WINT Water Intelligence Tackles Waste While Improving Efficiency

first_img Enroll Now for $5 WINT Water Intelligence Tackles Waste While Improving Efficiency An Israeli company specializing in high-tech for water use efficiency is doing well in the United States. 7 min read Image credit: WINT Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brand Next Article Add to Queue Sustainability We love to celebrate companies that are making a deposit by making a difference. When we  get asked by entrepreneurship grads, “What business should I go into?” Our answer is always, “Find a business that addresses, mitigates, or helps people and companies survive the biggest mega trend of our time, climate change!”One of the elements that is becoming increasingly scarce and precious is water. Yet we still suffer from leakage, bursts and overuse. What if you could get notified on your phone when there was any unusual use on your water system? What if you could monitor water use with A.I., machine learning and cellular networks? What if your system would automatically shut down if you have a break in the lines?In other words, how about using state-of-the-art technologies to save and use water more efficiently? That’s the value proposition behind WINT Water intelligence. According to WINT CEO, Alon Geva, as much as 25 percent of water is just wasted through leaks, bursts and overuse.Hailing from Israel where water is super precious, WINT uses a comprehensive system of smart valves, AI, machine learning and communication systems to save companies significant amounts of water and expenses. Since the price of water has nowhere to go but up, this technology promises a rather rapid and permanent return on investment. WINT is now available in the United States just in time to help businesses maximize their water use while minimizing their water bills.We caught up with WINT CEO Alon Geva and their Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Yaron Dycian, to find out more about this timely solution.Related: Only This Technology Can Save Us From the Coming Water CrisisM&B: When and how did you first get the idea for this business?Alon: Our founder suffered a water leak in his home, which caused a lot of damage. Following this incident, he looked for a solution that can prevent this from ever happening again but couldn’t quite find one that addressed his needs. So, he decided to build a solution based on the most advanced technology, using artificial intelligence. Our first customers immediately reported that it substantially saved them water and made for more effective water use. Seeing the impact our solution can have on the environment, we then developed our next versions with two value propositions in mind – preventing water damage AND conserving water.M&B: Where was the first WINT application used and where is it used now?Yaron: One of our very first customers was a Fortune 500 company. They deployed WINT in two buildings as a trial. The results beat their expectations – a 27-28 percent reduction in water consumption. Since then, they installed WINT in 24 buildings. Thanks to this corporate customer and others, we keep improving the solution and enhancing our feature set. WINT is now installed in hotels, commercial facilities, high rise office buildings, manufacturers and more.M&B: What does the WINT solution do that sets it apart from what already out there?Yaron: WINT uses Artificial Intelligence that constantly learns how water is being used by the facility. It studies local usage patterns and combines it with knowledge that we’ve acquired over many years in thousands of locations. That enables it to detect any water use anomalies, overuse or even the smallest leaks, in real time. Administrators get the flexibility to choose what to do when a leak is detected – automatic water shutoff, manual shutoff, alerts, and more.In addition, we also operate a global 24/7 control center where all WINT systems are constantly being monitored. So that’s two layers that ensure that WINT detects any water loss events, as soon as they happen. The result is a robust and highly useful solution that no one else has.Related: Here’s How to Save the Planet and Make a ProfitM&B: How is AI employed to produce water savings?Alon: WINT uses artificial intelligence to continuously learn local water flows and behavior. It correlates flow patterns with pre-established knowledge of water users such as irrigation, lavatories, cooling towers and specialized equipment. Following a short learning period, WINT will detect anomalies in real time.WINT also uses AI to provide actionable reports that track consumption and waste – so sustainability teams can measure improvement over time.M&B: How long will an investment in WINT take to pay for itself?Alon: Our customers save approximately 25% of their water bills, so the cost of the solution is returned within 24 months and in most cases much faster.Another source of savings is the prevention of damage from water leaks. These aren’t as frequent as water waste, but when it happens the costs can be very high. When you combine the returns from water savings with damage prevention you get to an ROI within less than 12 months.M&B: What is the biggest challenge you face?Yaron: Organizations aren’t aware of how common this problem is. Sometimes when the system starts detecting water anomalies or overuse a short time after it’s installed, customers may be skeptical.For example, we recently identified a malfunction at a decorative fountain that was wasting $7,000 of water per month. This has been going on for two years! It took us a week to convince the customer that it’s real. Obviously after the first incident customers become really good at tracking down issues that come up using WINT.Related: 5 Unexpected Ways AI Can Save the WorldM&B: What was the biggest lesson you learned developing WINTAlon: We have been witnessing the need for our product growing beyond social responsibility, as companies realize that conserving water is a win-win situation – making a positive impact on the environment by reducing water waste, as well as saving their business substantial amounts of money by detecting leaks and preventing very costly damage and disruption of their business.M&B: It seems like this would be great for agriculture as well as building and factories? Who are your target customers?Yaron: That’s very true – food and agriculture are the largest consumers of water, and water waste is a big deal in these industries. That said, being a small company, we need to focus our efforts to ensure we provide our customers the best solution, tailored to their needs. So, we’re currently focused on commercial and industrial customers. But, as you point out, there are many more market segments we’re hoping to expand to in the near future.M&B: We know you are new in the US, but do you have any happy customers here yet?Alon: Yes. I’m happy to see the list of US customers growing rapidly since we entered the US market. One notable customer is the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, Nevada. I like to give that example because shortly after the system was installed, the WINT system sent an alert to the hotel staff that there was a pipe burst near the spa. The maintenance staff inspected the area but found nothing. They contacted our command center thinking it was a false alert. It wasn’t. The damaged pipe was located behind a wall. The maintenance staff went back to the spa, broke through the wall and saw water gushing out. Since the pipe is located near a drain, it was invisible to anyone on the other side of the wall. That’s a great example of the power of WINT.Conclusion:Going forward, saving water is becoming critical. We love the idea that WINT has developed a solution that is utilizing today’s leading-edge technology to solving two of today’s biggest problems – water waste and water damage. This is a great example of making a deposit by making a difference! To find out more about WINT Water Intelligence go to  Founders Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey June 1, 2019 Guest Writer –shares Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful.last_img read more

Trump Taps Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as Top US Diplomat

first_img Reuters Image credit: Reuters | Daniel Kramer/File Photo Tillerson’s experience in diplomacy stems from making deals with foreign countries for Exxon, although questions have been raised about his relations with Russia. Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brand Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. Add to Queue U.S. President-elect Donald Trump announced Exxon Mobil Corp Chief Executive Officer Rex Tillerson as his choice for secretary of state on Tuesday, praising him as a successful international dealmaker who leads a global operation.Tillerson’s experience in diplomacy stems from making deals with foreign countries for Exxon, the world’s largest energy company, although questions have been raised about his relations with Russia.”He will be a forceful and clear-eyed advocate for America’s vital national interests and help reverse years of misguided foreign policies and actions that have weakened America’s security and standing in the world,” Trump said in a statement.Tillerson has been chief executive of Exxon Mobil since 2006 and, like Trump, has never held public office. He said he shared the president-elect’s “vision for restoring the credibility of the United States’ foreign relations and advancing our country’s national security.”Trump picked Tillerson, 64, after the Texan was backed by several Republican establishment figures, including former Secretary of State James Baker, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, a senior transition official said.Rice and Gates, who have worked for Exxon as consultants, both issued statements of support on Tuesday.Their support is seen as crucial to helping Tillerson get past a possibly contentious Senate confirmation battle likely to focus on his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker, who also was under consideration for the secretary of state job, said in a statement that he would hold a nomination hearing in early January. He called Tillerson “a very impressive individual” with “an extraordinary working knowledge of the world.”Russian tiesLawmakers from both major parties raised concerns about the oilman’s relationship with Moscow. Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, in a statement, said he had “serious concerns” about Tillerson’s nomination.In 2013, Putin bestowed a Russian state honor, the Order of Friendship, on Tillerson, citing his work “strengthening cooperation in the energy sector.””Mr. Tillerson’s cozy ties to Vladimir Putin and Russia would represent an untenable conflict at the State Department,” Rep. Eliot Engel, the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, said in a statement.Trump is confident that Tillerson can get past questions about his ties to Russia, the transition official said.”His relationships with leaders all over the world are second to none,” Trump’s statement said.There also are concerns among lawmakers about former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, who has been mentioned as a possible number two State Department official and who has voiced hawkish views on Iraq and Iran.Republicans and Democrats said they would ask Tillerson, who has met Putin several times, about his contacts with Russia. He won fresh praise from Moscow on Monday.Sen. John McCain, a leading foreign policy voice and the 2008 Republican candidate for president, told Reuters: “I have concerns. It’s very well-known that he has a very close relationship with Vladimir Putin.”There has been controversy over the role alleged Russian cyber hacking may have had on the outcome of the Nov. 8 presidential election, in which Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton.The business community welcomed Trump’s choice of Tillerson.”We are pleased that Rex will bring a business perspective to the State Department,” the National Association of Manufacturers said.Business interestsWhile busily filling out his Cabinet, Trump is seeking to answer questions about how he will separate himself from his far-flung business empire before taking office on Jan. 20.He had planned a news conference on Thursday to lay out the details but delayed it until Tuesday due to what aides said was the crush of picking people to serve in his administration.In a series of late-night tweets on Monday, Trump said he would be leaving his business before his Jan. 20 inauguration so he can focus full-time on the presidency and that he would leave his two sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, to manage it.He did not mention his daughter Ivanka, who has been a central player in his business affairs, as well as his campaign, and who is said to be considering a move to Washington to help her father.”No new deals will be done during my term(s) in office,” Trump said.He said he would hold a news conference “in the near future to discuss the business, Cabinet picks and all other topics of interest. Busy times!”Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman who will serve as Trump’s chief of staff come January, said in several television interviews on Tuesday that efforts were underway to sort out Trump’s complicated businesses.”It takes a lot of time,” he told MSNBC. “We know this is something that we’ve got to deal with.”Meanwhile, Trump has continued to build his administration.A source close to the transition said Trump had chosen former Texas Governor Rick Perry as his nominee for energy secretary, with an announcement expected soon. Perry met Trump on Monday at Trump Tower in New York.In choosing Tillerson, Trump passed over 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who had famously criticized the president-elect during the campaign this year.”It was an honor to have been considered for secretary of state of our great country,” Romney said in a Facebook posting on Monday night.(Reporting by Steve Holland; Additional reporting by Patricia Zengerle and Phil Stewart; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn and Bill Trott) ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson. This story originally appeared on Reuterscenter_img December 13, 2016 Next Article Trump Taps Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as Top U.S. Diplomat Donald Trump –shares 5 min read Enroll Now for $5last_img read more

These Are the Most Popular Apps of 2017

first_img Enroll Now for $5 Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. Next Article Not including games, Netflix was the world’s No. 1 grossing app of 2017, a spot held by Spotify in 2016 and communication app Line in 2015, according to new data from mobile app analytics firm Sensor Tower.”The streaming video giant saw gross subscriber revenue of approximately $510 million last year according to our estimates, representing a huge year-over-year increase of 138 percent, or about 2.4 times the $215 million users spent in the app during 2016,” Randy Nelson, Sensor Tower’s Head of Mobile Insights, wrote in a Friday blog post.Dating app Tinder also had a good 2017, ranking as the world’s No. 2 grossing non-game app. Line came in third, while Pandora and China’s Tencent Video rounded out the top five, respectively. Overall, mobile users spent about $60 billion in apps on Apple’s App Store and Google Play last year.Meanwhile, Facebook-owned WhatsApp raked up more downloads, overall, than any other app, excluding games, in 2017, according to Sensor Tower. Facebook’s main app came in second in terms of downloads, followed by Facebook Messenger, then another Facebook-owned app: Instagram. Snapchat ranked No. 5.As for games, the Japanese hit Monster Strike ranked as the world’s top grossing mobile game of 2017. It was also the highest-earning mobile app overall, for a third consecutive year. China’s Honor of Kings came in second, followed by Fate/Grand Order, Clash Royale and Candy Crush Saga.”Last year’s global sensation Pokémon Go didn’t crack the overall or App Store revenue top 10, despite sustained efforts by publisher Niantic to reignite the frenzy of 2016 with new Pokémon and other content,” Nelson wrote. –shares Image credit: via PC Mag Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brand Apps Reportercenter_img Angela Moscaritolo This story originally appeared on PCMag 2 min read Add to Queue January 15, 2018 These Are the Most Popular Apps of 2017 Meanwhile, Facebook-owned WhatsApp raked up more downloads, overall, than any other app, excluding games, in 2017, according to Sensor Tower.last_img read more

Illinois Is Now the 11th State to Legalize AdultUse Marijuana 2B Market

first_imgLegal Marijuana Illinois Is Now the 11th State to Legalize Adult-Use Marijuana — $2B Market Projected –shares Green Entrepreneur Podcast Listen Now Image credit: Aurimas Adomavicius | Getty Images June 26, 2019 Jeffrey L. Smith Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Tuesday signed a recreational marijuana legalization bill into law, paving the way for the creation of a potential $2 billion market with strong business opportunities.With the signature, Illinois becomes the first state in the country to legalize retail sales through its Legislature and the 11th overall to approve adult use. Pritzker’s signature was considered a fait accompli, since he had pushed legalization and announced his intention to sign the bill as soon as the legislature approved it in late May.“We’re also creating a $30 million low-interest loan program to create opportunity for entrepreneurs in the communities that deserve it the most (from the war on drugs),” Pritzker tweeted Tuesday. Experts believe Illinois’ social equity program, if successful, could become a blueprint for other MJ programs across the country.Marijuana Business Daily projects that the Illinois recreational program, which will launch Jan. 1, 2020, could generate up to $2.5 billion a year depending in part on how many tourists buy MJ products. Illinois is the second state in the Midwest to legalize recreational marijuana. Michigan voters passed a referendum last November that legalized recreational marijuana.The following are key business aspects to the Illinois measure:Existing medical marijuana license holders can begin adult-use sales on Jan. 1, 2020. There currently are 55 licensed dispensaries in the state.Illinois will award permits for up to 75 stores by May 1, 2020 as well as 40 processors and 40 craft growers by July 1, 2020.The measure calls for the state to issue licenses for an additional 110 stores, 60 craft growers and 60 processors in December 2021.Municipalities can prohibit recreational cannabis, although Chicago is expected to be open.Applicants that fall under social equity provisions receive additional points and potential financial resources and support such as low-interest loans, grants, training assistance and mentoring. Next Article This story originally appeared on Marijuana Business Daily Add to Queue Each week hear inspiring stories of business owners who have taken the cannabis challenge and are now navigating the exciting but unpredictable Green Rush. 2 min read The legalization measure contains social equity provisions activists believe could be a national model.last_img read more

No evidence to support health benefits of sweeteners – study

first_img‘No evidence’ to support health benefits of sweeteners – studyPosted By: News Deskon: January 07, 2019In: Beverage, Health, Industries, Ingredients, Soft drinksPrintEmailA study into the health benefits of non-sugar sweeteners compared with sugar has found that there is “no compelling evidence” to suggest they can help consumers lose weight, though the study did concede that further research is needed on this topic.The study was carried out by international research group Cochrane on behalf of the World Health Organisation, as the WHO prepares to provide guidance on non-sugar substitutes (NSSs) for health experts and policymakers.Published in the British Medical Journal, the study saw a team of European researchers analyse 56 studies to assess the impact of NSSs such as aspartame and stevia on measures such as weight, glycaemic control, cardiovascular disease and more.The study found that there seemed to be “no statistically or clinically relevant differences between those exposed to non-sugar sweeteners and those not exposed, or between different doses of non-sugar sweeteners.”However, researchers stressed that the quality of evidence in many of the studies was low, so confidence in the results is limited. They also confirmed that longer-term studies are needed to clarify whether non-sugar sweeteners are a safe and effective alternative to sugar.Vasanti Malik, a researcher at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health said the use of non-sugar sweeteners: “Could be a helpful strategy to reduce cardiometabolic risk (chances of having diabetes, heart disease or stroke) among heavy consumers, with the ultimate goal of switching to water or other healthy drinks.“Policies and recommendations will need updating regularly, as more evidence emerges to ensure that the best available data is used to inform the important public health debate on sugar and its alternatives.”The director general of the British Soft Drinks Association Gavin Partington, responded to the study by stating: “Low- and no-calorie sweeteners allow consumers to enjoy sweetness while managing sugars and calories in their everyday lives.“Because they taste good and are low- or calorie-free, people are more likely to combine them with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle and stick to their dietary goals for weight management.“In March 2017, the UK Government and Public Health England publicly endorsed the use of low-calorie sweeteners as a safe alternative to reduce sugar in food and drink and help people manage their weight.“The increased use of low-calorie sweeteners in soft drinks has led to a significant reduction in sugar and calorie intake (from soft drinks). Kantar Worldpanel data shows overall sugar intake from soft drinks is down by 22.9% since 2014.”Share with your network: Tags: soft drinksstudysweetenerslast_img read more

Snapchats Legal Woes to Disappear After Reaching Settlement With the FTC

first_img Snapchat will face 20 years of independent monitoring after settling charges alleged by the Federal Trade Commission that the ephemeral messaging and video service had misrepresented itself to consumers.Though Snapchat has advertised that its messages “disappear forever,” the FTC remarked that there were “several simple ways that recipients could save snaps indefinitely,” according to the settlement — including with third-party apps and screenshots.Additionally, the commission took issue with the fact that Snapchat claimed it did not collect personal user data — though a security breach of 4.6 million users’ names and phone numbers earlier this year clearly illustrates that it had.Related: Snapchat Adds Texting, Video-Chat Capabilities“If a company markets privacy and security as key selling points in pitching its service to consumers, it is critical that it keep those promises,” wrote FTC chairwoman Edith Ramirez in the decision.For its part, Snapchat responded to the settlement in a curt blog post, which affirmed the company’s commitment to transparency but noticeably lacked an apology.“Even before today’s consent decree was announced, we had resolved most of those concerns over the past year by improving the wording of our privacy policy [and] app description,” the statement reads.Related: 5 Reasons Every Business Should be on Snapchat Legal –shares Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. 2 min read Add to Queue Geoff Weiss Snapchat’s Legal Woes to ‘Disappear’ After Reaching Settlement With the FTC Next Article May 8, 2014 Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Former Staff Writer Register Now »last_img read more

11 Ecommerce Conferences You Should Consider for 2016

first_img 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List Contributor Thomas Smale Conferences Add to Queue Next Article Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Founder of FE International January 27, 2016 11 Ecommerce Conferences You Should Consider for 2016 Your business can demand major time — especially when you’re first getting set up or you’re in the midst of growing and scaling. But if you burn the candle on both ends, or sacrifice your health and relationships, your efforts are all for naught. Sometimes, it’s necessary to step away from your business to gain perspective.Related: 7 Conferences for Entrepreneurs Under 30Conferences can be a great way to take a break. Traveling to them, participating in their sessions and workshops and networking with other business owners can help you get out of a rut if you’re in one, think more strategically about your business and be in touch with people who can help you.Not that you need to go to every conference that’s out there. What’s important is to take time to recharge, and return to your business ready to tackle new challenges. As a business owner, I’ve also found speaking to be an effective way to grow my business. So, with those things in mind, here is a list, compiled by my team, of 11 of our favorite ecommerce conferences.1. The 10x E-Commerce EventWith over 25 speakers and 18 sessions, the 2016 10x E-Commerce Event this February will focus entirely on tactics you can use to drive more qualified traffic to your site, then convert these people into buying customers. You will learn about the ins and outs of conversion optimization, customer retention, A/B testing, marketing automation and much more.This year’s keynote speakers are Ashlee Vance, Paco Underhill and Timothy Seward. The summit will be held at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, February 10-12.2. eTail WesteTail West will be held in Palm Springs, California, February 22-25. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics like content marketing, mobile engagement, data and various pain points and areas that affect your business. This year’s keynote speakers include Ron Boire, Kelly McGann, Eric Anderson, Eoin Comerford, Jen Cotter and David Katz.Other eTail events will be held throughout the year at various locations:eTail Germany will be held in Berlin March 8-10.eTail Canada will be in Toronto, Ontario, May 16-19.eTail Europe happens in London, England, June 21-23.eTail East will be in Boston, August 15-18.3. eCommerceFuel LiveeCommerceFuel Live is made up of an exclusive group of six-and-seven-figure independent store owners. This year’s keynote speakers include Miracle Wanzo, Paul Lepa and David Heacock. The event will be held at The Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tenn., and will feature world-class musical entertainment. This three-day conference will happen October 7-10.4. MivaconAre you looking to learn about industry best practices, SEO, conversion optimization, content marketing, international ecommerce, trends in ecommerce and other related topics? The beginner-friendly Mivacon will be held in San Diego, March 9-11. The conference schedule has yet to be announced in full, but Rick Wilson will be one of the keynote speakers. 5. Sellers’ Conference For Online EntrepreneursThe Sellers’ Conference for Online Entrepreneurs — or SCOE — will be held in Philadelphia, March 23-25. The speaker roster includes Emily Murray, Rob Wray, Ashvin Kumar, Chris McCabe and others. At SCOE, you will learn about tools and trends in improving your online selling, driving more sales, optimizing your product and service offerings, expanding globally and more. The main focus is on sellers who use Amazon, eBay, Sears, Etsy and the like.Related: Conferences Are Good for Networking but Great for Marketing6. Imagine CommerceImagine Commerce is being held in Las Vegas, April 11-13. A premier Magento commerce conference, Imagine brings together more than 2,500 merchants, developers, partners and experts from more than 45 countries worldwide. Past years’ speakers have included keynotes from Malcolm Gladwell and Steve Wynn and sessions featuring brands and retailers like Toys R Us, Rebecca Minkoff, 3M, Kendra Scott, Zoetis and others.7. Internet Retailer Conference + ExhibitionThe Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition — or IRCE — offers access to some of the leading industry experts and a one-of-a-kind exhibit hall displaying 600 of the latest solution providers. The 2016 speaker roster is comprised of Raj Aggarwal, Kelli Agnich, Gene Alvarez, Adam Audette, Rick Backus, Amy Ballantyne Rapawy and others.8. Sellers SummitSellers Summit offers an intense “workshop” experience focusing on up-to-date actionable insights — instead of feel-good stories — that entrepreneurs can use to grow their revenues. Speakers include event host Steve Chou, Scott Voelker, Greg Mercer, Toni Anderson, Andrew Youderian, Eric Siu, Spencer Haws, Andreea Ayers, Autumn Wyda, and others. The Sellers Summit takes place in Miami, May 19-21.9. Freedom Fast Lane LiveDetails are as of yet forthcoming for the 2016 Freedom Fast Lane Live conference, but it’s sure to be an incredible experience. Speaker Ryan Moran, for instance, is a true ecommerce expert. At F2L2, you will have the opportunity to meet, connect with and learn from industry leaders to stretch your mindset and be challenged to think beyond what you believe is possible in your business. My team at FE International loved the 2015 event. 10. Retail GlobalRetail Global occurs September 20-22 in Las Vegas. Its primary area of focus will be international commerce. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from speakers from across the world and build a network of trusted contacts. This year’s speakers have yet to be announced.11. SHOPTALKFocusing on tech-based disruption in ecommerce, SHOPTALK will be held in Las Vegas May 15-18. Its wide range of speakers will include Casey Carl, Daphne Carmeli, Tracy Dinunzio, Ron Johnson, Tim Kendall, Katrina Lake, Raghav Lal, Brian Lee, Marc Lore, Julie Wainright, Janie Yu and others. At SHOPTALK, you can expect to learn the latest trends in engaging consumers.Final thoughtsAs a business owner, you’ll find that the most important investment you can make is in yourself and the future of your business. Conferences give you the chance to learn, grow and connect with others who are successful in their respective fields.Certainly, there are lots of great events out there; and it can be hard to know which to choose. But, ultimately, you will benefit from the experience, no matter what. It isn’t all about what you learn, but rather the decisions you make coming out of a conference, and the new connections you make.Related: 8 Tips to Be an Awesome Networker at Conferences 6 min read –shares The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue. Apply Now »last_img read more

Twitter to Employees Well Pay You to Stick Around

first_img Reuters Image credit: Brian Solis | Wikimedia Commons Enroll Now for $5 March 10, 2016 Twitter to Employees: We’ll Pay You to Stick Around –shares Jack Dorsey, Twitter. Twitter Next Article Add to Queue This story originally appeared on Reuters Twitter Inc. has been sweetening employee compensation packages to retain talent as the company’s user growth stalls and it stock price slides, the Wall Street Journal reported.Four top executives left the company in January, the biggest leadership exodus since co-founder Jack Dorsey returned as chief executive last year.The departures added to concerns about the company’s ability to make its product more engaging and generate more money from advertising.Twitter has been offering cash bonuses to some employees, ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 as an incentive to keep them around for another six months to a year, the Journal reported on Wednesday.The company has also granted varying amounts of restricted stock depending on when the employees started working, intending to make up for the value lost since they joined the company, the newspaper reported, citing people familiar with the matter.Twitter’s shares have lost more than 60 percent of their value over the past 12 months.”Competitive compensation, strong leadership and a confidence in the direction of the company are all key elements to having top talent,” a Twitter spokeswoman said in an email.”We are investing in all three areas to ensure we maintain these employees,” she said, without providing further details.Dorsey said in October he would give a third of his stock in the company, a stake of about 1 percent, to the employee equity pool.Later that month, he spoke about “hiring and investing in talent” and the need for “bold rethinking.”Twitter showed no growth in users in the fourth quarter. That was the first time that had happened since the company went public in 2013.Twitter’s shares were unchanged at $17.66 in light premarket trading.(Reporting by Ismail Shakil in Bengaluru; Editing by Gopakumar Warrier and Anil D’Silva) Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. 2 min read Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brandlast_img read more

Starbucks Now Has Spring Cups and They Look Kind of Familiar

first_img 2 min read Image credit: Starbucks Starbucks Now Has Spring Cups, and They Look Kind of Familiar Although the coffee chain’s seasonal cups have courted controversy in the past, we think it will be pretty safe with these new designs. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Staff Writer. Covers leadership, media, technology and culture. Nina Zipkin March 10, 2017 –sharescenter_img Entrepreneur Staff Register Now » Starbucks Add to Queue Next Article Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. While much of the East Coast is experiencing what we hope is the last snowy gasp of winter, spring has sprung for Starbucks. For a limited time, the coffee giant will offer cups with vibrant blue, yellow and green backdrops with designs such as a happy sun and an umbrella — and they all look a bit like the Twitter egg.Apparently spring was the only season that the company had not yet covered. There have been summer and fall cups, but you could be forgiven for not knowing that, since the autumn design is usually eclipsed by the arrival of what’s in it: the Pumpkin Spice Latte.Related: Starbucks Courts Millennials With $10 Coffee at New Reserve BarsHowever, it’s always pretty easy to tell when the holiday season officially begins — Mariah Carey’s voice is suddenly inescapable and people have a lot of opinions about the cups at Starbucks.In 2015, the coffee giant’s holiday cup design, a simple red backdrop that eschewed the more classic snowman and reindeer motifs, led many to think that Starbucks was making some sort of statement about Christmas.Related: Tour The $40 Million Manhattan Penthouse Bought By Starbucks CEO Howard SchultzLast November, the company released a cup with a green and white design populated with cartoon people, which Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz said was meant to “represent the connections Starbucks has as a community with its partners (employees) and customers. During a divisive time in our country, Starbucks wanted to create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values, and the need to be good to each other.”However well meaning, the proximity of the rollout to the holidays led many to mistake the design for yet another slight against Christmas. But whether bright spring colors and sunshine will inspire controversy is really anyone’s guess. At the very least, it may just be a good excuse to get a cup of coffee.last_img read more

Steep Taxes on Recreational Marijuana Are a Powerful Incentive for States to

first_img Image credit: 400tmax | Getty Images Steep Taxes on Recreational Marijuana Are a Powerful Incentive for States to Legalize Free Green Entrepreneur App Add to Queue Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Cannabis Keep up with the latest trends and news in the cannabis industry with our free articles and videos, plus subscribe to the digital edition of Green Entrepreneur magazine. Guest Writer November 9, 2017 Next Article 4 min read Download Our Free Android App Much has been made about the change in attitude toward marijuana legalization across the United States over the past decade. Surveys now find a majority of Americans favor legalizing the once-demonized plant.However, it doesn’t take a cynic to see there is another motivator behind legalizing cannabis. That, of course, is money. Lots and lots of money. States that have legalized marijuana, especially for recreational use, are raking millions into tax coffers. Some examples of the jaw-dropping figures:Colorado, which legalized recreational marijuana in 2014, took in more than $200 million in taxes and fees in 2016. Since 2014, the state has taken in more than half a billion dollars. The state of Washington, which has higher marijuana taxes, pulled in $256 million in 2016. Nevada made more than $3 million in just the first month of legal adult-use marijuana sales in the state last July, and expects to take in more than $120 million in the first two years of sales (a number that has already been revised upward once).Cannabis revenue is a windfall for state governments that often work on tight budgets (in part from the costs of prosecuting and incarcerate nonviolent drug offenders). It also means that retail customers, dispensaries and growers should factor in taxes when calculating costs surrounding marijuana.Related: 5 Routes the Cannabis Industry Could Take to Get Around Federal Banking RestrictionsHigh taxes in CaliforniaAnyone involved with the cannabis industry, or who wants to get involved in the cannabis industry, has an eye on the Golden State right now. California will begin selling licenses to grow and sell adult-use marijuana in January 2018.It’s a huge market, obviously. One out of every eight Americans lives in California. Sales from marijuana are expected to reach more than $1 billion a year. Although the tax plan has drawn some criticism, the state plans on charging a 15 percent excise tax on recreational marijuana sales. Excise taxes are charged on purchases of a specific type of good.But that’s not all. Local governments in cities and counties around the state also have set a tax on marijuana sales, ranging from 7.75 percent to 9.75 percent. So, depending on where you are in California, you could pay 25 percent just in taxes on each purchase.You can also expect some costs to get passed on to you. The state is levying “cultivation fees” on wholesalers that amount to $9.25 per ounce of cannabis flower and $2.25 per ounce of leaves.Related: How Will Businesses Handle Legalized Marijuana in the Workplace?Rates in other statesHere are rates in other states where recreational marijuana is sold or will be sold in 2018. Keep in mind sales might also be subject to the state sales tax.Colorado: A 15 percent excise tax, plus whatever is charged by local governments (in Denver, it’s 3.5 percent).Nevada: A 15 percent tax on wholesalers, a 10 percent excise tax on consumers.Oregon: A 17 percent sales tax, with local governments given the option to add an additional tax up to 3 percent.Washington: A 37 percent excise tax on marijuana sales.Maine: A 10 percent tax on marijuana salesMassachusetts: A 28 percent tax on marijuana salesAs more states go public with plans to legalize marijuana, it’s important to keep these numbers in mind. Yes, it’s a great step forward for legal cannabis proponents and for cannabis entrepreneurs. But the fact it generates so much for government is certainly not hurting the marijuana legalization effort.To stay up to date on the latest marijuana related news make sure to like on Facebook Easy Search. Quality Finds. Your partner and digital portal for the cannabis community. –shares Legalizing adult-use marijuana frees states from huge enforcement and incarceration and creates a huge new source of revenue.last_img read more

Arjuna launches preservative which extends frying oil shelf life

first_imgArjuna launches preservative which extends frying oil shelf lifePosted By: News Deskon: January 15, 2018In: Food, Industries, Ingredients, Innovation, New productsPrintEmailArjuna Naturals Extracts has launched a natural preservative formulation for combating oxidation, thermal degradation and extending the frying cycle of vegetable oils.The all-natural preservative is GMO-free, oil-soluble and vegan. Arjuna said that as initial response was so strong, it decided to immediately market this natural solution worldwide.Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) of India has revised its standards to allow for the reuse of vegetable oil in frying and cooking applications until the oil reaches a maximum total polar compound (TPC) limit of 25%.Arjuna’s formulation helps manufacturers use oil for frying more quantity by slowing down the oxidative degradation due to reuse, thus keeping the oil safe.Frying oils contain sensitive mixtures of different unsaturated fatty acids that influence oxidative stability. Degradation of frying oil occurs quickly due to higher temperature, oxidative degradation and hydrolytic rancidity. These cause rapid deterioration that leads to unpleasant flavours and odours, and undesirable colour changes in both the oil and in the food fried in it.Arjuna joint managing director Benny Antony said: “Our R&D team developed a natural preservative that can help maintain vegetable oil colour, taste, and functionality even in high temperatures and does not negatively affect the fried product.“It helps food processors fry an increased number of product batches per litre of oil, with delayed TPC development and decreased time to rancidity. The new preservative formulation helps food manufacturers meet FSSAI’s new standards and keep frying oil consumption economical.”In 2016, Arjuna Natural launched X-tend, a range of natural preservatives that keeps food fresh and increases the shelf-life of products. The line consists of distinctive formulations of proprietary blends of essential oils and oleoresins.Share with your network: Tags: ArjunaIndialast_img read more

Associated British Foods agrees China joint venture with Wilmar

first_imgAssociated British Foods agrees China joint venture with WilmarPosted By: Martin Whiteon: June 03, 2019In: Bakery, Business, Food, Industries, ManufacturingPrintEmailAssociated British Foods (ABF) has signed an agreement with Wilmar International subsidiary Yihai Kerry Arawana Holdings to form a joint venture company which will manufacture, sell and distribute yeast and bakery ingredients in China.ABF and Yihai Kerry will both own a 50% stake in the new joint venture company, which will acquire the existing Chinese yeast and bakery ingredients activities of AB Mauri, a division of ABF, and will leverage Yihai Kerry Arawana’s supply chain, distribution network and local market expertise in China.To expand manufacturing output, the joint venture will also build and operate a new yeast plant co-located with Wilmar’s food processing plant in Qiqihar City, China, significantly increasing production capacity.ABF claims that the new joint venture will be well positioned to capitalise on the growth of traditional Chinese bakery products and western-style baked products, as consumer demand is expanding rapidly in both categories.AB Mauri’s CEO, Cathal Duffy said: “This joint venture is a great opportunity to build on the foundation of our yeast and bakery ingredients business in China.“The joint venture will leverage AB Mauri’s baking know-how and technology with Yihai Kerry Arawana’s extensive route to market, local management expertise and its complementary portfolio of products.“We are looking forward to working with Yihai Kerry Arawana on the shared vision of building a successful bakery business together.”Wilmar’s chairman and CEO, Kuok Khoon Hong, added, “Besides enhancing the range of quality ingredients, this joint venture will enable us to leverage on AB Mauri’s baking know-how and technology to provide better service to the baking industry in China.”Share with your network: Tags: Associated British FoodsChinaWilmar Internationallast_img read more

George HW Bushs casket arrives at military base outside Washington – as

first_imgDonald Trump George HW Bush’s casket arrives at military base outside Washington – as it happened,Presidential plane arrives at Andrews air force base in Maryland, while Trump tweets in favor of ally Roger Stone. Follow all today’s politics news live Facebook Erin Durkin in New York Mon 3 Dec 2018 16.17 EST Wisconsin Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says there aren’t enough votes in the Senate to approve all the bills Republicans are considering in a lame duck session, according to the Associated Press.Republicans convened the controversial session to pass measures limiting the powers of the governor and attorney general after Democrats won both offices, and to restrict early voting and move the state’s primary.Fitzgerald did not specify which measures are short of the needed support.Hundreds of people protested inside and outside the hearing room, banging on the doors and chanting “Respect our votes!” Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is mulling a 2020 presidential bid, has a new op-ed out in the Des Moines Register discussing his upcoming trip to the state. Facebook Facebook Shares6565 4 Dec 201814:11 Share on Twitter Michael Avenatti: I want max jail time for Michael CohenDonald Trump and his alleged ex-paramour Stormy Daniels can agree on one thing – they want former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen sentenced to the max.“My client and I hope that he is sentenced to the absolute maximum federal penitentiary time,” Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for the pornographic film actress, said Monday, CNN reported.Trump tweeted earlier Monday that his ex-lawyer should “serve a full and complete sentence” in prison.Cohen has pleaded guilty to federal crimes including arranging a payment to Daniels during the 2016 election to keep her quiet about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump, which amounted to an illegal campaign contribution.Avenatti and Daniels have had some drama of their own, with the porn star alleging her lawyer had brought a defamation suit against Trump without her consent. But they appear to have patched things up. Daniels tweeted Sunday that she and her lawyer “have sorted shit out,” ahead of their appearance in a California court room Monday. 4 Dec 201815:00 Twitter Facebook 4 Dec 201813:28Trump’s approval rating inches up, new poll finds Share on Pinterest 4 Dec 201815:29Plane carrying George HW Bush’s casket arrives at Andrews Republicans Facebook Facebook Twitter Share on Messenger Twitter Show 4 Dec 201812:51 Updated 12 Feb 2019,Special Air Mission 41, the plane carrying George HW Bush’s remains, arrives at Andrews.Photograph: POOL/Reuters US politics 4 Dec 2018 16:01 Newest “Iowa gets more than a third of its energy from wind power, the most of any state. If every state got as much of its power from clean sources as Iowa does, America would already be nearly all the way to the goal we set under the Paris Climate Agreement of cutting carbon emissions 26 percent by 2025,” Bloomberg wrote.“Iowans understand what too many leaders in Washington don’t: Fighting climate change is good for our health and our economy.” Updatedat 3.44pm EST ABC News (@ABC)Bush family arrives at Joint Base Andrews, escorting the casket of George H.W. Bush, who will lie in state in Washington, D.C., this week as part of a multi-day national tribute. 3, 2018 Facebook Facebook Share on Facebook Michael Avenatti said he wanted the ‘absolute maximum’ for Cohen. Photograph: Michael Owen Baker/AP 4 Dec 201816:01 Facebook Twitter Updatedat 3.51pm EST US politics 4 Dec 201812:32 4 Dec 201815:22 Twitter 4 Dec 201815:35 4 Dec 201814:15 Twitter 4 Dec 201815:29 1 of 3 4 Dec 201815:35Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels lawyers in spat Facebook 4 Dec 201816:17 Former FBI director James Comey. Photograph: Clodagh Kilcoyne/Reuters Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels lawyers in spatLawyers for porn actress Stormy Daniels and President Trump’s former personal attorney got in a face-to-face confrontation in a Santa Monica courthouse hallway, per the AP:Michael Avenatti, who represents Daniels, and Brent Blakely, who represents Michael Cohen, exchanged accusations Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.Avenatti said Blakely represented a felon. Blakely responded that Avenatti is a felon. Avenatti said he’s never been convicted of a crime.Cohen has pleaded guilty to several felonies and admitted funneling money to Daniels to keep her quiet about an affair she has said she had with Trump.It’s not clear what Blakely referred to, though Anenatti was arrested last month on suspicion of domestic violence.Prosecutors declined bringing felony charges against Avenatti. They are investigating whether he should face a misdemeanor charge for allegations he roughed up a girlfriend. Avenatti has denied wrongdoing. Share via Email Military bands greeted the casket of George HW Bush with “Hail to the Chief” and “My Country Tis of Thee” at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, and he was given a 21-gun salute.Bush’s five children were gathered on the tarmac for the arrival. The flag-draped casket was loaded into a hearse and will be brought to the US Capitol, where he will lie in state. Twittercenter_img Democrats 4 Dec 201813:40 Facebook Older Share on Twitter Most Americans believe the incoming Democratic-controlled House should force Donald Trump to release his tax returns, according to a new poll.Some 63% of registered voters said the House should be able to publicize the returns, while 37% said they shouldn’t, according to a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll reported by the Hill. Matt Viser (@mviser)Michael Bloomberg, as a guest columnist in the Des Moines Register: Why I’m coming to Iowa 3, 2018 Key events 4 Dec 201815:11 4 Dec 201814:05 Share on WhatsApp 4 Dec 201815:33 Show Twitter James Comey to testify on Friday – reportsFormer FBI Director James Comey will testify privately on Capitol Hill on Friday, Politico reports. Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee had subpoenaed him, and Comey fought the subpoena to testify privately and instead called for a public hearing. But he has now agreed to appear voluntarily.A transcript of the interview is expected to be released publicly Saturday, according to Politico. White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says there is no “specific agreement” between the United States and China that would address China’s tariffs on U.S. auto imports but says he “expects” those duties to go to zero, the Associated Press reports. From AP:President Donald Trump tweeted late Sunday that China would “reduce and remove” its 40% tariff on U.S. cars. China has not confirmed that it would do so.China has a 15% import tax on all autos. But it raised its tariff on U.S. cars to 40% earlier this year in retaliation for Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods.“We don’t yet have a specific agreement on that,” Kudlow said on a conference call with reporters. “But I will just tell you as an involved participant we expect those tariffs to go to zero.” Unlike many news organisations, we chose an approach that means all our reporting is free and available for everyone. We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. For as little as $1 you can support us – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Make a contribution – The Guardian Twitter Twitter Plane carrying George HW Bush’s casket arrives at AndrewsThe plane carrying the casket of former President George HW Bush has landed at Andrews Air Force base outside Washington, DC. Twitter Updatedat 3.46pm EST 4 Dec 201814:15James Comey to testify on Friday – reports Twitter Democratic Hill leaders appear likely to support a two-week government funding extension, Politico reports. Democratic leaders had been scheduled to meet with Donald Trump this week, but it’s now been pushed to next week due to the funeral of former President George HW Bush.The House has now called off all votes this week in observation of the funeral, and does not expect any votes until the evening of Monday, Dec. 10. TicToc by Bloomberg (@tictoc)WATCH: Air Force One arrives at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland with Pres. George H.W. Bush’s casket on board 3, 2018 Twitter Twitter Donald Trump praised his former aide Roger Stone for having the “guts” to vow not the testify against him. He called for a less loyal former aide, Michael Cohen, to “serve a full and complete sentence” in prison, falsely claiming the crimes Cohen has admitted to were not related to Trump. Live feed Share on Facebook 4 Dec 201813:28 Facebook Share via Email Topics George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, suggested Donald Trump is engaging in obstruction of justice by praising Roger Stone’s refusal to testify against him.“File under ‘18 U.S.C. §§ 1503, 1512,’” the attorney said on Twitter, referring to statutes that govern witness tampering and obstruction of justice. George Conway (@gtconway3d)File under “18 U.S.C. §§ 1503, 1512” 3, 2018 Closing summaryWe’re wrapping up our live updates for now. Here’s a recap of today’s key developments so far:The casket of former President George HW Bush was flown out of Houston and landed at Joint Base Andrews outside Washington. Bush will lie in state at the US Capitol starting this evening, His funeral will be Wednesday, and his son, former President George W Bush, will be among those giving eulogies. Oldest Facebook Share on LinkedIn Trump’s approval rating inches up, new poll findsDonald Trump’s approval rating has inched up slightly over the last two months, according to a new poll.In a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, 46% of voters approve of Trump’s performance and 54% disapprove, the Hill reports. In October, the approval rating was 44%.Updatedat 3.47pm EST Representative-elect Rashida Tlaib, a Michigan Democrat and the first Palestinian-American elected to Congress, plans to lead a Congressional delegation to the West Bank, the Intercept reported. It’s meant as a counterpoint to the trips to Israel for members of Congress commonly sponsored by the the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.Tlaib told the Intercept her trip will focus on issues like Israel’s detention of Palestinian children, education, access to clean water, and poverty. She may take the politicians to Beit Ur al-Foqa, the village where her grandmother lives in the northern West Bank.In the same interview, Tlaib came out in favor of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement targeting Israel. 4 Dec 201815:22Michael Avenatti: I want max jail time for Michael Cohen Twitter Updatedat 3.47pm EST Republicans are likely to move forward with a two week extension of federal funding.The House is expected to pass a two-week continuing resolution by unanimous consent, after all votes this week were canceled for the funeral of former President George HW Bush, an aide told the Hill. Democrats also favor a two-week extension, it was reported earlier Monday. Facebook Wisconsin Republicans convened a lame duck session of the state legislature, where they’re aiming to pass bills restricting the powers of the state’s governor and attorney general, after Democrats won both offices. Twitter 4 Dec 201815:55 Newer First published on Mon 3 Dec 2018 08.41 EST The Wisconsin Elections Commission is warning state lawmakers that moving the state’s 2020 presidential primary would be “extraordinarily difficult,” the Associated Press reports. Moving the primary from April to March is one of the measures being considered in a lame duck session of the Republican-controlled legislature, which is moving to limit the powers of the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general.The move to the primary date is designed to ensure that conservative state Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly doesn’t face a Democratic wave when he comes up for re-election in April. But it would leave elections officials tasked with holding three elections in three months. The election commission unanimously adopted a motion Monday to send written testimony to legislators saying the move would create multiple conflicts, be “extraordinarily difficult” and may not be feasible, per the AP. Wisconsin Democratic lawmakers have called the lame duck session an extraordinary power grab. “They lost and they’re throwing a fit,” said state Sen. Jon Erpenbach.Another bill being considered would limit early voting in the state. The group One Wisconsin successfully sued to strike down a previous Republican effort to limit early voting, and says the new measure would violate the court ruling.Republicans “refuse to accept the results of the 2018 elections,” said One Wisconsin executive director Scot Ross. Facebook Facebook Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Outside the EU Britain faces a bleak future in Trumps world

first_imgLast modified on Wed 26 Dec 2018 07.45 EST Brexit Share on LinkedIn Foreign policy Pinterest Since you’re here… ‘Does Britain really want to cosy up to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan?’ Photograph: Erçin Top/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images US politics Share on Messenger Share via Email “Trump’s is an anarchic realm, dangerous, delusional and chaotic on which a category five hurricane is bearing down.”Photograph: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images Article 50 Disagreements over the terms of Britain’s departure from the EU are obscuring the daunting international challenges that await the country once it supposedly shakes off Europe’s shackles. It’s a tough, unforgiving world out there, and 2019 is shaping up to be an even bigger rough-house than usual. By jettisoning a pivotal alliance, Britain no-mates is seriously weakening its capacity to manage these looming threats.The spectre of Donald Trump lies at the heart of ominous turbulence on the global horizon. Nearly halfway through his term, the 45th US president is helping to create a world where old rules don’t apply and long-held assumptions, such as Britain’s claim to a “special relationship” with Washington, are an anachronistic embarrassment. Trump’s second-rank friends are an equally unappealing bunch. Saudi Arabia is a player these days, economically and politically. Yet British gun-running to Riyadh has always been objectionable, ethically speaking. Dodgy deals of that type will be even more insupportable in future, now we know the Saudi crown prince counts assassins among his subordinates. Turkey is another big market – and no friend to Brussels. But does Britain really want to cosy up to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, whose idea of a good day at the office is killing Kurds and locking up a newspaper editor or two? Or take emerging Brazil. A lot of jolly juicy opportunities there, as Boris Johnson might say. Except Brazil recently elected a hard-right president who plans to burn down the Amazon for cash. This does not sit well with Britain’s climate change commitments.If push comes to shove, it’s even suggested Britain could revive old Commonwealth ties to sustain its venture into the unknown. But who in the modern Commonwealth needs Britain? India, for example, has moved on since the days of empire. In 2019, its GDP will overtake Britain’s. Any deal with Delhi will be costly. And it may not be long before belittled Britain forfeits its permanent seat on the UN security council, too.Old roles are reversed. The balance of power shifts. In Trump’s world, nobody respects weaklings and has-beens, especially when they used to run the show (or thought they did). Viewed from all those places formerly coloured pink in the atlas, Brexit increasingly looks like payback time. In spurning its European home, self-destructive Britain casts itself unready and unloved into a world of pain.• Simon Tisdall is a foreign affairs commentator Markets braced for turmoil as Trump and Christmas sell-off feed uncertainty Opinion Facebook Facebook European Union ‘Vladimir Putin’s covert hooliganism extends from the Barents Sea to the Sea of Azov.’ Photograph: Alexei Druzhinin/Sputnik/Reuters Brexit Support The Guardian Shares2,2202220 Twitter Simon Tisdall Topics Share on Facebook Twitter Share on Facebook … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Opinion Share on Twitter comment Share on Twitter Europe Wed 26 Dec 2018 07.06 EST Share on WhatsApp Pinterest Trump administration In Trump’s fearful world, the night is full of terrors, and that’s especially true of 2019. The president needs a scary distraction from the deep legal and political trouble he is in at home, especially as he desires a second term. This distraction would preferably come from overseas – for in Trump’s world, foreigners are defined not as friends but as potential foes. Deliberately intensifying the US confrontation with Iran is one deflective possibility. Trump has worked hard to provoke Tehran, reneging on the 2015 nuclear deal and imposing new sanctions over British objections. The Israelis and Saudis would be up for a fight. But for Britain, it would be an unpropitious start to post-Brexit global outreach. At the same time, Trump’s hostility to existing military deployments overseas presage problems on other key policy fronts. A prime example is his rash decision to ignore UK advice and abandon the fight against Islamic State in Syria. US troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, where Britain recently increased troop numbers, may follow. James Mattis, the defence secretary, could not stop him, and resigned in protest. After Brexit, belittled Britain will have less say than ever.Russia is a leading beneficiary of Trump’s contempt for western solidarity and shared values – and a big problem for Britain no-mates. Vladimir Putin poisoned at will in Salisbury, subverted the Brexit vote, and regularly violates British sea, air and cyberspace. His covert hooliganism extends from the Barents Sea to the Sea of Azov. Russian “malign activity” in 2019 will underscore the reality that, in or out, Britain’s external defence and security remain intimately linked to Europe’s.Then there are EU allies to consider. Are they now to be forgotten? Angela Merkel, a European standard-bearer reviled by Trump and German xenophobes alike, is on her way out. France’s unpopular president, Emmanuel Macron, is besieged. If the Franco-German centre cannot hold, rightwing populist-nationalists from Italy to Poland will profit. The threats to Europe’s democratic order are real and pressing. This is Britain’s fight, too, as history shows.So forget the Irish backstop for a minute. Forget the price of fish. Who will stop Putin and the onwards march of Europe’s hard-right? Not Trump. He welcomes anything that weakens the EU. If or when such crisis points arrive, even the most intransigent Eurosceptic may finally grasp the inescapability of Britain’s European ties and the true worth of European unity.The post-Brexit challenge posed by China is of a different order: as much moral as economic. The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, is running one of the most repressive regimes on Earth, under whose grim auspices Muslims in Xinjiang, Buddhists in Lhasa, “house church” Christians in Beijing, pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, and independent media, academics and writers suffer hugely. Trump does not give a hoot about human rights in China or anywhere else. But the British traditionally do. Does Britain really want to become further entangled with a communist dictatorship whose internal repression is matched by an aggressively expansionist, illiberal world view? As the head of MI6 noted recently, there are also grave security risks especially if, as in Britain, Chinese companies are investing in nuclear power and telecoms infrastructure. So, bottom line: how much would Liam Fox and friends give up to sweeten a deal with Beijing? They should remember, while counting pennies and yuan, that values matter more than VAT. Share on Pinterest Reuse this content Trump’s is an anarchic realm, dangerous, delusional and chaotic – comparable to a dysfunctional Florida theme park – on which a category five hurricane is bearing down. It is characterised by structural vandalism, and fuelled by self-interest, insults and lies. Trump’s ignorant, confrontational persona informs concerted US efforts to overturn or bypass the rules-based international order – he regularly attacks and undermines the United Nations, the European Union, Nato, the international criminal court, the international court of justice, the World Trade Organisation and efforts to address climate change. It encourages bad behaviour everywhere.To survive on its own in a world full of hazards, Britain is relying on the familiar frameworks, multilateral institutions, laws, regulations, diplomatic conventions and commercial codes that have governed state-to-state relations since 1945. But it is exactly this consensual rulebook that Trump is recklessly tearing up.If there is to be a US trade deal with supplicant Britain, for example, it will be on Trump’s onerous “America first” terms. If the whim takes him, his punitive tariff wars will intensify, regardless of their impact on struggling partners. Britain may cast itself as a 21st-century champion of free trade and international engagement, but it is Trump’s protectionist, isolationist and nationalist tropes that are trending worldwide. Read more The US president is rewriting the international rule book that the UK will rely on to survive if it goes it alone Outside the EU, Britain faces a bleak future in Trump’s world Share via Emaillast_img read more

Kamala Harris calls for impeachment as CNN hosts 2020 contenders

first_imgPete Buttigieg Read more This article is more than 2 months old Share on LinkedIn This article is more than 2 months old Share on WhatsApp @adamgabbatt news US elections 2020 Shares2525 Facebook Pinterest Share on Twitter “I believe in a democratic civilized society healthcare is a human right. Government should make that happen. I believe that every young person in this country regardless of his or her income has the right to get all the education they need,” Sanders said. Adam Gabbatt in New York CNN (@CNN)“You stay after it… One might say you persist. Organize…fight for working people and that’s how I am going to the the first woman elected President.”Sen. Elizabeth Warren addresses concerns that sexism could hinder her in her 2020 run #WarrenTownHall 23, 2019 Share on Facebook First published on Tue 23 Apr 2019 16.05 EDT Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren became the first of the 2020 batch to call for the president to be impeached. On Monday, the California senator Kamala Harris joined her.Photograph: Meg Kinnard/AP Twitter US politics Share on Twitter Warren said that when she ran for the Senate in 2011 she was told by some Democrats she shouldn’t run as Massachusetts “was not ready to have a woman senator or governor”.She remembered that during her campaign she would make sure to introduce herself to young girls at events.“I would say: ‘Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I’m running for Senate because that’s what girls do,’” Warren said. After lusty applause, she said she would “pinky swear” with those girls that they would remember.Her plan, Warren said, was to: “Organize, build a grassroots movement, fight for working people, and that’s how I am going to be the first woman elected president of the United States.”Harris pledges action on gun controlThe California Senator Kamala Harris told the crowd that she would give Congress “100 days” to pass “reasonable gun safety laws”. If they fail to do that, Harris said, she would take executive action.“Specifically what I would do is put in place a requirement that for anyone who sells more than five guns a year they are required to do background checks when they sell those guns.“I will require that for any gun dealer that breaks the law the ATF [the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives] take their license.”The “third piece” of her plan, Harris said, was to ensure “fugitives from justice” are not able to purchase a gun. Her proposals have been praised by gun safety advocates.Buttigieg promises policies … at some pointAs the CNN host Anderson Cooper pointed out, Pete Buttigieg’s campaign website does not have a policy section. In response Buttigieg said Democrats should not “drown people in minutiae”.The South Bend mayor said he had “been pretty clear where I stand on major issues”, and said he would take his time in laying out concrete objectives.“We’ll continue to roll out specific policy proposals,” Buttigieg said.“But I also think it’s important we don’t drown people in minutiae before we’ve vindicated the values that animate our policies. We go right to the policy proposals and we expect people to be able to figure out what our values must be from that.”Sanders defends democratic socialism“My father’s family left Soviet Russia in 1979, fleeing from some of the very same socialist policies that you seem eager to implement in this country,” an audience member told Bernie Sanders.She asked Sanders how he reconciled his “notion of democratic socialism with the failures of socialism in nearly every country that has tried it”.Sanders, pointed out that Soviet Russia, or the USSR, did not practice democratic socialism.“Is it your assumption that I believed in authoritarian communism that was in the Soviet Union? I haven’t, and I opposed it,” Sanders said. He went on to give a description – which will be familiar to anyone who has seen a Sanders campaign speech – of how he interprets democratic socialism.center_img People for Bernie (@People4Bernie).@BernieSanders discusses Democratic socialism on CNN (thread had issues) #SandersTownHall 23, 2019 On Friday, the day after the redacted report was published, Elizabeth Warren became the first of the 2020 batch to call for the president to be impeached. On Monday, the California senator Kamala Harris joined her.“I believe Congress should take the steps toward impeachment,” Harris told the crowd to applause. But none of Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar or Pete Buttigieg committed to beginning a process that could trigger Trump’s early ousting.Bernie Sanders said what was “most important” to him was to see Trump not re-elected. The Vermont senator said he supported the House investigating Trump, but said he didn’t want to see Congress spending “the next year, year-and-a-half” talking about impeachment at the expense of issues like the minimum wage, climate change and racism.“What I worry about is that works to Trump’s advantage,” Sanders said.“If the House brings the impeachment proceedings before us, we will deal with them,” said Amy Klobuchar, the senator from Minnesota. Later on in her appearance Klobuchar was a little less milquetoast, adding: “What I will say is there are very disturbing things that would lead you to believe there’s obstruction of justice.”Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, was also reluctant to get involved in the impeachment discussion.“He’s made it pretty clear he deserves impeachment,” Buttigieg said. “I’m going to leave it to the House and Senate to figure that out.”… and on voting rightsSanders, in a move that has given Fox News several hours of material, said he believed voting rights should extend to people serving prison sentences, including the Boston Marathon bomber and other “terrible people”. During the five-hour block of programming, Democratic presidential hopefuls discussed voting rights, sexism and socialism Mueller links Trump and campaign to 11 instances of potential obstruction Share via Email Topics Share on Messenger Asked by an audience member if he believed incarcerated people should be allowed to vote, Sanders said: “Yes, even for terrible people, because once you start chipping away and you say: ‘Well, that guy committed a terrible crime, not going to let him vote. Well, that person did that. Not going to let that person vote,’ you’re running down a slippery slope.”Harris gave a vague response, offering: “I think we should have that conversation,” while for Buttigieg, it was a firm no. Both Harris and Buttigieg said they believed felons who have served their sentence should have their right to vote restored. Currently voting rights for felons are decided by state, which has led to a hodgepodge of ballot casting laws.Warren and Klobuchar were before Sanders in the lineup, and didn’t get the voter rights question.Elizabeth Warren talks sexism … and how she will counter itThe Massachusetts senator was asked how she would combat sexism during the election – specifically the risk of being “Hillary’ed”.It was an opportunity for Warren to switch from her focus on detailed policy and tell a human story, breaking with the perception – arguably fueled by sexism itself – that she is “aloof” or “unlikable”. Since you’re here… Kamala Harris Support The Guardian Share on Pinterest Tue 23 Apr 2019 19.14 EDT Kamala Harris calls for impeachment as CNN hosts 2020 contenders Five Democratic presidential hopefuls held televised town halls on Monday night, during a gruelling five-hour block of programming on CNN that gave a look at the topics that could shape the primaries.Kamala Harris came out in support of impeaching Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders said he was in favor of people in prison being able to vote – even “terrible people” such as the Boston Marathon bomber. Elizabeth Warren ably addressed the problem of sexism and double standards in politics.Here’s a look at some of the main takeaways from the discussions.A split emerges over impeachment …Now that the Mueller report has been released, the issue of whether Democrats should move to boot Trump from the White House is becoming a key question for presidential candidates. Amy Klobuchar Elizabeth Warren Share via Email US elections 2020 … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Share on Facebook Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Criteo Announces the Appointment of Geoffroy Martin as Executive Vice President and

first_imgCriteo Announces the Appointment of Geoffroy Martin as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Retail Media MTS Staff WriterMay 21, 2019, 3:10 pmMay 21, 2019 Criteo, the advertising platform for the open Internet, announced the appointment of Geoffroy Martin to the role of Executive Vice President and General Manager, Retail Media. He will be based in Paris and will report into Mollie Spilman, Chief Operating Officer at Criteo.Prior to joining Criteo, Martin was a private consultant with a focus on growth strategies and innovation. From 2004 to 2015, he held multiple positions at, including COO and CEO, where he oversaw an explosive growth in revenue and customer base across 150 countries. Martin’s proven ability to build winning teams and deliver products that drive strategic growth will be key to his role at Criteo, where he will spearhead Criteo’s Retail Media business acceleration.“Geoffroy brings a unique mix of experience and I couldn’t be more excited to welcome him to the company,” said Mollie Spilman, COO at Criteo. “His background both running a global e-commerce business as well as consulting other businesses on how to innovate and grow positions him well to scale our Retail Media division as we drive forward Criteo’s multi-solution offering.”Marketing Technology News: Donates Code To IAB Tech Lab To Promote Open Transparent Marketplaces“As one of Criteo’s first US customers, I have always known how much value Criteo has to its clients,” said Martin. “As retailers work to engage shoppers at every stage of the purchase funnel, and to strengthen their relationships with their brand partners, Criteo Retail Media is becoming more and more critical in the industry landscape. In my new role, I am eager to build on its initial success and drive value for all of Criteo’s retail and brand clients through best in class solutions and strategic counsel.”Marketing Technology News: Persistent Systems Joins Siemens’ MindSphere Partner Program to Bring Industrial IoT Solutions to MarketAnnounced in November 2018, Criteo Retail Media provides the technology platform that powers the most efficient and measurable retail media ecosystem for the world’s leading retailers and brands. Its technology already enables the ad monetization programs of major retailers and helps many leading brands deliver ads that generate sales results. Forrester has hailed Criteo Retail Media as “turnkey offerings to help commerce companies get set up and mine their first-party data to intelligently showcase ads to different audiences.”Marketing Technology News: Madison Logic Unveils New Data Cloud to Accelerate ABM for B2B Organizations Globally CriteoCriteo Retail MediaforresterMarketing TechnologyMollie SpilmanNews Previous ArticleInformatica Announces Industry’s First AI-Powered, Cloud-Native Solution for Reference Data ManagementNext ArticleLiz Taylor Named Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett Worldwidelast_img read more

Index Exchange Introduces Adaptive Timeout Incorporating Machine Learning into Header Bidding

first_img Adaptive Timeoutadvanced machine learningGabriel DeWittIndex ExchangeMarketing TechnologyNews Previous ArticleUsabilla Named a Strong Performer in 2019Next ArticleDigital Audio Can Be An Advertising MVP – If Navigated Correctly New Product Makes Publisher Page Speeds Smarter by Adapting to Each User, Creating More Opportunities for Bidders and Revenue for PublishersIndex Exchange, the world’s largest independent ad exchange, introduced Adaptive Timeout, an innovative product that will boost publisher revenue through advanced machine learning, while optimizing page speed. By measuring device and network conditions, the Adaptive Timeout feature leverages an algorithm that determines a custom, intelligent timeout for each individual user on each individual page view. This includes a time landscape, which is the time it takes from a bid request to a bid response for each participating bidder. By adaptively modifying the timeout, the feature ensures the maximum number of bids make it to the publisher, thereby increasing revenue, while improving user experience in each unique condition.Previously, publishers have largely relied on imprecise, fixed-value timeouts for all users, which led to publishers missing opportunities while waiting for bid responses in latency-constrained environments. Static timeouts led to a trade-off, whereby publishers had to sacrifice user experience to wait longer for header bidding, or sacrifice revenue by setting aggressive timeouts. Adaptive Timeout introduces intelligence and machine learning into header bidding, allowing for an adaptive timeout that is tailored to the user’s device and network latency.Marketing Technology News: Amazon Dominates E-Commerce Share, Ebay and Walmart Less of a Focus, Feedvisor Study Finds“Incorporating machine learning into header bidding is a natural evolution of the product line, and adaptive timeout is the first of many innovations we’ll be enhancing with this technology,” said Gabriel DeWitt, Vice President, Product at Index Exchange. “We’re happy we can bring this level of sophistication to our publisher partners, as they’ve been looking to leverage automation instead of internal tech resources to optimize their configurations.”Adaptive Timeout is calculated using the device type, connection speed and an aggregation of the recent history of a particular user’s time landscape. Through the use of an adaptive machine learning algorithm, the outcome is overall improvement to page speed on fast devices with fast connections and more bids from the header reaching the publishers ad server, without any additional development.Marketing Technology News: Vyond Announces End of Beta for Vyond Studio, Enhanced Security Features“Our long-standing partnership with Index Exchange is a testament to the company’s continued commitment to innovation and maximizing publisher revenue,” said Jeremy Hlavacek, Head of Revenue, Watson Advertising. “This latest feature will ensure more bid responses are making it into our ad server, while improving user experience. It’s a huge opportunity for revenue growth.”Marketing Technology News: Kneron Debuts Edge AI Chip, Bringing AI to Devices Everywhere Index Exchange Introduces Adaptive Timeout, Incorporating Machine Learning into Header Bidding PRNewswireMay 22, 2019, 6:29 pmMay 22, 2019 last_img read more

DXC Technology 600 Brings Great INDYCAR Racing Digital Fan Experience of the

first_img Augmented RealityDXCDXC Technology 600INDYCAR raceMarketing TechnologyNewsTexas Motor Speedway Previous ArticleStep Raises $22.5 Million Series A Led by Stripe to Disrupt Banking for TeensNext ArticleGES and EventMB Release Event Storytelling Playbook DXC Technology 600 Brings Great INDYCAR Racing, “Digital Fan Experience of the Future” to Texas Motor Speedway PRNewswireJune 8, 2019, 7:32 pmJune 10, 2019 As Indianapolis 500 Winner Simon Pagenaud Pilots Team Penske’s Dxc Technology Entry, Company Showcases Innovations That Provide an Immersive Fan Experience “a View Fans Have Never Seen Before”The digital fan experience of the future will be on display during the DXC Technology 600 INDYCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway this Saturday, June 8.DXC Technology 600 INDYCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway Saturday June 8 features the digital fan experience of the future, with 2019 Indy 500 winner Simon Pagenaud driving DXC Team Penske Dallara/Chevrolet; As 2019 Indianapolis 500 winner Simon Pagenaud drives the No. 22 DXC Team Penske Dallara / Chevrolet in “America’s Original Nighttime INDYCAR Race” – where DXC Technology  is the entitlement sponsor – the company will showcase digital innovations including an immersive virtual reality (VR) in-race experience and a new, artificial intelligence (AI) game that allows fans to confront the same decisions that INDYCAR race strategists face at every event.“For 2019, high performance racing and digital technology will converge at the DXC Technology 600,” said Dan Hushon, DXC senior vice president and chief technology officer. “As digital technology has developed, it’s being used to improve performance in sports while also delivering new and more engaging fan experiences. At the DXC Technology 600, we are working with the Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) and Team Penske to create personalized and immersive fan experiences that can help shape racing’s future.”DXC Technology is the entitlement sponsor for the Texas Motor Speedway INDYCAR race for a second consecutive year. At last year’s race, the company used a specially engineered drone to deliver the official green flag to the starting line in the first commercial implementation of DXC’s autonomous navigation, voice-activated drone technology, all driven from the cloud.Marketing Technology News: With 87% Surge in Customer Bookings, Episerver Promotes Internally for CMODXC Technology 600 Digital ExperienceFor this year’s DXC Technology 600, the company will showcase applications that use VR, AI and augmented reality (AR) to show how digital technology can improve performance, provide insight and create one-of-a-kind experiences – for any enterprise.The demonstrations will include the DXC Digital Suite, an on-premise hospitality and demo facility. The suite will feature DXC Virtual Speedway – with immersive, 360-degree VR views up and down the race track’s front straight and from the cockpit of an INDYCAR at speed. Other VR experiences will include a walk behind the scenes in the INDYCAR paddock and a fly-through of the TMS facility.Also included in the suite will be the DXC Virtual Pit Stop, which will let fans join a virtual pit crew to re-enact a tire change on Pagenaud’s INDYCAR using AR.The demonstrations take advantage of 3D/180 and 360-degree cameras, Microsoft HoloLenses coupled with AR technology and VR headsets to create fully immersive experiences that some have called “the best seat in the house.” Accessible to DXC clients and partners, the DXC Digital Suite also will be open to fans selected by Texas Motor Speedway before and during the race.Together with Team Penske, DXC Technology is introducing a beta version of DXC Drive, an app that enables race fans to compete in race simulations on their mobile devices or via the web. Using DXC’s AI engine, fans can keep track of their race position and adjust fuel consumption throughout the race as the AI maps out pit stops based upon their fuel strategies. The best fuel strategy wins the race.DXC Drive creates an experience very close to those faced by race strategists, who must make similar decisions in real time during a race.Marketing Technology News: Jeff Herrera Announced as Chief Marketing Officer at Annex CloudConnecting with Clients, Partners and Employees“Global enterprises are making the shift to digital technology to produce better business outcomes,” said Gary Stockman, senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer, DXC. “DXC Technology is uniquely equipped to lead digital transformations for clients by modernizing their mainstream IT, integrating innovative digital solutions and deploying at scale. We are thrilled to partner with TMS and Team Penske to bring fans a truly unique experience – a view they’ve never seen before.”“The breadth of DXC Technology’s resources influence both the competition on the track and how race fans will experience that competition in person and remotely,” said Eddie Gossage, president of Texas Motor Speedway. “Digital technology is no longer the future of business, it is the present, and Texas Motor Speedway couldn’t be more proud of our continued partnership with an industry leader like DXC Technology.”With some 1,700 employees in the greater Dallas / Ft. Worth area – and more than 4,000 across Texas – DXC expects to host 2,500 employees, their families and friends at the race. The DXC Partner Network will also have a strong presence with approximately 20 participating partners – including Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Micro Focus and VMware – who will join a partner forum and various on- and off-track activities leading up to the race. Those partners will also join a ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil the new interactive partner experience at DXC’s Regional Briefing Center in nearby Plano.The INDYCAR Series DXC Technology 600 will air live Saturday, June 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBCSN. Qualifying will air live Friday, June 7 at 6:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN and NBC Sports Gold.NBC Sports Gold will also carry two practice sessions, on Thursday, June 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET and Friday, June 7, at 3:00 p.m. ET.Tickets are available HERE or by calling the Texas Motor Speedway Ticket Office at 817.215.8500.Marketing Technology News: E2open Announces Acquisition of Avereteklast_img read more

CleverTap Names Miten Mehta as Chief Alliance Officer to Head its Global

first_imgMiten will join CleverTap Global Executive Leadership team and contribute to the strategic growth by leading Channel Partnership and Alliance programsCleverTap, the leading customer retention SaaS platform, announced that Miten Mehta has joined the company as Chief Alliance Officer to lead its strategic alliance and partnership program across Americas, EMEA & APAC regions.Miten, Xoogler, is a senior digital transformation and innovation leader, who will relocate to Mumbai from Silicon Valley to drive the next phase of growth at CleverTap through strategic alliances with consulting, product and SaaS firms, ISV’s, digital agencies, marketing analytics firms, educational & training Institutes among others.Marketing Technology News: VaaS and USB are Helping to Drive Growth in the Video Conferencing & Collaboration Market“Miten brings a global perspective and an impeccable track record of enabling rapid partnership led growth at early to late-stage companies across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific to CleverTap leadership team. He will not only provide leadership to accelerate and scale our strategic growth by ramping our alliance program but also co-innovate solutions with partners to address our customer needs in new markets and verticals,” said Anand Jain, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at CleverTap.Marketing Technology News: DTiQ Launches Enhanced Video Analytics CapabilitiesMiten brings over 25+ years of P&L experience in technology leadership across – strategic alliance and partnerships, corporate development, M&A and product innovation. Prior to joining CleverTap, he worked at Google as a consultant where he supported their strategic partners and customers for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and community ecosystem program. Previously, Miten was the co-founder of Spinta Global Accelerator, KD, eComLive (acquired by InfoSpace) and MoConDi (acquired by MobileMedia) and served on board / advisory board of companies in USA and India.“CleverTap enables our partners to grow their client’s digital business through our industry-leading customer retention platform which helps Fortune 2000 brands increase customer lifetime value while reducing churn and customer acquisition cost. I’m excited at this opportunity to add value to our partners and help them expand into new markets and verticals by leveraging the CleverTap platform,” said Miten Mehta, Chief Alliance Officer at CleverTap.Marketing Technology News: Speedcast and In Aria! Networks Join Forces with Telespazio on Large-Scale, High-Capacity Video Services CleverTap Names Miten Mehta as Chief Alliance Officer to Head its Global Partnership Ecosystem PRNewswire6 days agoJuly 17, 2019 Anand JainClevertapcustomer retentionMarketing Technology NewsMiten MehtaNewsSaas Previous ArticleRetail App Use Surges 50% As Consumers Shop Year-Round, Taking Pressure Off the “Make or Break’ Holiday SeasonNext ArticleActifio Showcases Industry’s First Multi-Cloud Copy Data Management SaaS Solution at Google Cloud Summitlast_img read more

Pixel 4 XL Leak Confirms Big Bezel No Notch

first_img Google’s track record for Pixel phone secrecy is spotty at best. There are always some leaks here and there, and last year a crate of Pixel 3 XLs “fell off a truck” in Russia. Nothing that informative has happened yet this time around, but there are some new renders of the upcoming Pixel 4 XL. Unlike in past years, Google isn’t playing dumb with its upcoming phone launch. The company’s Made by Google Twitter account posted a shadowy picture of the phone after the last round of render leaks. That image left a lot to the imagination, but the new leaked render puts it all on display. This leak comes from OnLeaks, who has been very reliable in the past. OnLeaks gets access to leaked CAD files for phones, and then creates renders based on them. The last Pixel leak featured the smaller Pixel 4, but this time it’s the Pixel 4 XL. This one also includes the screen placement and size, whereas the last leak skipped over that part. We already know what the back of the phone will look like — that was in Google’s Twitter post. There’s a square camera module has three sensors, two of which are probably cameras. The third is most likely a time-of-flight sensor. There is no fingerprint sensor on the back. So, Google has either gone to in-display sensor technology or has ditched the fingerprint sensor in favor of 3D face unlock.  On the front, the Pixel 4 XL reportedly has a 6.25-inch screen that hugs the bottom of the device more closely than the top. There’s no notch, though. The Pixel 3 XL was roundly criticized for the massive notch that ate up about half of the status bar for no good reason — the phone still had a gigantic chin at the bottom. This year, the Pixel avoids that with asymmetrical bezels. Whether that’s an improvement is largely an aesthetic judgment. The slightly larger top bezel houses two front-facing cameras and two other small sensors of unknown nature. Some combination of cameras or other sensors could form the basis of Google’s rumored 3D face unlock system. The overall phone body measures 160.4 x 75.2 x 8.2mm. That makes it slightly larger in all dimensions than the Galaxy S10+. So, it’ll be a very big phone. We expect Google to announce the Pixel 4 and 4 XL in October — that’s when all its past Made by Google events have taken place.Now read:Google Settles Pixel Class Action Lawsuit, Will Pay Owners Up to $500Google Says Pixel 3 Sales Are Worse Than Pixel 2New Leak Shows Google Pixel 3 XL in White ‘Endgame’ Directors Apologize To Tom Holland You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet We Finally Know Why This Kid Returned in ‘Endgame’ Pixel 4 XL Leak Confirms Big Bezel, No Notch By Ryan Whitwam on July 8, 2019 at 12:13 pm Winona Ryder Is Not Letting Anyone Forget She’s Married to Keanu Kevin Smith Unveils Poster for a Gritty Reboot Tagged In smartphonesgoogleandroidPixelleakspixel 4pixel 4 xl Post a Comment 4 Comments 4 Comments Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’ Release Date Confirmed Don’t Watch These Movies With Your Parents Deleted ‘Endgame’ Scene Showed Us Tony Stark In The Afterlife New TV Shows That Will Absolutely Get Canceled in 2019last_img read more