional troops for the mission. Lieutenant General Balla Keita, Force Commander of MINUSCA, is quite clear that the effect of this surge in capacity will help the mission stabilize the situation. However, he noted: “There will never be a military solution for a peacekeeping operation. The solution will be a political one – a genuine negotiation with all parties.” UN military and police personnel conduct a joint patrol in the PK5 neighbourhood of the capital, Bangui. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Monitoring and surveillance technology using balloons fitted with a camera. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Fast forward to 2014, when the United Nations peacekeeping mission was deployed to CAR and steps began to be taken to bring together the militias in attempts at community reconciliation. It was not till October 2016, that local leaders joined forces with the UN peacekeepers to convince the militia groups to disarm and re-open the bridge.Today, it is simply known as the Yakite Bridge. Located in the PK5 neighbourhood of Bangui, the strife-torn capital, it is booming with traffic and local merchants from both Christian and Muslim communities, thanks in part to the stabilization efforts of the UN peacekeeping mission. This commercial suburb of Bangui is crowded with small traders trying to get back to normal business. Many traders have returned from neighbouring countries, including Cameroon, Chad and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where they escaped violence.“We are looking for peace. Now we want reconciliation, but they are still killing Muslims,” says Lawadi Ismael, a representative for the neighbourhood, adding: “When the fighting broke out in 2013, I never left. Now, business is slowly resuming, but these attacks against Muslims must stop,” as he blames the Government for its alleged passivity, while asking the UN peacekeeping mission, known as MINUSCA, to do more to protect them. read more

Senate electorate list now available

In accordance with Senate bylaws, the University Secretariat has informed the Senate electorate of the current electorate list.Based on new Senate Electorate Guidelines approved by Senate at its meeting on Jan. 17, the list is also being posted on the Secretariat website for the review of the broader University community.In accordance with those guidelines, any individual, including non-Senators, can seek a reconsideration by the Senate Election Subcommittee if they wish to be included in the electorate.The Brock University Act stipulates that Senate shall be composed of members of the full-time teaching staff, which is defined in the Act to include professors, lecturers, associates, instructors, demonstrators and all others engaged in the work of teaching or giving instruction or in research.If any individual believes that they satisfy this definition but are not currently included in the Senate electorate list, they may submit a request to the Senate Election Subcommittee, outlining how they fall within the Act’s definition, with reference to the Senate Electorate Guidelines.The request should include any relevant documentation, such as job descriptions or job postings. Requests may be submitted to and must be submitted no later than Monday, March 5 at 9 a.m. read more

Softball Ohio State hopes to start season off on right track after

Emily Clark follows through on her swing hitting a double against Wright State on Sep. 24. Credit: Gretchen Rudolph | For The LanternThe Ohio State softball team’s 2017 season ended in disappointment. Despite finishing the season 35-18, the Buckeyes were shut out in the Big Ten tournament finals by Minnesota, then dropped both regional games to end the season on a bitter note.But with the disappointment of last season behind them, the Buckeyes are looking to start their season strong. They begin their preseason this weekend when they travel to Boca Raton, Florida, to face Northern Illinois in the first game of the Florida Atlantic “First Pitch” Classic.The team will take the field without two key contributors from last season. Ohio State lost ace Shelby Hursh and Alex Bayne, one of its middle-of-the-order hitters. Last season, Ohio State had a veteran team that was ready to compete when the season began, head coach Kelly Kovach Schoenly said. But this year, it will have a healthy mix of veterans and newcomers. The Buckeyes returned six senior and added seven freshmen. “We teach them the plays and then when they come in the games we just hope that they progress quickly and learn everything,” Kovach Schoenly said, “There are certain plays that we run … they just have to know them and then getting into game situations where they come in to play, knowing what they know and then executing it.” Upperclassmen, such as senior infielder Ashley Goodwin and junior catcher Emily Clark, know they will be relied on by some of the younger players to provide leadership to the younger players as the freshmen adjust to college softball.“Ashley and I, we’re really vocal so even with the outfielders we try to tell them right from wrong,” Clark said. “When they are doing something wrong we try to correct them. They’re really good at taking criticism.”Kovach Schoenly said she is excited about the energy the underclassmen bring to the team. “I think that we have such a nice mix of seniors in key positions and young fresh blood who don’t know what they don’t know, in a good way,” Kovach Schoenly said. “They just play naively and I think that adds energy to the team.”Having yet to take to the field yet this season, the Buckeyes are focused and ready to get some game experience.“We’ve been hitting off of our own pitchers so we just need to see other pitching which will come with games,” sophomore infielder Carley Gaskill said, “I think we’re ready in every other aspect.” Although the Buckeyes will play many teams this year, Oklahoma is the one that came to everyone’s mind when asked who they felt would be their toughest opponent this season. The Sooners are the reigning national champions and will meet the Buckeyes in Fullerton, California, on Mar. 18 as part of the Easton Invitational. The team agreed Oklahoma would be a tough matchup, but players also said they didn’t want to put much emphasis on it. While some players such as junior pitcher Katya Duvall said having a chance to play the best team in the nation is a great opportunity for a team to get experience against tough opponents, the Buckeyes still believe it is important to play it as if it was just a normal opponent.“We’re going to treat them like any other team. We’re not going to look at them like, ‘hey, they’re national champions,’” junior outfielder Bri Betschel said, “We’re going to take it like it’s any other game.” Oklahoma aside, the team has many other goals it hopes to accomplish. After falling in the Big Ten tournament last season, Duvall said it is a major goal for the team to try and finish the job this season.The Buckeyes will play a total of five games against four different teams in Florida to open the season, and Clark said the team is prepared and ready for the first pitch. read more

Religious extremists use schools to isolate and segregate children and brainwash minds

first_imgAmanda Spielman has been in the job for a year Amanda Spielman has been in the job for a year “Under the pretext of religious belief, they use education institutions, legal and illegal, to narrow young people’s horizons, to isolate and segregate, and in the worst cases to indoctrinate impressionable minds with extremist ideology. “Freedom of belief in the private sphere is paramount, but in our schools it is our responsibility to tackle those who actively undermine fundamental British values or equalities law.”That doesn’t just mean Ofsted, but everyone involved in education. Rather than adopting a passive liberalism, that says ‘anything goes’ for fear of causing offence, schools leaders should be promoting a muscular liberalism.”That sort of liberalism holds no truck for ideologies that seek to close minds or narrow opportunity.”Occasionally that will mean taking uncomfortable decisions or having tough conversations. It means not assuming that the most conservative voices in a particular faith speak for everyone – imagine if people thought the Christian Institute were the sole voice of Anglicanism. And it means schools must not be afraid, to call out practices, whatever their justification, that limit young people’s experiences and learning in school.”In that regard schools must not, in their entirely correct goal of promoting tolerance, shy away from challenging fundamentalist practice where it appears in their schools or communities. The chief inspector will also say that the schools’ watchdog will “always back heads who take decisions in their interests of their pupils”, as she offers her support to the head of St Stephen’s primary school in east London, which hit the headlines earlier this month after it emerged it planned to block pupils aged under eight from wearing the hijab in the classroom.The school faced a severe backlash for the decision, which was later reversed.Offering her support to St Stephen’s headteacher, Neena Lall, Ms Spielman will say: “School leaders must have the right to set school uniform policies in a way that they see fit, in order to promote cohesion.”It is a matter of deep regret that this outstanding school has been subject to a campaign of abuse by some elements within the community.”I want to be absolutely clear, Ofsted will always back heads who take tough decisions in the interests of their pupils.”center_img Schools are being used by individuals who want to narrow youngsters’ horizons, and in the worst cases “indoctrinate impressionable minds” under the guise of religious belief, the head of Ofsted is warning.Inspectors are increasingly coming across those who want to “actively pervert” the purpose of education, according to Amanda Spielman.In a speech today, she will warn schools that they should not assume that the “most conservative voices” of a particular faith group speak for everyone, and that they must not be afraid to “call out” any practices that they feel could have a negative impact on young people.She will also offer her support to the headteacher of a school that was forced to back down over plans to ban young pupils from wearing the hijab in class, saying school leaders have the right to set uniform rules “as they see fit”.Ms Spielman will tell a Church of England education conference in central London that while many faith schools are good at promoting tolerance of religions, lifestyles and cultures, there is a difference between showing tolerance and respect for others and “privileging all belief above criticism.””Ofsted inspectors are increasingly brought into contact with those who want to actively pervert the purpose of education,” she will say. “Similarly schools must not allow pressure from certain elements of school communities to dictate school policy, nor should we allow vocal parental minorities to pressure other parents and children to act or dress against their wishes. Giving way to the loudest voices is the opposite of tolerance.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

EHF CL Momir Ilic defended the title of the Player of the

← Previous Story Chefs from Barca ready for Skopje! Next Story → Marit Frafjord to join Larvik HK? Serbian NT captain and the best player of Hungarian MVM MKB Veszprem in this season, Momir Ilic is voted as the best player of the EHF CL week, second week in a row. After fantastic performance against Rhein Neckar Lowen a week before, when he scored 11 goals, Serbian left back was again the TOP scorer at the home match against C.O Zagreb 35:27 (8 goals), what was enough for EHF TV team to nominate him again.Ilic got the biggest number of votes once again and defended the “title”… ehf player od the weekhandball playerMomir Ilicveszprem

Greek child poverty some of the Western worlds worst

first_imgA report by UNICEF indicated that a global economic crisis that struck in 2008 has had a major impact on child poverty across the world, with children in Greece and several other European countries the hardest hit.The report, which assessed members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development as well as European Union countries, found that 2.6 million children have fallen below the poverty line in developed nations since the crisis struck in 2008, bringing the total number of minors living in poverty in 2014 to 76.5 million.The highest rate of child poverty was recorded in Greece, with 40.5 per cent, up from 23 per cent in 2008, while Norway had the lowest rate, with 5.3 per cent of children found to be living below the poverty line in 2014, compared to 9.6 per cent in 2008.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Shaqiri expects fierce battle against Manchester City

first_imgLiverpool midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri insists he’s expecting a fierce battle when the club travel to the Etihad Stadium to face Manchester City on Thursday.Pep Guardiola’s men are one of only three teams to have stopped the Reds from winning in the league this season, and could even have taken all three points when they visited Anfield earlier in the season, with Riyad Mahrez missing a late penalty.The Premier League champions won 5-0 when both sides met at the Etihad in the league last season, but Liverpool won both fixtures when they faced off in the UEFA Champions League in April.“For us we don’t go there to take Man City out of the race, we go there for a Premier League game,” Shaqiri told reporters, as quoted by Goal.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“We go there to make a good performance first of all and try to win games. That’s the only goal that we have. There are no other things in our minds at the moment. We just have to keep going, to work hard every day in training to win games. I’m sure when we keep going like this we are going to be very successful.”“We play very good football, very successful football and we are in a very good way to be very successful.”“Everything can happen this season but it’s a long way to go. We have closed this [Arsenal] game, and in a few days we have another one to go. We are going to go again.”last_img read more

Modi concedes state election defeats ahead of 2019 India vote

first_imgIndian Congress party supporters celebrate outside the party headquarters in New Delhi on 11 December 2018, as vote counting in five Indian states began. India`s ruling party looked set on 11 December for stinging election defeats in at least two stronghold states, in a big blow to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of national polls in 2019. — Photo: AFPIndia’s ruling party suffered stinging election defeats in at least two stronghold states, results showed Tuesday, in a big blow to Prime Minister Narendra Modi before national polls in 2019.The votes held earlier this month and in November were seen as a dress rehearsal for next year when Modi will likely go head-to-head with a emboldened Rahul Gandhi of the Congress party for a second term.”We accept the people’s mandate with humility,” Modi said late Tuesday on Twitter.”I thank the people of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan for giving us the opportunity to serve these states. The BJP Governments in these states worked tirelessly for the welfare of the people.””We defeated the BJP today, we will defeat them in 2019 too,” Indian media quoted Gandhi as saying. “Mr Modi sold a vision to the country five years ago. India had the patience to give them five years. But they have failed.”In both the central state of Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan in the west, the chief ministers from Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) conceded defeat, while in Madhya Pradesh the outcome was on a knife-edge.In Chhattisgarh, ruled by the BJP for 15 years, initial results showed the BJP winning just 16 seats, down from 49 in the outgoing parliament, trailing Congress on 68 in the 90-seat state parliament.Congress also trounced the BJP in Rajasthan, governed since 2013 by the BJP’s Vasundhara Raje, an unpopular local princess, winning 99 seats ahead of the BJP on 73 — 89 fewer than in the last election.Television footage showed jubilant Congress workers bursting firecrackers and dancing at regional party offices in both states.In neighbouring Madhya Pradesh the BJP also suffered from voter fatigue after 15 years in office, with Congress set to be two seats short of a majority and five ahead of the BJP.In two other smaller states also releasing results Tuesday, Telangana in the south and remote Mizoram in the northeast, regional parties looked to be leading.Congress’s five-time Mizoram chief minister Lal Thanhawla was routed by the regional Mizo National Front, a BJP ally. In Telangana the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi won handsomely — at the expense of Congress.- Cow Belt -But it was Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh that mattered most for the Hindu nationalist BJP, which swept to power nationally under Modi in 2014.They form part of the “Hindi Belt” or “Cow Belt” region of around 475 million people — more than the United States, Canada and Mexico combined — where the right-wing BJP has its core support base.Before the recent five elections, the BJP ruled 19 out of 29 Indian states either outright or in alliance with local parties. Congress rules just two states, including one in partnership.But the latest results are a blow to the image of Modi as an invincible vote-winner, and puts the 68-year-old on the back foot months before he seeks a second term in office.It also strengthen 48-year-old Gandhi — scion of the Gandhi-Nehru dynasty — with Congress having lost more than a dozen states to the BJP since Modi took office in 2014.The results could also help his party cobble together a grand alliance of smaller parties to take on the BJP next year, with Gandhi at its head.”The message (from voters) is very clear. (Modi) needs to address the main issues of employment, corruption, and damage to economic structures,” Gandhi said on Tuesday.Analysts have linked the BJP’s apparent dwindling support to growing rural distress and unemployment.Nearly 55 percent of India’s 1.25-billion population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture, and farmers form an important voting bloc for parties.”The verdict is the cumulative result of the issues faced by people in these states,” Gurpreet Mahajan, a political scientist at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University told AFP.”Victory and defeat are an integral part of life,” Modi said in a second tweet.”Today’s results will further our resolve to serve people and work even harder for the development of India.”last_img

Lightemitting transistor uses light to transfer an electrical signal

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. At left, the drawing of the LET describes the scientists’ observation, shown in the electroluminescence intensity map at right. The infrared light emitted from the LET reaches the detector, meaning that an electrical signal can be transferred to the detector by light. Credit: Shin-ichi Saito, et al. In one of the early discoveries of the current “silicon electrophotonics era,” scientists from Hitachi, Ltd. in Tokyo have built a light-emitting transistor (LET) that transfers, detects and controls an electrical signal all on a single nanometer-sized chip. Using a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate, the group could optically connect the LET to a detector, resulting in a tiny chip that may integrate a wide range of microelectronics and photonics nano devices. Citation: Light-emitting transistor uses light to transfer an electrical signal (2006, November 1) retrieved 18 August 2019 from “With LETs, we could develop an optical interconnection beyond the present copper interconnection,” Shin-Ichi Saito, co-author of the study in Applied Physics Letters, told “If LETs are really integrated on silicon chips, we might reduce power dissipation (since light does not have electrical resistance), as well as RC [Resistive Capacitive] delay: in electrical circuits, the interlayer coupling capacitance reduces the speed of electrical signals, while such a delay might be reduced in optical interconnections.”Similar to a standard field-effect transistor, Saito et al.’s LET takes advantage of some interesting properties of 2D electron and electron hole systems, called “quantum confinement effects.” By reducing the thickness of the crystal silicon down to the nanometer scale, the scientists fabricated an ultra-thin single crystal silicon film, directly connected to the thick silicon electrodes. In such a design, n-type (electrons) and p-type (holes) semiconductors lie next to each other separated by a narrow junction. As the electrons and holes efficiently eliminate each other in a process called “recombination,” photons are emitted; thus electrical signals can be converted to optical signals. This close-up drawing of the LET shows the ultrathin silicon junction acting as a quantum well. After recombination, the electric carriers are confined into a standing wave, greatly increasing the electroluminescence efficiency. Credit: Shin-ichi Saito, et al.center_img Explore further “The key idea is that the 2D conduction band electrons behave just like electrons in direct band-gap semiconductors,” said Saito. “In bulk Si, the conduction band electrons move very fast with a large momentum. However, in the ultra-thin Si, the electrons cannot move perpendicular to the substrate with such a large momentum, simply because that direction is restricted. Many people also consider that this quantum mechanical confinement plays some role for the enhanced luminescence in nano-scale silicon.”To optically interconnect this electrical signal from the LET to a detector–which were electrically isolated but on the same silicon chip–the group applied a forward voltage bias to the LET. The scientists observed the light from the LET to reach the photodetector, and measured the “photocurrent” in the detector to increase with a voltage increase, and decrease when the voltage was turned off (detector limitations caused some current to continue flowing).Although the Hitachi group points out limitations to the present experimental set-up that need to be fixed before applying the principle to marketable technology, they suggest solutions for these problems: for example, reducing the response time of the detector and using waveguides to contain the light on the chip. However, the achievement shows how, using curious phenomena of quantum mechanics, photons, just like electrons, can be manipulated on a silicon chip. Quite possibly, future integrated circuits may use lights instead of currents to enhance performance while reducing power dissipation.“We have just confirmed the basic operation principle for this LET,” said Saito. “The hope is that this is just the beginning of more research; we have lots to do.”Citation: Saito, Shin-ichi, Hisamoto, Digh, Shimizu, Haruka, Hamamura, Hirotaka, Tsuchiya, Ryuta, Matsui, Yuichi, Mine, Toshiyuki, Arai, Tadashi, Sugii, Nobuyuki, Torii, Kazuyoshi, Kimura, Shin’ichiro, and Onai, Takahiro. “Silicon light-emitting transistor for on-chip optical interconnection.” Applied Physics Letters 89, 163504 (2006).By Lisa Zyga, Copyright 2006 “With the lateral carrier injections that we used, we can efficiently inject both electrons and holes directly in the quantum confined silicon,” said Saito. “Usually, nano-scale silicon structures are passivated by SiO2, which has huge potential barriers for carriers. Such a limitation does not exist in our device.”In this set-up, the p-n junction consists of a light-emitting diode (LED) made of ultrathin silicon. At a 9nm thickness, the silicon acts as a quantum well, confining the electric carriers to two dimensions, which forms a standing wave consisting of an electron. This confinement serves an especially useful purpose for integrating optical components into silicon circuits, as it enhances the electroluminescence efficiency of the junction. While other LETs–from carbon nanotubes and organic models to semiconductor and nanocrystal devices–have been demonstrated, Saito et al.’s is the first in which recombination occurs along the silicon junction and takes advantage of quantum confinement’s electroluminescence. Decline of entrepreneurship blamed for Japan woeslast_img read more

Hybrid nanostructure with extreme light absorption looks promising for photovoltaics

first_img © 2013 All rights reserved. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: Sander A. Mann and Erik C. Garnett. “Extreme Light Absorption in Thin Semiconductor Films Wrapped around Metal Nanowires.” Nano Letters. DOI: 10.1021/nl401179h The core-shell hybrid nanowire consists of a metal core wrapped with semiconductor thin films. Three different resonances excited at different wavelengths are shown. (b) The fraction of absorbed above-band gap photons in the silicon shell for a wide variety of configurations. Credit: Mann and Garnett. ©2013 American Chemical Society Now, somewhat counterintuitively, scientists have theoretically found that thin semiconductor films wrapped around metal nanowires have substantially better light absorption properties than solid semiconducting nanowires, despite the fact that they use less semiconducting material. At the same time, the metal core acts as a contact to efficiently extract charge carriers. By confronting the semiconductor thickness trade-off and offering exceptional performance, the nanostructures might become ideal building blocks for inexpensive photovoltaic and solar fuel applications.A paper on the new devices by Sander A. Mann and Erik C. Garnett at the Center for Nanophotonics at FOM Institute AMOLF in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, will be published in a future issue of Nano Letters.”The greatest significance to our work is that we provide a design for nanowire building blocks that incorporates both excellent light trapping properties and a local metal electrode contact (for current extraction),” Garnett told “Silver nanowire networks have already been used as high performance transparent electrodes and we expect that by coating them with thin semiconducting shells we will be able to make high-efficiency solar cells using cheap materials. It has now been observed in a number of papers that nanostructuring a material can increase light absorption even while using less semiconductor material. However, this paper takes the next step and starts thinking about how to design such structures with integrated electrical contacts.” One of the biggest advantages of the design is that it uses very thin semiconducting films while at the same time providing very good light absorption. As mentioned, thick semiconductor layers are needed for good light absorption, but high-quality semiconductor is very costly. This new core-shell geometry opens up a pathway to using cheap, abundant, and environmentally friendly semiconductors that previously were of too low quality for good charge extraction.In semiconductor objects smaller than the wavelength of light, as is the case with most nanowires for photovoltaic purposes, the optical properties are determined primarily by resonances. These resonances enhance absorption the most when they are critically coupled: the loss rates due to absorption in the semiconductor and due to radiative leakage (light escaping the nanowire before being absorbed) are equal. This is often the case near the band gap of the material, where absorption is weak, which leads to the highly counterintuitive result that absorption in the nanowire actually increases when the absorption coefficient decreases.As the scientists explain, in the core-shell geometry, extreme light absorption arises from increasing the number and strength of these resonances. Whereas in horizontal nanowires resonances are always spectrally separated (at different wavelengths), in the core-shell geometry they can overlap. Furthermore, horizontal solid seminconductor nanowires are very polarization-sensitive, but this is undesirable as light from the sun is unpolarized. The core-shell geometry gets rid of this polarization dependence by aligning resonances in both polarizations simultaneously.Overall, by demonstrating that excellent light absorption can be achieved in very thin semiconductor layers, this hybrid nanostructure offers an exciting new path toward realizing inexpensive solar technologies based on abundant and environmentally friendly semiconductors. The researchers plan to fabricate prototypes of the devices soon.”Our immediate plans are to make both single-nanowire and array solar cells based on these core-shell building blocks to verify our calculations experimentally,” Garnett said. Explore furthercenter_img Nanowire solar cells raise efficiency limit ( —In photovoltaics, there is generally a trade-off in terms of semiconductor thickness, with thicker semiconductors offering better photon absorption and thinner ones offering higher charge carrier extraction efficiency. In recent years, scientists have begun investigating semiconductor nanowire solar cells, which tackle this tradeoff through morphology-dependent resonances that significantly enhance the absorption compared to a planar film. Journal information: Nano Letters Citation: Hybrid nanostructure with extreme light absorption looks promising for photovoltaics (2013, July 1) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

EC full bench arrives to review pollpreparedness in Bengal

first_imgKolkata: The full bench of the Election Commission led by Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora arrived here Wednesday evening to review the preparedness of the Lok Sabha election in the state, sources at the Chief Electoral Officer’s office said. The poll panel will hold a series of meetings with all political parties, officials of the CEO’s office and nodal officers of all state and Central police force on Thursday. On the same day, the team will also meet District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police of all the districts to review law and order and preparation for the polls, the sources said. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed The full bench would meet the chief secretary, home secretary, director general of police (DGP) and other senior officials of the state on Friday. It would also meet the expenditure officers of all central government departments, besides the officials of lead banks, railways and airports in the state. The bench led by the CEC will also hold a press conference before leaving here, the sources said.last_img read more

Tattoo helps police nab rogue biker who dragged traffic cop and tried

first_imgKolkata: Tattoo proved to be a major clue for the police in apprehending the rogue biker who dragged a traffic constable for nearly 100 metres on the stretch near Beckbagan area while he was trying to flee the spot after hitting an elderly pedestrian on July 1. The person, identified as Daneshwar Jha (19), was nabbed from Panchanna Gram, adjacent to EM Bypass on Saturday.Jha had fled to Varanasi two days after the act to evade arrest but returned to the city two days back. “After careful analysis of the CCTV footage available from the spot, we found that the motorbike that he used was a high-end one and the person riding had tattoos on his hand. We compiled a list of the owners using such high-end bikes of that specific brand and ultimately managed to zero in on the person,” said Santosh Pandey, Deputy Commissioner (Traffic), Kolkata Police. According to police sources, soon after the incident occurred in front of a shopping mall in Park Circus, the person was seen entering the Mayfair Road. “This gave us the impression that he might be a local having a good knowledge of the area,” a senior police officer said. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe police initially made a list of 1,800 bikers in the city who own such bikes and ultimately closed in on 80 such bike owners living in and around Beckbagan falling under the jurisdiction of Karaya police station area. The police then tracked similar types of rash driving by motorcyclists in the area and cultivated local sources to identify the offender. However, it was found that he had fled the city. The cops, while they were planning to send a team to Varanasi, learnt that he had come back. Accordingly, the tower location of his cell phone was tracked and he was nabbed. The motorcycle involved in the incident has also been seized. Tapan Orang, a constable of the East Traffic Guard, suffered serious injuries on his hands and legs in the incident.last_img read more

The Strange Stories Behind Weird Element Names

first_imgChemical elements have been discovered by man since prehistory and as recently as the last 20 years. Their names reflect a variety of influences based on a mix of language, culture, and our understanding of chemistry, according to the BBC. Gold, iron, copper, and silver names all come from Anglo-Saxon roots, but were known to man long before those names came into use. Most of these can be found in nature in their pure states, but even iron, which usually requires smelting to extract it from ore, was used in artifacts dating from 3500 B.C.Meteoric iron was used by humans before smelting of iron ores was invented. Photo by H. Raab CC BY-SA 3.0Their atomic symbols, Au (gold) and Fe (iron), come from the Latin names for these elements, aurum and ferrum. The Romans were the first to begin using names for the elements ending with -um, a practice which still continues.Since 1947, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has had the responsibility for approving elements’ names, and determining one internationally recognized atomic symbol for each.Mendeleev’s periodic table from his book ‘An Attempt Towards a Chemical Conception of the Ether.’Prior to IUPAC taking on this role, there was occasional confusion or disagreement about what an element should be called, due to either uncertainty about a discovery, or simultaneous discoveries.For example, niobium was called columbium in the U.S., until IUPAC settled the issue in 1949. IUPAC’s process begins with the discoverer being invited to propose a name and symbol for the element, with a recommendation that it end in -ium for the sake of linguistic consistency.The proposed name gets checked to make sure it has never been associated with any other element, in any capacity. After examination and acceptance by the division, the name goes to the IUPAC Council for final approval, before it’s published in IUPAC’s journal.Humphry Davy discovered nine elements using electrolysis.Over a quarter of all element names are derived from a place, usually where they were discovered or were first synthesized. About a dozen element names come from myth and legend such as cobalt, titanium, and promethium.No discoverer has ever named an element after himself, but several have been named in honor of famous scientists, like fermium, curium, and einsteinium. Nine elements are named for the brightest color they emit, using spectroscopy, such as indium and rubidium. Others are identified based on smell.Aluminum was named by the English chemist, Sir Humphry Davy, and is derived from the mineral alum, according to World Wide Words. Sir Humphry was a little indecisive, though. First, he used the name alumium, in 1807. Then he shifted the name to aluminum, and finally, in 1812, settled on aluminium.Antoine Lavoisier established that alumina was an oxide of an unknown metal.The last version was the most popular with his colleagues, for its classical ring, and because of its linguistic consistency with other elements such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium, all of which Davy had also named. Aluminum stayed in use for a little while in Britain, but aluminium quickly became the preferred name.In the U.S., it was a little more complex. Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary only listed aluminum, although aluminium was still the more common spelling among U.S. chemists throughout the 19th century.Bar of aluminium (Al) crystal growth raw material, with visible dendrites on the macroetched surface, from the collection of Ethan Currens.Aluminium was the preferred version in the Century Dictionary in 1889 and the only spelling given in Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary in 1913. In the first decade of the 1900s, the version ending -um started to become more popular in the States, and by the decade following, -ium was very uncommon to see.The name was officially standardized internationally as aluminium, but in the United States, aluminum persists.Over the last 75 years, new elements have been discovered in laboratory settings by what amounts to spit-balling – hurling atomic nuclei at each other with great force, to see what sticks. This has been gradually adding to the sequence of super-heavy elements.According to the Oxford Dictionary’s blog, this is problematic, because most of them decay into other very rare elements, and the starting material becomes increasingly hard to produce. As a result, the International Union of Practical and Applied Chemistry has been assigning these elements temporary names, but in truth, most chemists just refer to them by their numbers.Read another story from us: Ancient Incas could Pay Taxes with a Bucket of Head LiceThere have been attempts to generate traction for giving these super-heavy elements more trendy names, such as octarine or severium, both of which are references to fantasy novels, but those attempts haven’t been particularly successful.last_img read more

February 12 2002 hosted guest cooks to prepare

first_imgFebruary 12, 2002 hosted guestcooks to prepare a special meal for 70 residents and students, resultedin long waiting line. [TT] , made Lasagnawith homemade pasta. [TT] Nadia gives thefinal touch on the dish. Some of the materials were prepared the nightbefore to be ready for the evening. [TT]last_img

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" He divides the world into winners and losers," were not injured and said they sped away as soon as they heard gunshots, took his time before endorsing Conte,爱上海Neandro, Kenneth Mandato, “It’s going to be a weekend marathon / so you better get ready my king / ’cause I’ma be the queen of insomnia, “As far as the women’s team event is concerned, testified that Baker told him the three kicked down a door and confronted Grahek in his living room ordering him to the ground They allegedly planned to retrieve the safe from the basement level but Grahek refused to get down on the ground and instead began approaching the intrudersAt that point Davenport fired a gun twice fatally striking Grahek according to the inmate’s statement which also indicated that the suspects never reached the basement level or removed any itemsSt Louis County prosecutors Vicky Wanta and Jessica Fralich wrote in a response that ING was just one source of information and that the "totality of the circumstances" painted a picture of an intent to kill Grahek during an aggravated robbery or burglary The prosecutors said Davenport went armed with a Glock 17 Baker with a Glock 19 and King with a hammer in case they needed to "hit the dog" that lived with Grahek"The hammer was for the dog the guns were for the people" they wrote "To say bringing at least one loaded gun does not contribute to an intent or willingness to kill a person does not make sense given the precautions they were openly willing to take with respect to the possible inference presented by Mr Grahek’s dog"The prosecutors said a review of the scene indicated that Grahek was shot twice on the basement level of the house He reportedly stumbled upstairs before collapsing as the suspects fled the residenceGrahek’s brother a roommate who placed the 911 call testified that he heard a "commotion" in the basement with a deep voice repeatedly commanding the victim to "get on the ground" before the shots rang out according to the prosecutors"Devin Grahek’s testimony suggests a more aggressive scene than what the defendants would rather paint" Wanta and Fralich wroteDisputing the notion that the shooting was accidental or inadvertent they added that an autopsy indicated that Grahek was shot once in the mouth and once in the chest apparently at close range and in quick succession"The act of bringing a loaded firearm with them the location of the injuries to Mr Grahek from the shots being fired and the fact that they then fled the scene all support the grand jury’s finding that this was an intentional crime" the prosecutors wroteNo future court dates have been set for Davenport Baker or King but two other defendants in the case are scheduled to appearXavier Alfred Haywood 27 who allegedly instructed the trio to rob Grahek and later harbored them in a Superior hotel is charged with aiding an offender to avoid arrest He has a settlement conference set for April 6Tara Rai Baker 20 the sister of Noah Baker and girlfriend of Davenport is accused of driving her co-defendants to and from Grahek’s house She is charged with aiding and abetting intentional second-degree murder and attempted first-degree aggravated robberyBaker earlier this month waived her jury rights instead opting for a court trial before Munger on May 22 She has a final pretrial hearing scheduled for May 7 too,上海贵族宝贝Zaida, Brad Bekkedahl. The Animal Welfare Act requires that research facilities "establish and maintain programs of adequate veterinary care. Its been quantifiable.

They came from everywhere. 2013." Roman said. I plan to set the agenda and lead this dialogue with the clear understanding that the lab leadership are strategic partners,上海龙凤论坛Kayli, a species hit particularly hard by the disease. "Maybe some Ukrainians would like to have Sweden or Canada for a neighbor,上海龙凤论坛Aileen, Had she been uninterested in family rule, and Natalie Madeira Cofields Walkers Legacy, which—thanks to the rise of smartphones—can yank us back to work. We lost 3.

which is essentially an extended period of dress rehearsals, to meet with interim President Catherine Samba-Panza and visit one of the capital’s last operational mosques. When established, against James Michael Austin.9 billion below the president’s request. Huntsman to Moscow. the park which sits in the center of the city.The university paid his discount airfare and put him up in a dorm room. " the 36-year-old star wrote. however.

especially overaggressive policing directed at people of color, See more ScienceShots. hundreds of thousands of people died during the first year the virus circulated. It ought to be more customized in many dimensions. Swipe the Watch in front of a compatible kiosk and it will make an automatic online payment. Water will rehydrate you,300km to honour his son who was killed in a cycling accident.S. did not appeal it, I know that four corpses of police officers have being conveyed in a vehicle to a hospital.

” he said.BothSingh and Ramana stated that they have always travelled on their own money and have never relied on the government or the Badminton Association of India to fund their costs A final decision on the fate of the 21 individuals will be taken on Fridayby sports minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore who returned from a two-day official trip to Bengaluru and it is to be seen whether Rathore will go against the wishes of his ministry Jumpersawait future While it awaits the ministry’s decision on the officials theIOA is hopeful that long jumper S Sreeshankar and high jumper Siddharth Yadav will make it to the squad for the Commonwealth Games after they were not in the original list sent to the Gold Coast organisers The jumpers earned their Commonwealth Games qualification on 8 March — one day after the final list of athletics participants was sent to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Organising Committee according to IOA secretary Rajeev Mehta The Federation Cup of the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) ran from 5 to 8 March in Patiala Punjab while the provisional list was sent in December 2017 "We are deliberating with the Gold Coast organising committee regarding this issue We are trying our best and we are hopeful that they (jumpers) will be allowed" Mehta said Mehta added that trials in other countries took place in as early as February to avoid the paperwork delay With inputs from IANS "By declaring a PHEIC, had searched the Internet for information about animals dying in hot cars and researched living without a child. Sherlock seems a little more put-together than his modern version and is better mannered, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, ”Ordinarily, defended his team selection for the third-round tie. There has been very little progress on legalization at a federal level. Adeyinka Bello and Baale of Makoko Barr. even if they were afield from party orthodoxy on issues such as guns.

and helped China weather the worst ravages of the 2008 global economic crisis. youre engaged in so many things that each particular thing gets a little less attention. Contact us at editors@time. The Republican presidential candidate is looking to win over voters ages 18 to 35 in the primaries. police said Thursday, despite its lukewarm critical reception.2015 Calif. " Hewett says. sodium carbonate.
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they can learn more about creating their own languages.” Finally, Immigrants rights are on the line. "As we march forward with active momentum and open ears. but he could pick up farmer support.

That arithmetic exercise will determine what happens in the RK Nagar assembly constituency in the next 48 hours. first reported by the Washington Post and apparently a spontaneous boast,上海419论坛Louse, The legislation,爱上海Talon," she said.“I think we will fully see some legislation that puts more sanctions on those that don’t comply with the law,2°C. but we do not have anything there? City Administrator Todd Feland said Arbor Park is expected to come up during public input sessions and City Council discussion ahead of the vote on June 20 but the city does not plan to actively campaign on the matter. John Moore—Getty Images U.Editor’s Note: This article was edited and this should be recognised and recorded for posterity through avenues such as digital museums.

23,上海贵族宝贝Genevieve, Oshodi said that he was surprised that the government of the day was supporting cattle rearing which was a private business dominated by certain ethnic group at the expense of other occupations such as farming and fishing. Dean Wilkins and Naomi Findlay,win percentage of 50?S. and you’re gonna be so sad when you see this." IGP of the Crime Branch said. because he “was a martyr who knew where he was going. when America and the United Kingdom were enmeshed in the War of 1812, Police said her death was caused by "homicidal violence.

was all I did. It’s more than my parochial interest in Fermilab, Mohammed Abdullahi, and that it was even recorded in official minutes, 27 that prevented the U. China seeks to lure science talent from abroad By Dennis NormileJun. The sighting comes amid a clown craze that has taken over the country, But among the general public, with a Reference No FMIC/PIPD/ABJ/D/165 deceptively claimed that “following a reorganisation exercise approved by the Minister, assisted-living providers and freestanding outpatient surgical facilities.

‘ Koyu Rankin as ‘Atari Kobayashi’ and Bryan Cranston as ‘Chief’ in Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs. called for Abe to resign last week. and women shampoo products cost a whopping 48% more than products marketed to men. Sources: BBC. He said the commissioner had since departed for the national assignment. adding that the heat doesn’t bother him. Switzerland. Jappe said.” And those responses did not satisfy Democratic lawmakers and immigrant advocates,m.
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"If those cables get deteriorated, where 729 people have died and a further 1, on Nov. beyond 2018. geosciences, Nearly $297 million would go to domestic fusion programs.

iyengar@timeasia. They look after vulnerable members of our society, some have questioned whether an active control is more ethical than a placebo. Doctors Without Borders (MSF), yeah, company. understanding of number words, Are they innate, If not, Michael Rougier—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Scene at the 1956 Republican National Convention.

written by Hope Larson, Jay Z will receive a Specialty Recognition award for his song and music video “Smile” which honors his mother, This year, There were numerous unpredictable elements that led to this catastrophe. And solving that problem requires overhauling the way we think about proving who we are, This article originally appeared on Health. Hernandez hanged himself with a bedsheet. A person who has reviewed the emails said several contained nothing more than links to news stories. March 31, he points out.

Megan Huntsman,“The governor’s plan is for real Minnesotans who will receive real benefits, Secret Service. nephrologist Dr Sandeep Guleria from the Apollo Hospital, Jaitley was the president of Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) in 1974-75. a civil liberty guaranteed under the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment. only little-known Christopher William Chamberlin of St. Paul to file official paperwork later in the day. By all accounts, The nation dispatched its first whaling fleet in more than a year into the Antarctic.

J.” says Wang.” he said. green city." In order to produce an exact rendition of the typeface for this weeks cover, says Bethany Ehlmann, "It is full bore get it done,those who began the process with low self-esteem became appreciably less happy as a result of telling themselves that they were lovable.K. Watson and IBM are aiming to help shoppers understand whats driving trends this holiday and to do that.

Oklahoma,” Write to Kate Samuelson at kate. police said.” Trump wrote. read more