Highlights of the 2015 Indspire Awards held in Calgary over the weekend

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe 22nd annual Indspire Awards wrapped up in Calgary over the weekend.The awards celebrate the best of the best of Indigenous peoples across Canada.APTN’s Chris Stewart has the highlights.last_img

First Nations LNG Alliance CEO shares hopes for sustainable development with Coalition

first_img“I cannot emphasizes enough how critical it is for everyone involved to feel like they’re winning. Coming from a social work perspective, seeing the high rates of our people incarcerated, the social issues, the poverty. At some point you get tired of doing that job. It’s like you’re in a spinning wheel and you’re going nowhere because these social issues are continuous.”Ogan-Toews told the crowd that an important question that all parties to resource development need to ask is how things can be done differently than in the past. She explained that having previously led her community meant she needed to make difficult decisions that she felt were correct, despite opposition.“The are a lot of naysayers, there is a lot of opposition. You’re not going to make everybody happy. In my role with the First Nations LNG Alliance, that’s part of what I’m trying to do: to do the right thing for our people. If we can get those economic wheels turning for our communities and bring in revenue, that will help address some of the social issues that we deal with on a daily basis. We want to be able to increase the quality of life for our people. When you look at the rest of Canada and you look at First Nations, our quality of life is less than the average Canadian citizen’s. We want to be able to level the playing fields. We want to see more of our people in post-secondary, being teachers, nurses, doctors.” FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — It was a packed house at the Pomeroy Hotel for the Northeast B.C. Resource Municipalities Coalition symposium on LNG development last Wednesday.The symposium featured discussions to gather information and feedback from residents in the Northeast after the provincial government announced that it wants to create a new Energy Roadmap for the province. After a presentation on how Northeast B.C. can contribute to the new Energy Roadmap, a panel discussion that included Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman lead the conversation on ways that Northeast B.C. can help better educate B.C. residents about the provincial energy sector.The forum featured two keynote speakers: BC LNG Alliance President and CEO David Keane, as well as First Nations LNG Alliance CEO Karen Ogen-Toews. Ogen-Toews, who formerly served as chief of the Wet’suwet”n First Nation, gave a presentation on ways that Canadians can better develop the country’s natural resources, while also fostering better relations with First Nations. Ogen-Toews explained that her background as a social worker has given her a unique perspective on ways that resource development can benefit peoples of all backgrounds that are involved.last_img read more

COP22 WBA Urges Delegates to Push for Carbon Tax

Marrakech  – The World Bioenergy Association (WBA) has called on the delegates attending the COP22 in Marrakech to act now with a managed yearly decline of fossil fuel use and implement a carbon tax in each country to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement. In such a scenario, bioenergy in combination with other renewables should play a crucial role, the organization said in a Declaration to COP22.“With the current rate of emissions, the world will use up its carbon budget in the next 20 years and some countries are still investing in new fossil fuel infrastructure which will create lock-in effects for many years,” the WBA pointed out.“Fossil fuel subsidies still exist and policy incentives for renewables are not being promoted at the required pace,” the source added, noting that the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC’s) are insufficient to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement.  However, the cost of renewables is falling rapidly and in some countries, they are cheaper than fossil fuels and there are many success stories from countries, provinces, cities and villages where renewables working together are demonstrating a low carbon energy society which is environmentally friendly, economically viable and socially acceptable.“Creating a carbon tax in each country is the most efficient way to apply polluters pay principle to the climate issue. It is the simplest way to reduce fossil fuels, improve energy efficiency and make renewables more competitive,” the WBA said.The organization also proposed a change of perception from greening fossils to removing fossil fuels, saying that “a fossil exit strategy for all countries with a managed reduction of fossil fuels is absolutely critical.” “Technologies like clean coal and carbon capture etc. will only increase fossil fuels use and will not assist in climate issue. These fossil technologies are expensive, only exist in pilot plant level, not commercially viable and it is dangerous to depend on such unproven technologies,” the source went on, noting that investing in new fossil fuel infrastructure, for e.g. natural gas pipelines will create lock in effects and stranded assets.The organization underlined the need of promoting all renewable energy technologies, saying that “all renewable energy technologies including solar, geothermal, hydro, bioenergy and wind in all regions and countries should be developed rapidly according to their specific regional potentials.” read more

On the Money Feds rate cuts strike savers pocketbooks

NEW YORK — Just when bank customers were finally getting something reasonable for their hard-earned savings, the party is coming to an end.After several years of increasing the meagre interest they paid on savings accounts and certificates of deposit, banks are starting to trim their offerings to savers. The declines are slight, usually less than 0.25 of a percentage point, but the trend is certain to continue for at least the next six months to a year, experts say.Blame the Federal Reserve, which cut interest rates in July and is widely expected to cut them again this year to help insulate the economy from the Trump administration’s trade disruptions and to support the stock market.U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked the Fed for failing to cut rates aggressively, and has used his criticism to link the Fed’s moves with outcomes of the stock market. However, while nearly all households have savings accounts, a tiny minority own the vast majority of stocks.“There’s a lot more economic certainty and thoughts of a potential economic slowdown, and that’s been driving a lot of banks to cut back on what they’re offering to customers,” said Ken Tumin, founder of banking news site Depositaccounts.com.Some banks didn’t wait for the Fed to cut rates. Earlier this summer Goldman Sachs cut Marcus’ online savings rate to 2.15% from 2.25%, while competitor Ally cut its rate from 2.2% to 2.1%.The average online-only bank now offers an interest rate of around 1.68%.After the Great Recession, savers looking to safely store their cash and make a modest return had few, mostly terrible options. The Federal Reserve cut its benchmark interest rate to zero and kept it that way for years. It was not uncommon to see a big bank like Bank of America or Wells Fargo offer 0.02% or even 0.01% on a traditional savings account. Even online savings accounts, which typically offer rates far higher than brick-and-mortar establishments, offered only 1%.Banks didn’t have to offer enticing rates because they largely didn’t need deposits. Lending slowed considerably after the Great Recession, and new regulations kept banks from lending too dangerously, so the need for deposits to fuel that lending waned.But as the economy recovered, however, and the Fed steadily raised interest rates from near-zero to 2.50% at its highest level, banks started offering more to savers. Banks also started offering more loans, which in turn meant the competition for deposits heated up.But that competition for deposits is now dwindling and banks are not as willing to pay for long-term deposits as they used to. For example, six months ago an average bank was willing to pay 2.24% for a five-year CD. That’s declined now to 2.16%. The decline is small, but expected to continue downward.Savers looking for new places to lock-away money and get some sort of yield should check out no-penalty CDs offered by banks like Marcus, Tumin says. While the rate is not much higher than what a customer might get in an online-only savings account, no-penalty CDs allow a customer to lock in a rate for a year.If the Federal Reserve does cut interest rates again this year or next year, at least a saver would have locked in that higher yield and there would be no penalty for pulling the money out in most cases.Lower interest rates have been good news for some, however. Big banks cut their so-called prime rate almost immediately after the Fed’s July rate cut. That means lower interest costs for borrowers, as the prime rate is typically used to determine the interest rate on credit cards.Mortgage rates have also declined, with the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage now averaging around 3.81%, compared to 4.44% in March.Ken Sweet, The Associated Press read more

Liberia Annan condemns fresh violence in Monrovia

A statement issued by a UN spokesperson in New York said the Secretary-General was deeply concerned by the renewed and intensified fighting between Government troops and rebel forces in the Liberian capital of Monrovia over the last 24 hours.”This development constitutes a flagrant violation of the recently-concluded ceasefire agreement and casts a shadow on the [Economic Community of West African States] ECOWAS-facilitated peace talks in Accra which had raised high hopes for the peaceful settlement of the conflict,” the statement said. “The Secretary-General once again condemns any attempts to resolve political differences through armed violence,” spokesperson Hua Jiang said, adding that Mr. Annan called on all the parties to cease hostilities immediately in order to give a chance to the peace negotiations and allow for the safe and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance to Liberia’s traumatized population. “He also calls on the parties to refrain from any action that might further endanger the lives of the civilian population and to fully respect international humanitarian laws.” The spokesperson said that the Secretary-General reaffirmed the UN’s support for the tireless efforts of the Chairman of ECOWAS and the Mediator to help restore peace and stability to Liberia and calls on the international community to continue to support those efforts.Meanwhile, UN agencies inside Monrovia said that the intense fighting has shattered a week-old ceasefire. Shelling was reported in the city’s centre, with one landing just 60 metres from the compound in which a UN team was staying.Facing almost continuous harassment and persecution, thousands of internally displaced persons are moving from the west of Monrovia to the centre of the city. They have been robbed and raped and their camps looted. The UN reported that refugees from Sierra Leone residing in camps near Monrovia are now also being targeted for abuse because they are perceived to be supporting the rebels. A large number of people are reportedly gathering for safety near the United States embassy.Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on the scene also reported that the number of cholera cases has increased. Water and sanitation continue to be a major problem, especially at the national stadium where more than 70,000 people are still sheltered. read more

UN peace centres in Africa AsiaPacific face financial crises – Annan

In the General Assembly, Mr. Annan expresses concern for the financial stability and operational viability of the UN Regional Centres for Peace and Disarmament – for Africa, located in Lomé, Togo; and the other in the Asia and Pacific, currently located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Both Assembly-mandated centres rely on voluntarily funding from UN Member States and despite accomplishing marked progress in such areas as security, arms control, research and education, continue to operate under strenuous financial pressures. This has led Mr. Annan to consider the possibility of co-locating the centres with existing UN offices, respectively in Nairobi or Addis Ababa in Africa, and Bangkok in Asia. On the Africa Centre, which was established in 1986, Mr Annan says that during the past year, a number of activities were accomplished, particularly regarding curbing the flow of small arms and light weapons, and cooperation and information-sharing with other regional organizations and civil society groups. Given the Centre’s financial uncertainty, those accomplishments were achieved largely due to the dedication of its staff, he says. Over the past year, the Asia-Pacific Centre continued to promote disarmament and security and had assisted the five central Asian States in the drafting and finalization of a treaty on the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the area, adopted in February 2005. Mr. Annan adds that UN Department of Disarmament Affairs is undertaking consultations with Member States and donor countries, paying particular attention to solutions that address the demands and needs of the region and enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the Centre’s operations. read more

North America China power GM to record 97b annual profit

FILE – This Friday, May 16, 2014, file photo, shows the General Motors logo at the company’s world headquarters in Detroit. GM reports financial results on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File) North America, China power GM to record $9.7b annual profit DETROIT – If you’re an automaker, especially one from Detroit, conditions probably aren’t going to be better for you to make a lot of cash.For General Motors, that’s what happened last year as the company posted a record $9.7 billion net profit.Yes, a good chunk of that was a $3.9 billion one-time accounting gain due to better prospects in Europe, but the company still made billions on booming sales of its strong lineup of SUVs and trucks, mainly in North America.Earnings were so strong that most of GM’s 49,600 hourly workers will get $11,000 profit-sharing checks on Feb. 26. The checks were based on North American pretax earnings, which hit a record of just over $11 billion for the year.Yet even with the earnings, GM gets no respect from the stock market. Its shares were down 3.5 per cent at midday Wednesday to $28.61. Investors haven’t been kind to auto stocks for years. GM shares are down more than 15 per cent in the past year, and are more than $4 below the company’s initial public offering price of $33 in November of 2010.The strong performance actually worked against GM, with investors fearing that auto sales have peaked and the U.S. is toward the end of a seven-year positive economic cycle, said Jeff Windau, equities analyst with Edward Jones in St. Louis.Although GM executives tried to highlight that there’s still room for growth, investors are skeptical about what will drive it, he said.“As you post strong numbers, it raises the question of how much better can it get?” said Windau, who gives GM a “Hold” rating but forecasts modest sales growth.Excluding special items, GM earned $5.02 per share for the year, beating Wall Street estimates of $4.82. Full-year revenue fell just over 2 per cent to $152.4 billion, but still beat analyst estimates of $144.9 billion.For the fourth quarter, GM posted a profit of $6.3 billion, including the accounting gain in Europe. GM expects to break even there this year and took the gain because prospects for making money are good.Without special items, the company earned $1.39 per share, beating estimates of $1.20. Fourth-quarter revenue was flat at $39.6 billion, just below Wall Street expectations.In Europe, GM lost $298 million before taxes, narrowing the loss from last year. International operations including China made $408 million, while the company lost $47 million in South America.Chief Financial Officer Chuck Stevens said he wasn’t worried about the full-year drop in revenue, blaming currency fluctuations for about a $10 billion decline. “Size for size sake is not something that drives us,” he said. “Growing profitability is much more important to us than growing revenue.”He argued against the theory that the U.S. economy is poised for a downturn, saying that fundamentals remain strong. Still, GM will maintain a low break-even point, seek cost efficiencies and control inventory levels just in case, he said. “We believe we are well-positioned for the downturn,” Stevens said. “We just don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.”The stock drop came even though GM has increased its dividend and raised its stock buyback program to $9 billion. During the year it returned $5.7 billion to shareholders including $3.5 billion in stock buybacks and $2.2 billion worth of dividend payments.Stevens said the market should respond if the company keeps meeting commitments and following its plan.“We’re confident that if we execute the plan and continue to build that track record, we’ll drive shareholder value and it will be reflected in the share price,” he said. by Tom Krisher, The Associated Press Posted Feb 3, 2016 5:36 am MDT Last Updated Feb 3, 2016 at 1:22 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

At Security Council top UN political official outlines status of resolution on

Briefing the United Nations Security Council on its resolution 2231, which endorsed a plan of action on Iran’s nuclear programme, the top UN political official called on the international community for continued support and contribution to the implementation of the agreement.“[The UN] has not received any report, nor is aware of any open source information regarding the supply, sale or transfer to Iran of nuclear-related items undertaken contrary to the provisions of the resolution,” said Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman. “On an encouraging note, [UN] Member States have made greater use of the procurement channel process through which the transfer of nuclear-related items is approved by the Council on the basis of recommendation provided by the Joint Commission,” he added, noting that since July last year, five new requests were submitted through the channel, three of which were approved while two were under consideration. In his briefing, Mr. Feltman told the Council that the no information was received regarding Iranian ballistic missile activities or ballistic missile-related transfers to the country undertaken contrary to the relevant provisions of the resolution. On the third issue – arms-related transfer – the UN official pointed to the information, contained in the report, on the seizure of an arms shipment by the French Navy in the northern Indian Ocean in March last year, as well as another arms seizure off the coast of Oman, in February 2016, by the Royal Australian Navy. He noted that seizures bore “strong similarities” to a seizure reported in June 2016 (and contained in the previous report of the Secretary-General). “[We] look forward to the opportunity to examine the arms seized in all three instances and obtain additional information in order to corroborate the information provided and independently ascertain the origin of these shipments,” said Mr. Feltman. He also raised particular concern over a televised statement by a top Hizbollah official that it receives its salaries, expenses, weapons and missiles from Iran. Further, Mr. Feltman informed Council members of Iran’s participation in an arms exhibit in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, in March 2016, and that that all items exhibited were returned to Iran. VIDEO : UN political affairs chief reaffirms will to resolve Iranian nuclear issueAdopted unanimously in July 2015, resolution 2231 endorsed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that was signed earlier that month by the five permanent members of the Council (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States), plus Germany, the European Union (EU) and Iran. The agreement set out a rigorous monitoring mechanism and timetable for implementation, while paving the way for the lifting of UN sanctions against Iran. read more

NBA Free Agency Diary Todays NBA Superstars Wont Stop TeamHopping

Not every player has taken quite the same path as Dwight Howard, who ranks No. 18 in the 2010s and is now on his seventh team of the decade after being traded away from the Wizards this summer. But James, for instance, has played for three teams this decade — the Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers — while only one No. 1 player of the previous three decades — Kevin Garnett, who starred for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Boston Celtics during the 2000s — played for more than one team. The reality of today’s league is stars hop teams far more often than their counterparts did in earlier eras, controlling their own destinies rather than letting team executives slide them around like pawns on a chessboard.It’s a trend NBA commissioner Adam Silver seems keenly aware of — if powerless to change, particularly with regard to the many deals that appeared to be made before the league’s mandated free-agency period was set to begin.“My sense in the room today was, especially when it comes to free agency and the rules around it, that we’ve got work to do,” Silver told reporters last week, after the league’s board of governors meetings. “And as I said, it’s still the same principles of fair balance of power and a sense that it’s a level playing field. I think that’s what teams want to know. I think they’re put in difficult situations because when they’re sitting across from a player and whether it’s conversations that are happening earlier than they should or frankly things are being discussed that don’t fall squarely within the collective bargaining agreement, it puts teams in a very difficult position because they are reading or hearing that other teams are doing other things to compete.”Even incentives put into place to theoretically curb player movement, such as larger maximum contracts (both in guaranteed length and total money) for players re-signing with their most recent teams, have failed to stop them from packing up and leaving town. Durant, for instance, left $57 million on the table to sign with Brooklyn rather than return to Golden State. Leonard gave up at least $80 million (!!) — if not even more — relative to what he could have gotten from a supermax deal with the Spurs, and about $30 million compared with what the Raptors could have given him by signing with the Clippers.Today’s stars, as ESPN’s Rachel Nichols perfectly put it, can’t be bought. They’ve proven that they’re willing to give up mind-boggling sums of cash in order to make their own decisions.Is all of this good for the league? Judging from the reaction on social media or in search traffic — where the NBA got playoff-level attention during the first week of July — the game’s popularity has seldom been higher, and the craziness of this offseason has only helped. I’ve said before that, if you view the modern NBA through a player-focused lens, it makes the most sense as a gigantic real-life soap opera. The concept of franchises is just incidental to all that, merely providing structure for the individual drama.Of course, if you are a fan of a team, it hurts to see your favorite players leave. The Raptors did everything they possibly could to retain Leonard’s services, but they reportedly had practically no chance of re-signing him even as they were winning the title. Although the players should owe no loyalty to team owners (err, “governors”) beyond the contracts they sign, from a fan’s perspective it seems to make little sense to root for any specific NBA team. Even if a team is lucky enough to acquire a superstar, it’s far from guaranteed he would stay more than a season or two in today’s climate.But the other side of that coin is that it’s more possible than ever for downtrodden teams to land a superstar in the first place. The Nets and Clippers have spent more of their histories as laughingstocks than contenders, particularly since both were seen as the “little brothers” in their markets (behind the Knicks — LOL — and Lakers). The franchises were not traditional free-agent destinations. But as stars become more focused on setting up the right situation for themselves and the players they want to play with, even teams without a history of snagging big-name players can make themselves an attractive option. It’s a different way of doing business — but in today’s era of superstar team-hopping, it might just be the new normal.Check out our latest NBA predictions. Dear NBA Diary,Remember when NBA players wearing different jerseys was new and novel? When you’d experiment with weird trades in NBA Live’s franchise mode, knowing that nothing so crazy as, I don’t know, Russell Westbrook in a Houston Rockets uniform or Kevin Durant as a Brooklyn Net would actually happen? And when the first wave of truly wild moves — such as LeBron James joining the Miami Heat in 2010 — did actually happen, do you remember the way our minds were blown as we imagined superstar combinations we’d never seen before?All of that is old news in 2019, now that we’ve seen countless Big Threes and even Hamptons Fives. If James signing to play with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh was groundbreaking and Durant joining the Golden State Warriors still managed to shock, we’re pretty desensitized to huge names heading for new places by now. Yes, Kawhi Leonard becoming an L.A. Clipper was a big story, but mostly because of what it means for next season’s championship chase — not because the idea of him in a different jersey was all that tough to comprehend. (We’d just finished watching the longtime Spur win a title in a Toronto Raptors jersey anyway.)This is the era of player empowerment, as it’s recently been designated, and NBA players are placing a major premium on freedom of movement and choice of teammates. You can see this in the sheer number of different franchises for which top players suit up, relative to in the past. From the 1980s through the 2000s, a top 25 NBA player of a given decade (according to consensus Wins Created)1Which combines Box Plus/Minus, Win Shares and Player Efficiency Rating into a single consensus measure of player performance, scaled to absolute wins added. played for 1.99 teams during a 10-year span, on average. During the 2010s, however, the average top 25 player has played for 2.76 teams. And that bump in franchises played for holds across most of the ranking slots from No. 1 to No. 25, if we plot them out in a chart: Keep track of the chaotic NBA offseason with our Free Agency Diary. read more

Urban Meyers intense coaching style eases transition from Tressel Fickell

The upcoming 2012 football season will see a third coach at the helm of the Ohio State Buckeyes since 2010. Transitioning through three head coaches in three different seasons could seem like a daunting task, and for some players it was, but OSU football’s new leader got the attention of players quickly. In 2010, Jim Tressel was knowingly fielding a team with ineligible players and was later forced to resign on May 30, 2011. Last season, Luke Fickell led the Buckeyes to a 6-7 record and an appearance in the 2012 Gator Bowl. Fickell remains with the Buckeyes as the team’s co-defensive coordinator for what many OSU fans likely hope is the only head coach they’ll see for the foreseeable future – Urban Meyer. Meyer has been at OSU for about six months and players said his impact was felt from the moment he took over. Junior defensive back C.J. Barnett said he wasn’t sure what to expect from Meyer, especially after coming off of a more “laid-back atmosphere” under Tressel and Fickell. “He definitely got our attention right off the bat,” Barnett said. “But it’s been great ever since, things have been highly intense and very motivating.” Meyer decided to make some big moves since being named OSU’s 24th head coach. He did not retain the services of offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Jim Bollman and hired in Tom Herman from Iowa State to be the new offensive coordinator, a position he held with the Cyclones for the last three years. He also let go defensive coordinator Jim Heacock and hired Everett Withers from North Carolina. He appointed Withers as assistant head coach and co-defensive coordinator and Fickell will serve as defensive coordinator. With the departure of Bollman, Meyer brought in Ohio-native Ed Warinner to be his offensive line coach and co-offensive coordinator with Herman. Junior offensive lineman Corey Linsley said Warinner’s arrival has brought a more enthusiastic attitude than what Bollman had. “Both coaches are great technicians but that’s what Bollman was known for,” Linsley said. “Coach Warinner is a little bit better at playing low and being enthusiastic in practice. He’s been great at getting us going and I think that’s helped us a lot.” Senior tight end Jake Stoneburner said spring drills were a work in progress and at times it was difficult because they had to learn an entirely new offensive scheme. “Our heads were spinning, it was like being a freshman all over again,” he said. But he said things have been coming together recently and he’s excited for this season because it’s the type of offense he’s always wanted to a part of. Stoneburner also said he thinks the offense will be able to get off at least 20 more plays a game due to the no-huddle pace Meyer has incorporated. “Last year we would just huddle, break it, run a play, then slowly get back (to the huddle). Not that that was a bad thing, because we won a lot of games doing it, but as long as we’re (the offense) in shape, then we’re going to wear a lot of defenses down,” he said. When Tressel was still at OSU, he was known for his belief that the punt was the most important play of the game. According to senior punter and place kicker Ben Buchanan, Meyer has brought a new punting strategy to the special teams unit. Buchanan said Meyer likes to directionally punt and focus on pinning the ball into the corners, which requires different blocking schemes than what the team was doing before. “It’s exciting moving from the spring into the summer because in the spring, we didn’t have any idea of what we were getting into,” Buchanan said. “Last year, it was a totally different unit, a totally different scheme. Having those things (new schemes) in place for the spring as work in the summer months is going to make it a lot easier to be successful.” The Buckeyes have three months remaining until they find out if Meyer and some of the new coaches on the staff have been successful in their tutelage when they open up 2012 at home against Miami (Ohio) Sept. 1. read more

Poland waiting Germany with 11000 fans before OG qualification in Alicante

Handball Poland is ready to break a record of munber of fans on one handball match. Despite average results since World Championship in Croatia 2009, Poland is still enthustiastic about Handball as we can see through success and work of Orlen Wisla Plock and Vive Targi Kielce. Bogdan Wenta and his players could catch the “Last train for Olympic Games” in Spanish city, Alicante from 6th to 8th of April against Spain, Serbia and Algeria, but before that Poland waiting Germany in friendly match in “Ergo Arena” Gdansk in front of 11.000 fans!From list of 21 players, Wenta will choose 16 for Spain:1     Karol Bielecki     Rhein-Neckar Löwen2     Mateusz Jachlewski     Vive Targi Kielce3     Bartłomiej Jaszka     Füchse Berlin4     Mariusz Jurasik     Vive Targi Kielce5     Bartosz Jurecki     SC Magdeburg6     Michał Jurecki     Vive Targi Kielce7     Mariusz Jurkiewicz     BM Atletico Madryt8     Patryk Kuchczyński     Vive Targi Kielce9     Zbigniew Kwiatkowski     Orlen Wisła Płock10     Krzysztof Lijewski     Rhein-Neckar Löwen11     Marcin Lijewski     HSV Hamburg12     Robert Orzechowski     MMTS Kwidzyn13     Tomasz Rosiński     Vive Targi Kielce14     Kamil Syprzak     Orlen Wisła Płock15     Sławomir Szmal     Vive Targi Kielce16     Grzegorz Tkaczyk     Vive Targi Kielce17     Tomasz Tłuczyński     TuS N-Lübbecke18     Bartłomiej Tomczak     Vive Targi Kielce19     Marcin Wichary     Orlen Wisła Płock20     Adam Wiśniewski     Orlen Wisła Płock21     Piotr Wyszomirski     KS Azoty PuławyWe already wrote about this match a few months ago…photo: balkan-handball.com Bogdan WentaErgo Arena handballGdanskgermanyPolandPoles handballPolish HandballVive Targi KielceWisla Plock ← Previous Story ASOBAL (Round 23): Leon wins “third place” battle – Hombrados 26 saves! Next Story → Sweden without Kallman and Du Rietz waiting OG qualifications read more

The 5 at 5 Wednesday

first_imgEACH WEEKDAY EVENING, TheJournal.ie brings you the five stories you need to know before you hit the road.1. #SHATTER: Alan Shatter has “no comment at this time” after Taoiseach Enda Kenny said he shouldn’t take his €70,000 severance payment.2. #CYBER-ATTACK: Ebay is asking all of its users to change their passwords after user information was stolen from the site.3. #COURTS: RTÉ reports that a 25-year-old man told the Central Criminal Court that he killed a 30-year-old woman after he ‘saw red and lost control’. He admits killing her but denies murder.4. #’CUTE HOORISM’: Fianna Fáil local election candidate David Costello has denied that he is trying to shaft party colleagues by claiming the endorsement of the party’s European candidate Mary Fitzpatrick.5. #DRUMMER: The bankruptcy trial of former Anglo Irish Bank CEO David Drumm got underway at a Boston court today.See all of today’s news on TheJournal.ie here>last_img read more

Refugee relief in the Near East

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Return to Anatolia and Yarra Plenty Library will host the photographic exhibition Refugee Relief in the Near East. The exhibition focuses on the photographic documentation about of the aftermath of the Armenian genocide and the near east relief. The exhibition is presented by Varant Meguerditchian, executive director, Armenian National Committee of Australia. Sofia Kotanidis, Chairperson, Return to Anatolia tells Neos Kosmos their aim is to “Educate the Australian community at large on who we are and about the tragic events that occurred in the early 1900s, that is the Hellenic, Armenian and Assyrian Genocide.“This photographic documentation is about the aftermath of the Armenian Genocide. How the Near East Relief was involved, which included Australia. “We aim to inform the community how Australians were ready to help by sending food, money and people over to Greece and the Middle East help the genocide survivors.” The event is being held at the Mill Park Library 394 Plenty Rd, Mill Park, Victoria, on Saturday 1 October 1.00 pm – 2.30 pm. The exhibition will run for the month of August. For more information contact Sophia on 0425 822 257.last_img read more

Weather Eye Rest of week sunny cooler than average

first_img Luckily for me the forecast was spot on as I mentioned Sunday that the main precipitation belt would remain to our south. If it hadn’t, we could have seen over a foot of snow like the Eugene area. Whew! We dodged a bullet.The west side of Clark County like Hazel Dell, Felida and Salmon Creek got a dusting of one inch or less. East of I-5 didn’t get much at all. A little payback for a couple weeks ago when it was reversed. Enough circulation was present Monday afternoon that snow flurries were still falling around the county.Today should be mostly sunny by afternoon but on the cool side. In fact, all week will remain much cooler than average. We should be having highs in the mid 50s by the time March rolls in on Friday. A large trough of low pressure remains parked off our coast and looking at weather charts yesterday afternoon, it was still “possible” someone gets another flurry of snow tonight through Thursday. If it materializes it would not be much.February will certainly go down as the coldest one in 30 years since the icebox of 1989. Friday, March 1, should unfold in the spirit of a lamb with fair skies. Hopefully that lamb will have a good coat of wool as the temperatures remain far below normal. And, Friday is the first day of the meteorological spring. I can hardly wait.Meanwhile around town, weather watcher Larry Lebsack of the Barberton area reports, “Just to put it on record, I heard the frogs ‘peeping’ last Wednesday night for the first time.” Well, that’s a sure sign that spring can’t be too far around the corner isn’t it?Bundle up and make the rest of the week a good one. Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at http://patricktimm.com.last_img read more

Liverpool quartet to miss Napoli friendly

first_imgLiverpool will miss four players due to injury when they face Napoli in a pre-season friendly this weekend, according to FourFourTwo.The club’s quartet of Adam Lallana, Marko Grujic, Joel Matip and Danny Ings will all miss the game against Napoli which takes place at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.A thigh injury picked up during preseason last year ultimately wrecked Adam Lallana’s season with Liverpool and though he featured in the UEFA Champions League 3-1 final defeat to Real Madrid in Kiev, he missed out on a place in England’s World Cup squad as head coach Gareth Southgate opted for other midfielders in his stead.The former Southampton captain has featured in six of Liverpool’s pre-season friendlies so far but the club have confirmed he will sit out the game on Saturday due to a sore calf. Young Serbian midfielder Marko Grujic will also miss the game against Carlo Ancelotti’s side due to a minor hamstring problem.Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.Defender Joel Matip who continues his comeback from a hip flexor injury he picked up during the club’s participation in the International Champions Cup in the United States will remain at the club’s training ground with Danny Ings.Ings is back to full fitness after missing Liverpool’s preseason tour of the US but manager Jurgen Klopp has left him out of the side for tomorrow’s game as he plans to shuffle his frontline.Speculation over the future of Danny Ings have been building so far this summer, with reports in the UK suggesting Crystal Palace want the former Burnley striker to join them this summer.last_img read more

Send ASA Your Planting Photos

first_img Visit ASA on Twitter.  Visit ASA on Facebook. ASA wants to dress up its Facebook page with photos from this year’s soybean planting season. ASA members with Facebook profiles can post their photos to ASA’s page with a description and location. Those on Twitter can tweet photos to @ASA_Soybeans with the hashtag #plant13.ASA members who aren’t on either of those networks can email their photos to ASA Communications Director Patrick Delaney. Photos submitted by any of these methods may be used in an upcoming issue of an ASA publication!last_img

IBTimes Special Revisiting all Cricket World Cup Finals – 1979

first_imgWest Indies team with World Cup trophy in 1979Twitter/Cricket World CupWe continue our series of looking back at all 11 cricket World Cup Finals. In this second instalment, our focus is on the 1979 World Cup Final contested between defending champions West Indies and hosts England at the same venue which hosted the first – Lord’s cricket ground.By 1979 West Indies were the uncrowned kings of cricket and they were in possession of one of the most intimidating pace bowling line-ups in the history of the game. Their batting line-up was also bedecked with great names such as Desmond Haynes, Gordon Greenidge, Clive Lloyd and the greatest of them all, Vivian Richards.1979 – England vs West Indies (Lord’s)It was their captain Lloyd who was the star of the 1975 Final but Richards had also played a key part by orchestrating three run-outs. But now, it was time for King Viv to take the centerstage with the bat and give another demonstration of his batting prowess.West Indies batted first, just as they had done in 1975. England had no respite as Viv Richards decided to unleash his genius on the hosts’ bowling attack. Interestingly, the man who joined him in putting the English bowlers to the sword was somebody relatively unknown in the history of West Indian cricket – Collis King.This lesser-known right-hander batted with such aggression that even King Viv, usually the most devastating opponent of bowlers in the world, couldn’t match his flair. While the legendary Antiguan scored a magnificent 138 off 157 balls, King played a blistering knock of 86 off just 66 balls. Michael Holding (right) with Andy Roberts (left) and Vivian Richards were all part of the 1979 teamReutersWest Indies ended up with a score of 286/9 in the stipulated 60 overs. England had a tough task in front of them. Chasing 287 was difficult enough in those days, but when a team has a bowling attack consisting of Andy Roberts, Michael Holding, Joel Garner and Colin Croft arrayed against them, it is a huge mountain to climb.The English opening partnership was of Geoffrey Boycott and Mike Brearley. The former is a legend of the game but batting aggressively was never something he was known for. Brearley, on the other hand, is a figure renowned for his captaincy, not batting. The pair batted at a pace which wouldn’t have been out of place in a Test match, something not suited to an ODI contest.Controversy There is one moment of the game that has become famous and gave birth to one of cricket’s biggest conspiracy theories. Boycott, at one stage, decided to take the attack to the opposition and target the part-time off-spin of Vivian Richards. In an attempt to go over the top, the great English opener stepped out and mistimed a lofted shot which gave the West Indies captain, Lloyd an easy chance at mid-on. But he dropped it!This meant that the Boycott-Brearley duo continued to bat in their merry way and put on a partnership of 129 runs for the first wicket. The problem, however, was that they had consumed nearly two-thirds of the innings in the process. The match was firmly in control of West Indies by then and England, everntually, got bowled out for 194 in 51 overs with Joel Garner picking up five wickets.A lot of people conjectured that the drop of Boycott by Lloyd was deliberate to extend the stay of the dogged England batsman at the crease. Lloyd denied the charge but did admit that as a strategy, it would not have been bad. Till this day, there is a debate over the grassing of the catch by West Indian captain. Did he do it on purpose? The question is still asked.Whatever may have been the case, the second consecutive World title cemented West Indies’ reputation as the world’s best side even further. For England, it was the first of three defeats in World Cup Finals.last_img read more

Deceased woman found on Playa del Carmen beach identified as Italian tourist

first_imgPlaya del Carmen, Q.R. — Local authorities have identified the deceased woman found on a Playa del Carmen beach last week as an Italian tourist. Photo: La Fiscalía General del Estado Mexican authorities were in contact with the Italian embassy and working with them for her return via deportation. While details in between remain unclear, Ruzzenenti was escorted back to the beach at her request to see the sea one last time. According to la Repubblica.it, Anna Ruzzenenti was an instructor with Scuba School International and was from Bardolino, in the province of Verona.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) The woman has been identified as 27-year-old Anna Ruzzenenti. Her death is being ruled a suicide. Ruzzenenti, who is a native of Italy and arrived in Playa del Carmen mid-December, was in the process of deportation from Mexico back to Italy. center_img Reports say the young woman was being treated for a previous suicide attempt in Playa del Carmen when, on December 19, she attempted to drown herself. She was rescued from the sea by personnel of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone and taken to hospital where she was stabilized. One day later, on December 20, her body was found washed up on a beach at the Royal Hacienda Hotel. The Italian Embassy is investigating the events in coordination with Mexican authorities.last_img read more

Patient Enrollment Opens For Largest Brain Amyloid Scanning Research Study

first_img News | PET-CT | August 15, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Installation of uExplorer Total-body PET/CT United Imaging announced that its uExplorer total-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system… read more News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more News | PET Imaging | March 03, 2016 Patient Enrollment Opens For Largest Brain Amyloid Scanning Research Study IDEAS Study offers reimbursement for PET imaging to help clarify diagnosis of dementia in patients in whom cause is uncertain News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more News | Stroke | August 16, 2019 Mobile Stroke Unit Gets Patients Quicker Treatment Than Traditional Ambulance Every second counts for stroke patients, as studies show they can lose up to 27 million brain cells per minute…. read more Image courtesy of UTHealth McGovern Medical School Related Content Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more center_img Image courtesy of Imago Systems News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more Technology | Neuro Imaging | August 07, 2019 Synaptive Medical Launches Modus Plan With Automated Tractography Segmentation Synaptive Medical announced the U.S. launch and availability of Modus Plan featuring BrightMatter AutoSeg. This release… read more News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | August 07, 2019 Contrast Use in First Transthoracic Echocardiogram for Heart Failure Reduces Repeat Testing Heart failure is the fourth most common cause for all admission to U.S. hospitals, and it is the most common reason for… read more March 3, 2016 — Participating dementia specialists may now enroll patients in the Imaging Dementia—Evidence for Amyloid Scanning (IDEAS) Study at IDEAS-Study.org. Primary care and other doctors not taking part in the IDEAS Study are encouraged to refer eligible patients to participating physicians.The IDEAS Study will follow more than 18,000 Medicare beneficiaries to determine the clinical value of a brain positron emission tomography (PET) scan to detect the hallmark brain amyloid accumulation of Alzheimer’s disease in diagnosing and managing treatment of patients age 65 and older with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia of uncertain cause. Information from this scan can help exclude underlying Alzheimer’s disease, and may help guide patient management.”We are excited that approved physicians may begin registering patients for the IDEAS Study. We anticipate that results from the study will greatly inform future treatment and coverage decisions that can benefit countless Americans and others around the world,” said Gil D. Rabinovici, M.D., IDEAS Study principal investigator and associate professor of neurology at the University of California, San Francisco.Board-certified neurologists, psychiatrists and geriatric medicine physicians interested in enrolling eligible patients in the IDEAS Study, along with PET facilities that would like to join the study as imaging sites, may apply for participation online using the register/login portal. Participating physicians may enroll eligible patients using the same portal. Background on the study, requirements for participation and a set of frequently asked questions are available on the IDEAS website.”The IDEAS Study will provide the evidence needed to demonstrate the utility of amyloid PET imaging in a clinical setting and for future decision making about insurance coverage for what we believe to be an important diagnostic tool,” said Maria Carrillo, Ph.D., Alzheimer’s Association chief science officer and IDEAS Study co-chair. “A swift and accurate diagnosis has a huge impact on access to Alzheimer’s treatments, eligibility for research trials, plus much-needed support and information services.”The IDEAS Study will not directly recruit patients. Participants must instead be referred into the study by dementia specialists. Dementia specialists will enroll patients whose cases meet the study enrollment criteria and refer them for an amyloid PET scan. Amyloid PET scans will be performed and interpreted by a nuclear medicine physician or radiologist, with results provided to the ordering physician for disclosure to the patient and to support further diagnostic decisions. Scan results and diagnosis will be captured for the study.Participating PET facilities and interpreting physicians will be reimbursed for the scans under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Coverage with Evidence Development (CED) policy that requires research study participation as a condition of Medicare payment. This is currently the only way a brain amyloid PET scan will be covered for Medicare beneficiaries.The IDEAS Study is led by the Alzheimer’s Association and managed by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN).For more information: www.ideas-study.org FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享last_img read more

Home Sales Housing Markets Will Lift in 2012 Fannie Mae

first_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Agents & Brokers Confidence Debt Crisis European Union Existing-Home Sales Fannie Mae First-Time Homebuyers Fixed-Rate Mortgage GDP Home Prices Home Sales Housing Affordability Lenders & Servicers Pending-Home Prices Processing Service Providers Unemployment 2012-01-13 Ryan Schuette Share Home Sales, Housing Markets Will Lift in 2012: Fannie Maecenter_img The economy will drift upward in 2012 as incremental changes take place in the housing market, with a divisive and uncertain policy environment the darkest cloud on the horizon, “”Fannie Mae””:http://www.fanniemae.com/portal/index.html said in an “”economic outlook””:http://www.fanniemae.com/resources/file/research/emma/pdf/Housing_Forecast_011312.pdf Friday.[IMAGE]””Doug Duncan””:http://www.fanniemae.com/portal/about-us/company-overview/leadership/duncan.html, VP and chief economist with Fannie Mae, offered up the outlook from the GSE’s Economics and Mortgage Analysis Group.””We’re entering 2012 with decent momentum, especially on the employment side, which is fostering positive household and consumer behavior,”” he said in a statement. “”Unfortunately, we expect this momentum to slow as we move through the first half of the year.””Speaking via podcast, Duncan said that shrinking unemployment figures and stronger retail sales created a “”decent”” lift for the economy by yearend 2011.[COLUMN_BREAK]The forecast signaled that real GDP finished last year with a 3.3-percent uptick, with the economy set to encounter approximately 2.3 percent in growth for the next two years.If the forecast holds true, the housing market may not fare so poorly this year, either, and will likely lend movement to a dragging economy.Fannie Mae said that total home sales could hit 4.7 million in 2012, reflecting a 3.5-percent boost from total sales, new and existing, last year. If trends continue, the forecast said that home sales could reach as many as 5 million come 2013.Home prices may have fallen 4.6 percent lower in 2011 than figures seen from the year earlier, and could dip by 1.1 percent for 2012, with median new purchases falling from $223,000 on average to $218,000. The mortgage origination channel varied by turns deep and southerly, with Fannie Mae saying that originations will likely plummet from $1.36 trillion to $1.01 trillion next year.Figures for home loan purchases may offset the other numbers, with predictions that these could climb from $464 billion last year to $471 billion this year.Duncan said during the podcast that fiscal policy will matter as much if not more than economic activity in 2012.””It’s going to be fiscal policy and other policy issues that will determine the degree of activity that businesses and consumers undertake”” as consumers take less concern with debt crises abroad, he said. January 13, 2012 443 Views last_img read more