Good win for Azan’s Edison

first_imgThe promising claiming apprentice Bebeto Harvey teamed up with 7-2 chance EDISON to win the highly competitive overnight allowance feature over 1300 metres from the fast-finishing SHINING LIGHT (9-2) at Caymanas Park yesterday.Harvey, who is a past student of Waterford High, had the Richard Azan-trained EDISON handily placed passing the half-mile as the 54-1 outsider BLACK THORN led the 13-horse field, ahead of the chasing RED FLAG (7-1). EDISON was soon sent in chase of BLACK THORN and went by on the outside entering the straight and held on grimly by a neck to thwart a late run from SHINING LIGHT under in-form Aaron Chatrie.Harvey, who was notching his 17th winner since graduating from the Jockeys’ School last September, said EDISON had a perfect trip.”He was well drawn on the outside of the field on a muddy track and was able to avoid traffic,” said the young rider.”When I improved into second three furlongs out, I knew he was ready to run, and in the end, held them at bay for the victory,” he added. A 7-y-o bay gelding by Outrigger-Perfect Ten, EDISON is owned by Elite Bloodstock Limited and bred by Dave Girod and Laurence Heffes.The 6-5 favourite COMMANDING CHIEF, seeking his first win since August 2014, could fare no better than fifth under leading jockey Dane Nelson, who said: “He was never that far off the pace, but took a lot of riding leaving the half-mile and really needed a longer trip and a more relaxed pace.”Trainer Anthony ‘Baba’ NuÒes saddled two winners on the afternoon in COME DANCE WITH ME and the lightly raced 3-y-o colt SOY EL SENOR, both obliging at 2-1.last_img read more

Secular Science Analyzes Jesus

first_imgIn a classic religion-vs-science confrontation, Live Science took on the question, “Jesus Christ the Man: Does the Physical Evidence Hold Up?”  The answer may say more about science than about Jesus.    To begin with, reporter Natalie Wolchover drew distinctions between scientific evidence and belief – as if evidence requires no belief or assumption or interpretation.  The belief of Christians in Jesus’ life comes from “textual evidence in the Bible” – betraying a bias that textual evidence is less credible than scientific evidence.  Her headline also implies that evidence must be physical.  This rules out logical and textual evidence and eyewitness testimony.  It also begs questions about whether other beliefs accepted by scientists are based on physical evidence alone.    Wolchover spent a moment on a red herring about Simcha Jacobovici (“The Naked Archaeologist” from the History Channel) and his latest documentary about two crooked nails he claims are tied to the crucifixion.  Many scholars consider this little more than a publicity stunt (see Bible Places blog #1 and #2).  From there, Wolchover debunked various other relic stories, including the lead plates recently announced from Jordan (see Bible Places).  But dubious archaeological claims, frauds and forgeries have little to do with the question of whether Jesus really lived.    After dispensing with relics, Wolchover turned her science scanner on texts.  The Dead Sea scrolls are not much help, she claimed, because the “Teacher of Righteousness” mentioned in some scrolls could be anybody.    Regarding the Biblical text, she seemed to indicate that non-canonical gospels have equal bearing with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John on the history of Jesus: “There are still other Gospels,” she said, without naming them, “never canonized but written by near-contemporaries of Jesus all the same.”  She did not mention that the Gospel of Judas (04/09/2006, 12/26/2007) was written much later by Gnostics, and that the Gospel of Thomas and others have long been considered spurious by early church fathers who lived closest in time to the writing of those documents.  Nor did she explore the church fathers’ criteria for authenticity, the social dynamics of heretics and cults who might have reasons to write spurious accounts, nor the science of textual analysis, concerned with the authenticity of texts.    All the same, she drew a middle ground on the historicity of Jesus, quoting Marcus Borg, a secular scholar at Oregon State: “We do know some things about the historical Jesus – less than some Christians think, but more than some skeptics think.”  That judgment, though, rests on what documents one takes as credible.  Borg did not question the fact that Jesus lived, but from the textual evidence, presented a synopsis of Jesus’ life sanitized of the miraculous.  Acknowledging that “More healing stories are told about Jesus than about any other figure in the Jewish tradition,” he proceeded to the crux of the story: the cross and resurrection:He was executed by Roman imperial authority, and his followers experienced him after his death.  It is clear, Borg said, that they had visions of Jesus as they had known him during his historical life.  Only after his death did they declare Jesus to be “lord” or “the son of God.”To make such claims, Borg (and Wolchover, the reporter) had to rule out of court the eyewitness testimony of Thomas, the doubter, who reached into the wounds of the risen Jesus (John 20:24-27), of John, who said their hands touched Him (I John 1:1-4), and of all the disciples who saw him eat and drink in their presence (Luke 24, John 21), and the 500 who saw him at one time (I Cor 15:1-11), most of whom were still alive when the testimony was written.    Moreover, to deny the resurrection, they would have to completely discount the life testimony of the Apostle Paul (I Corinthians 15, written at most 25 years after the crucifixion), the fact that Paul had been a hostile witness (I Timothy 1:12-16), yet spread his testimony of the risen Christ throughout the middle east and Europe, finally being martyred without flinching from his testimony.    They would have to deny that Matthew, Mark, Peter, John (1 John 1:1-10), James and possibly the writer of Hebrews were also eyewitnesses of Jesus and the resurrection, and that the New Testament authors, including Luke (Luke 1:1-4, Acts 1:1-3), Peter (2 Peter 3:16-21), John (I John 4:1-6), Paul (2 Timothy 3) all advocated telling the truth, each of them staunchly opposing myths and fact-free speculations (I Timothy 4:1-4).    Furthermore, they would have to ignore the fact that all the apostles (except possibly John), who claimed they had seen the resurrected Christ, died martyr’s deaths without recanting.  Plus, they would have to explain the explosive growth of the early church in a time of persecution, when all the enemies of the new faith would have to do to squelch it was produce the body of Jesus and parade it down the streets of Jerusalem.  Furthermore, Wolchover and Borg had to dismiss a priori the possibility of predictive prophecy (Isaiah 53, Luke 24, esp. vv. 25-26).    No philosopher of science would affirm that the opinions of Borg and Wolchover were dictated to them by the scientific evidence itself.  Clearly a different set of authorities would produce different conclusions.  The question of what constitutes evidence is a philosophical question about science, not a statement by science.  Invariably, one must consider the biases that fallible human beings bring to a question. Easter is approaching; that must mean it’s time for Jesus-debunking articles by secular bigots.  Secularists pick and choose the kinds of evidence they like, draw their conclusions based on that selected evidence, filter it through their materialistic biases, and proclaim to the world that science has shown the resurrection to be a myth, congratulating themselves that they have been neutral “scientists” and not selfish, biased, sinful dogmatists like the rest of the rabble.    Understand what is behind these writings.  It is vital for Evil Science (that’s “Live” backwards) to debunk Jesus, because He gets in the way of their favorite god, Charlie the Bearded Buddha, who lets them do whatever they want.  Don’t be distracted by the red herrings about relics; that is not what conservative Bible scholars who accept the historicity of Jesus rely on; if anything, they dismiss it as holy junk.    If you want a more credible testimony, read the writings of the Apostle Paul, who had been dedicated to crushing the early Christians until he saw the risen Christ on the road to Damascus (Acts 9).    See also the DVD The Case for Christ (available from La Mirada Films), which presents numerous lines of evidence by knowledgeable scholars, narrated by Lee Strobel, formerly a hard-hearted atheist, who had no reason to believe the Bible and every reason to oppose it, till he checked out the evidence for himself.  It all converged on a uniform conclusion that was so powerful, Strobel said it would take more faith to deny it than to accept it.    Nobody should be gullible.  It’s OK to be a doubting Thomas – for awhile, till presented with undeniable evidence (John 20).  Let this be the year you get the best evidence from the most reliable sources and come to grips with the reality of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28).(Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, May 10, 2019

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest No change in the nearby forecast this morning. Showers remain over parts of the state this morning as a cold front tries to sweep through Ohio. Rain totals can be from .25″-.75″ over 60% of the state, but they should all be gone (off to the east and north) by early afternoon. The rest of the day will turn out partly sunny. Tomorrow will be partly sunny as well, but clouds increase later in the day. Scattered showers arrive ahead of sunset in the western part of Ohio, and then spread across the state through Saturday overnight and Sunday midday. There can be some good thunderstorms in there too, which will really boost rain totals. Right now  we are projecting .25″-.75′ from I-70 northward, but half to 2 inches from I-70 southward. There will be 100% coverage of rain over the state from tomorrow night through Sunday. Sunday afternoon stays mostly cloudy, with no more than a couple isolated pop up showers with perhaps 40% coverage and totals up to .1″.  We remain mostly cloudy on Monday and also may have to deal with a pop up shower and 50% coverage. The clouds and the nearby moisture means we do not see as good of drying for these periods as we had hoped, in spite of no new significant precipitation. Tuesday should turn out cloudy to partly sunny. Rain arrives for next Wednesday with 90% coverage once again. Rain totals will end up from .25”-.75”. Most of this action will be gentle, but there will plenty of moisture around. We can talk about a 4 day dry stretch to finish next week, though. We turnout partly to mostly sunny next Thursday through next Saturday. Temps will be cool to start, but will build back to near normal levels by the end of the dry stretch. Will it be enough to promote field work? That depends mostly on what we see out of the systems ahead of it this coming Saturday night and next Wednesday. The map at right shows rain fall potential combined for the coming 10 days. The extended period still has rain in for the 20th and 21st, as we start things off. We like rain totals for those days combined at .2”-.8” with coverage at 70% on Monday (20th) and only 30% on Tuesday (21st). The rest of the period we still are leaning toward a drier solution, but models are being consistent and persistent in talks of moisture for the Wednesday-Friday period (22nd-24th). We will wait on data from through the weekend before changing our forecast, so stay tuned.last_img read more

Create an outdoor lifestyle in an urban environment

first_img SharePrint RelatedWe’ve Got Urban Geocaching on Lock — QuadLockLog (GC330KJ) — Geocache of the WeekAugust 7, 2013In “Community”How Teens Discover GeocachingJuly 8, 2011In “Community”How to have a ball when creating a geocache: Interview with cache owner Bouncebounce!April 23, 2019In “News” You probably figured out that you can’t always get out to a wooded park or natural area to earn a smiley. Many times, a find is whatever cache is closest or on your way, but urban geocaching can offer much, much more. Plus, it can help create and maintain an outdoor lifestyle while living in an urban landscape.Urban geocaching can be just as amazing as caches hidden deep in the woods—and if you live in a city or urban area, they’re much more accessible for the everyday. Here are seven ways to create an outdoor lifestyle through urban caching: Bike to work and find a cache along the way.Walk instead of driving to a geocache event.Geocache on your lunch break. You may discover wonders you walked past a million times!Have a picnic in a park…you never know what might be under the table. Do an urban hike and explore your neighborhood.Introduce geocaching as a team-building activity with your coworkers. Don’t let your urban surroundings determine what you can do outside, or limit how much time you spend doing it. Urban caching can be much more rewarding than one may think! There’s always a way to integrate both worlds, after all every bit of activity counts and will get you one step closer to a smiley! How do you integrate geocaching into your lifestyle? What has been your favorite urban geocache find so far? Tell us in the comments.Share with your Friends:More Get outside with your pets; they may even help you sniff out the find!last_img read more

Wales Puts Founder Pen Away at Wikipedia, For Now

first_imgTags:#user-generated content#web “I have no interest in trying to get Wikimedia shut down; that would be unnecessary, and I doubt it would happen as a result of the violation of the statute. But I think and hope it may cause pressure on Wikimedia from law enforcement, politicians, and the general public to eliminate this sort of content. I also hope that Wikimedia will be persuaded, or if necessary forced, to label its “adult” content as such in a consistent and reliable way, so that it can be easily filtered by school system filters.” A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Jimmy Wales has withdrawn from actively editing, as a “founder,” (ie, under a “Founder’s flag“) Wikipedia, the massive online encyclopedia he helped to create, and its allied and subsidiary websites. (Wales remains the Founder-Member of the Wikimedia Foundation’s Board of Trustees and has all the same editorial rights as any other of the organization’s volunteer editors. )Last week, Fox News started asking representatives at companies that have donated to the group’s Wikimedia Foundation for comment on their discovery that Wikimedia Commons had a large collection of photographs that could be described as pornography, even as child pornography. On hearing this, Wales apparently began unilaterally to delete images from the group’s servers. This set off a great argument among the encyclopedia’s editors. According to an editor and volunteer at the organization, Wales was not forced out but withdrew as a peace offering to editors who were irked with his decision. Wales said as much in this discussion thread. “In the interest of encouraging this discussion to be about real philosophical/content issues, rather than be about me and how quickly I acted, I’ve just now removed virtually all permissions to actually do things from the “Founder” flag. I even removed my ability to edit semi-protected pages! (I’ve kept permissions related to ‘viewing’ things.)I do not want to be a tyrant or dictator. I do not want us to fight about that kind of thing, as it’s really a distraction from our work.”The widely quoted Fox story was inspired by Larry Sanger, a co-founder currently on the outs with the organization, who reported the hosting of child porn by the organization to the FBI. Wikimedia Commons, the “free media repository” associated with the encyclopedia, pursues a policy of no censorship and of educational emphasis. The presence of sex and drug-related content has been a thread of debate among editors seeking to hew to these policy points. This “kerfuffle” is just the latest and one of the more dramatic expression of this.Mr. Sanger responded to our inquiries by email. “While I did use the term ‘child pornography,’ I was clear in my report to the FBI that what I was reporting were explicit drawings of child sexual abuse–the relevant statute was 18 USC 1466A, I said. I stand by this. I think a lot of people who have dismissed my concerns as being about ‘mere drawings’ that were ‘historic’ have not actually clicked on the thumbnails and looked at the pictures–they truly are disturbing, at least to me. I do think that the statute was designed to be applied to this sort of material. But, of course, that is for the FBI and the courts to decide….“A lot of people have dismissed my motives as insincere and self-interested. As I explain in the first of the above links, I do not think that this controversy has much chance of helping Citizendium or WatchKnow, or me. It has, as I expected, made me unpopular with a lot of Internet geeks. That can’t be helped, I guess.”He refered us to his response on Slashdot regarding his motivations for calling the FBI. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market curt hopkinslast_img read more

Jaipur Foot camp in Syria

first_imgA special camp will be organised in Syria to fit “Jaipur Foot”, an artificial limb, in people wounded in the civil war in the West Asian country.The Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS), the parent body of ‘Jaipur Foot’, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Syrian organisation Saint James the Mutilated (SJM) for the purpose.Under the MoU BMVSS will hold a special camp in Syria with the support of Ministry of External Affairs and the Syrian Foreign Ministry.In the first phase, 500 amputees would be provided with ‘Jaipur Foot’, a release from BMVSS said on Saturdaylast_img

Eddie Alvarez gets knocked out in opening round of ONE debut

first_imgTrump tells impeachment jokes at annual turkey pardon event The heavy-handed Russian delivered the biggest surprise so far as he knocked out Alvarez in just the opening round.“I feel very good. Its my style. I like to finishoff opponents in the first round and I did it,” Nastyukhin said through a translator after their Lightweight World Grand Prix quarterfinal.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logisticsNastyukhin unleashed that started with solid right that rocked Alvarez before the fight was stopped.The 35-year-old Alvarez has won titles in the UFC and Bellator but winning a belt in ONE may be harder than it looks. PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting Bloomberg: US would benefit from more, not fewer, immigrants Panelo: Duterte ‘angry’ with SEA Games hosting hassles MOST READ Cadence when running may be less important for performance than previously thought Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next LATEST STORIES Google Philippines names new country director Wintry storm delivers US travel woes before Thanksgiving Eddie Alvarez absorbs a thundering right punch. Photo from ONE ChampionshipTOKYO, Japan—Eddie Alvarez wanted the most dangerous opponent available and he got more than what he asked for in Timofey Nastyukhin.Nastyukhin gave Alvarez a rude welcome in his ONE Championship debut in ONE: A New Era Sunday at Ryogoku Kokugikan here.ADVERTISEMENT Colombia protesters vow new strike after talks hit snag View commentslast_img read more

10 months ago​Liverpool boss Klopp provides update on Gomez & Matip

first_img​Liverpool boss Klopp provides update on Gomez & Matipby Ansser Sadiq10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has spoken about injuries to key members of his squad.The Reds are dealing with injuries to the likes of Joel Matip, Joe Gomez, Dejan Lovren and others.Klopp spoke about the situation after his heavily rotated side were defeated 2-1 by Wolves in the FA Cup third round on Monday.”[Joe is] getting better, it’s getting better, but he is not yet involved,” the German told reporters after the game.”Joel is maybe a bit closer, I’m not sure, but hopefully he moves completely normal. We have to see how the bone healing is, that’s always how it is when something [has] broke, but from his movements it looks nearly normal.”But there are still a few days to go until we can have them in team training, until [Joel] is ready for contact, which for a centre-half is pretty important. Until then we will make all the fitness work.”The good thing is Joel can do all the fitness work already since a week or so ago, so that means when he will be back he will be 100 percent fit. Then he has to get rhythm and everything will be fine.” About the authorAnsser SadiqShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

3 days agoTottenham due Lo Celso boost this week

first_imgTottenham due Lo Celso boost this weekby Paul Vegas3 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveTottenham will receive a boost this week with the return of midfielder Giovanni Lo Celso.The Argentine, signed from Real Betis this past summer, has been out for two months with a hip injury.But manager Mauricio Pochettino confirmed on Monday that Lo Celso will be available for Wednesday’s Champions League clash with Red Star Belgrade.Spurs are yet to win collect a win from Group B so far this season. About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img